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Are you ready to explore the unmatched beauty of this trekking spot in the Myunsiyari area of Uttarakhand? Khaliya Top has large meadows for you to walk across, beautiful forests and plants to view, and animals and birds to observe, take photos of or just enjoy the serenity and tranquillity of the area. This attraction point could also have a history or interesting facts about it, so the locals would be a great set of people to get to speak to. They would make great local guides as well so it would be interesting to see Khaliya Top from the view of the people living there and something fascinating that maybe professional guides may not know about.

Things To Do In Khaliya Top

Khaliya Top is a large field at the top of the mountain, home to the residents of a nearby Myunsiyari village in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand. This is a meadow which is located near the Munsiyari Village right in front of the stunning mountains covered in snow at the top, the exotic animals it inhabits, and the steep trekking trails many trekking lovers enjoy. The Khaliya Top is not as well-known a trekking point as the others may be, but this is exactly why people can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain and the meadow in their own time and space. Here is a list of things you can look forward to when visiting Khaliya Top.

1. Scenic Views

enjoy mesmerising Views on the visit to Munisiyari.

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The Khaliya Top is 3500 metres above sea level, showcasing a fantastic scene of nature and open skies that look like endless oceans that can engulf the Earth. The Khaliya Top has many famous attractions, like the Zero Point, the famous peak and trail in the area. Such peaks and attraction points in and around the Khaliya Top offer a wondrous view of other mountain points in the Himalayan and Uttarakhand regions like the Rajrambha, Panchachuli, Hardeol and Nanda Kot. The views almost seem like the viewer is entering an Oasis, and the heaven-like views are just too hard to escape.
Nearby Hotels Or Resorts: Hotel Mansarovar Inn, Hotel Milam Inn, Tulsi Homestay
Nearest Airport: Dehradun Airport (214 kms)
Places To Visit: Birthi Falls, Maheshwari Kund

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2. Trekking

Man trekking in Khaliya Top amongst woods

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With many of the peaks and hill stations in Uttarakhand being perfect for hiking or trekking, the trails leading to the main point of Khaliya Top are a phenomenal pathway to open beauty. The trek starts from Balati Bend, an area meeting between the Munsiyari-Thal Road and stretches for a good 6 kilometres. The trails take you through trees, plants, and dense forests that hold a large variety of wildlife, flora, and fauna and a stunning view of the snow. If you are going in the wintertime, you won’t find greenery and the possibility of spotting wildlife will decrease however the trek would reveal stunning views of the mountains covered in snow. The trek takes approximately 2 hours, but the time may vary depending on the person and the walking pace. The multiple meadows you will pass on your way up to the point are also spoken fondly of and well-appreciated by all tourists.
Nearby Hotels Or Resorts: Leela’s Nature Retreat Homestay, Goroomgo Mount Kailash Homestay
Nearest Airport: Dehradun Airport (214 km)
Places To Visit: Panchachuli Peak, Thamari Kund

3. Wildlife Watching And Birdwatching

Bengal tiger in the dense forest and watch the wildlife.

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With Khaliya Top amidst the forests and mountains, it is much isolated from the human world. Therefore, there are fewer chances of nature and animals being threatened. All nature lovers will have the most exquisite experience with the various features. The dense forests are home to many animals and birds like a Monal, Mountain Antelope, Yellow-Fronted marten, Baral, Ghurar, and Karkar. There is a rich diversity of birds, especially the Little Pied flycatcher, Black Redstart, and Himalayan Woodpecker. A lot of these animals are found in these forests and become a great way to observe them as well. Similarly, the thick forests are home to a large variety of floral and fauna as well, like Pine, Oak, Spruce, Cypress etc. With such natural beauty, photographers can enjoy this place to the fullest.
Nearby Hotels Or Resorts: Goroomgo Bala Paradise Munsyari, Myunsari the Roof Top
Nearest Airport: Dehradun Airport (214 km)
Places To Visit: Kalamuni Top, Nanda Devi Temple

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4. Photography

Khaliya Top from a resting point and click beautiful pictures

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With such marvellous beauty, the trees and plants you cross on the way to the top and the way the roads are built provide a stunning place to start taking photographs. Due to the height of the view and its beauty, Khaliya Top is a paradise for photographers. During the Autumn and Spring seasons, the plants, leaves, and trees start to either bloom or change colours before falling, providing an eternal beauty to the camera. Side by side, in winter, photographers can capture the beauty of winter, with trees engulfed in snow and animals coming out of their homes for a quick stroll or scavenge for food. Khaliya Top has its own world almost entirely, with little to no human intervention in its ecosystems, and it flourishes beautifully all year long.
Nearby Hotels Or Resorts: Vamoose Vijay Mountain View, Green Mountain Homestay
Nearest Airport: Dehradun Airport (214 kms)
Places To Visit: Darkot

5. Sports

indulge in the winter sports activties while trekking.

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If you visit Khaliya Top during the Winter season, you have to participate in Winter Sports. With Khaliya Top being a large area in size and having snowfall every Winter, this place would be perfect to go to. The area and the surrounding areas are perfect for skiing during the Winter when there is enough snowfall to at least cover a few feet from the ground. Skiing would be a great way to enjoy the cold and brisk winter air and the snow-clad trees and ground. But if you are planning on going in the summer, then don’t worry because there are also paragliding tourists and visitors who can try it during this time. Paragliding would be the perfect way to enjoy the aerial view of the mountains and all the surrounding beauty of not just Khaliya Top but other peaks and the hills themselves. There is even River Rafting.
Nearby Hotels Or Resorts: Leela’s Nature Retreat Homestay, Tulsi Homestay
Nearby Airport: Dehradun Airport (214 km)
Places To Visit: Betuilidhar, Gori Ganga River (river rafting)

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Now that you have explored the various features you can enjoy at Khaliya Top let’s make your trip to Uttarakhand a reality so you can enjoy the scenic beauties and wildlife the meadow offers. From scenic views to sports activities, there are various things to embark on the travel and make the adventure memorable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Khaliya Top

What is Khaliya Top famous for?

Khaliya Top is best known for Trekking and Skiing because of the snow and the view as well.

How much time does it take to drive to Munsyari from Delhi?

It takes approximately eight to ten hours to travel from Delhi to Almorah and then another nine hours to travel from Almorah to Munsiyari. Many prefer to either take a night halt in Almorah or travel by flight.

Do I need some permit or documents if I want to Trek?

Yes, you will need some kind of permit to trek. Foreigners will need an