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For the adventure geek in you, you must find activities that suit your taste. If you are visiting Hong Kong, kayaking is possibly one of the best things that you can indulge in without further questions. The place is beautiful on its own with a wide range of beaches and tropical weather, but water sports options that they have are even better for you to look into. If you are planning your next vacation and want to indulge in something different, kayaking in Hong Kong is possibly one of the best options.

To help guide you better, we have listed out everything that you need to know about this activity before jumping head first into it.

6 Best Places For Kayaking In Hong Kong

When it comes round to the kayaking spots in Hong Kong, there aren’t many that you can go to. You must avail of the service of a good and reliable center to ensure your safety. Knowing about all the precautions is a necessity above anything else. If you don’t want to end up struggling, we have a list of some of the destinations in Hong Kong that are famous for kayaking expeditions.

1. Hong Kong GeoPark

View of geo park

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When it comes to the most popular site to go kayaking in Hong Kong island, this is the best and possibly the most popular option. It is considered as one of the natural wonders of the country. The experience you get from it is too good to miss out on. The cliffs made of rocks make up for an eclectic view and spot for you to get in that rush of adrenaline.

The cliffs are also believed to turn bright blood red during sunset, watching which is an experience in itself. If you are here wondering where to go kayaking, make sure that you check out the spots at High Island, Port Island and the Ung Kong Group.

The best thing about these kayaking spots is the amazing caves and formations around that you have to paddle through. These small islands are what the pinnacle of kayaking is like in Hong Kong.

Location: Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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2. Cheung Chau and Lamma Islandare

lake view lamma islandare

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Another spot on the list is the combination of Cheung Chau and Lamma Islandare. If you are a beginner and don’t want extremely tough spots to go and explore, these two areas are perfect for you. They also have several centers available which can further provide you with better insights on the paddling and the other basics around the water sport.

In addition to the kayaking spots, the place is also filled with other sites of attraction, including coastlines, beaches and several villages which you can visit for varying other experiences. If you are done kayaking, you can simply chill and walk around one of these villages, talking to the locals and sipping on the beer while you do so.

The experience is very intimate, given how laid back the lifestyle is around there. In addition to that, the place itself is very picturesque which further makes it an amazing spot to visit if you want to explore your photography skills around.

Location: Southwest of Hong Kong Island

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3. Sai Kung

top view of sai kung

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Another popular and the best kayaking in Hong Kong can be done in one of the many beaches of Sai Kung. This spot is quite underrated and is not often visited by tourists and even the locals alike. In addition to that, make sure to check out the Sai Wan beach which is one of the best spots to visit and explore around. If you want to explore and experience surf kayaking, this is absolutely the best place for that. It is also quite an amazing spot that you can simply chill and hang around during the weekend.

If you are an experienced kayaker, you can simply take the kayak and row around and explore the beach and the splashing waves that encompass that spot. Along with that, try and carry your camping essentials and just set up a tent around on the beach to spend the night there.

The tranquility of the night in that place is too good to explain. When you are there, visit Pak Lap which is one of the most popular destinations for your kayaking and camping needs and wishes.

Location: Sai Kung Peninsula

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4. Double haven

view of double haven lake

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As soothing as the name of the place suggests, the Double Haven is considered the best kayaking tour in Hong Kong. It is situated in the Yan Chau Tong Marine Park and Plover Cove Country Park areas and serves as an amazing spot for you to set sail on your kayak. Make sure that you have all the safety precautions checked out because that is a necessity above anything else.

This spot is also one of the less explored terrains but provides an equally exciting experience. There are several beaches and camping sites that you can explore around that place. If you want to get going with a multi-day camping trip, this is the spot you need to go kayaking in.

The shores around the place are dotted with some of the most amazing deep rocks and fishing villages that you wouldn’t even think of comprehending. The locals are quite friendly and you can simply spend some free time chatting with them if you feel like. The place is also where the infamous old Hakka walled village of Lai Chi Wo is located. You can enjoy some freshly caught fish there as well.

Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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5. Tai O on Lantau Island

boat in lake

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Yet another underrated enigmatic spot for sea kayaking course in Hong Kong has to be the Tai O on Lantau island. Majority of the people who have done kayaking through this place mention that it is an overall experience that they won’t be able to let go of.
From the shores, you can paddle through and witness the Chinese white dolphins which are threatened by the authorities around. That being said, be careful with the safety precautions because the last thing you want is to get displaced from the kayak after you are done with it.

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6. Yim Tin Tsai

top view of  yim tin tsai

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Yim Tin Tsai is a popular but old village located in Sai Kung. It is the spot that the majority of the kayaking community gathers around. The place is famous for its wide range of salt quarries and even better experience with the establishments that they have there.

Apart from kayaking, you can also indulge in hiking there which is another activity that people do indulge in while there. The place is also near the sharp island beaches which is another one of the best tourist spots in Hong Kong. Make sure to avoid visiting during the weekends because the rush is way too much.

Location: Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Where To Get Kayaks On Rent

If you want to go sea kayaking in Hong Kong, chances are that you wouldn’t be carrying your kayak on the trip, right? Well, that is why you can rent them out and even get the necessary learnings on the basics of kayaking that you possibly didn’t know about.

There are several such spots available which rent out the complete kayaking gear and classes for you to be ready to paddle through the water.

But, it is always best suggested that you have your priorities sorted and know what to do and what to avoid so you don’t find yourself in any kind of risky, life-threatening situation.

1. Sha Ha Beach

view of beach

Image Source

The very first and possibly the best spot to get your rentals for the kayaking is at Sha Ha Beach which is located in Sai Kung town. There are multiple independent rental companies around which help provide kayaks and gears on rent for the day’s use. The only issue with the rentals there is that the quality of the materials they provide with is not the best. They don’t even provide a safety guide, so if you are new into this, this is not your safest bet. This is best for experienced people who know about this water sport and don’t need many explanations.

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2. A-Team Adventures

boat racing adventures

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For beginners and even the advanced kayakers who need assurance for their safety with the experience in kayaking in Stanley Hong Kong, the A-team adventures are possibly your safest bet. They offer guided tours and better-clarified explanations for the people interested in doing kayaking. They also do provide with a detailed kayak training, if that is something you are personally interested in. It is perfect for people who want a more exclusive and customized experience. Make sure to make all the bookings beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush.

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3. Meetup groups

meeting point of racers

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Since Hong Kong is so popular with their kayaking expeditions, several kayaking communities meet up and go along together. If you are planning on doing the same, there are some amazing meetup groups that you can sign up for online. Make sure that you do look through the reputation before enrolling yourself.

Sea Kayakers and Friends is possibly one of the most popular groups around. They are a volunteer group that offers you free basic training and also provides day trips that you can visit down to. The multi-days camping trip is also something that they do have on their agenda. You can also find all the necessary equipment to rent out with them, which is further an amazing option.

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If you have been planning on visiting for kayaking in Hong Kong, these are some of the places. Make sure that you have all the precautions and safety instructions sorted out because the last thing you want is to end up struggling through with the adventure. Avoid rushing through with the kayaking and take it slow as it comes because that is what makes all the difference in the experience that you gather. And when you know everything about this exciting activity, plan your vacation to Hong Kong without any second thoughts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kayaking In Hong Kong

What is included in the cost of the kayaking trips?

If you are opting for a paid kayaking trip through a center, chances are that they will cover multiple things in that. Some of the important aspects include the gear and kayak and even the guide who will help you through the process.

Which is the best time to go kayaking in Hong Kong?

This is a question many have and to be honest, there is no specific weather condition that you need to wait for. Given that the weather is almost consistent throughout the year, it is up to you when you want to visit.

What kinds of clothing will one need?

When it comes to kayaking, you need to wear the spandex material clothing which is completely body hugging. This is a necessity to ensure, in case something goes wrong during the expedition.

What safety precautions should one take?

When it comes to kayaking, you must have the basics sorted. The last thing you want is to end up struggling with the water because you weren’t careful enough. Follow through the instructions that the guide gives you and plan the trip accordingly.

Is it okay and safe to kayak if never done before?

There is always a start to something, right? Well, the same is the case with kayaking as well. You can be a beginner and yet have the time of your life.

Is it children friendly?

Kayaking is completely safe for the children, provided that they have someone with them during the trip. This is a necessity and can’t be compromised.

Is it safe to kayak around the busy beaches in Hong Kong?

If you want a safe and peaceful experience, we would suggest that you make bookings for the centers, which don’t experience a lot of rush but have good reviews.

What should I look for in a kayak that I rent?

When you are renting out a kayak, there are several factors that one needs to look after. From the material of the kayak to the strength of it, you need to check every aspect.

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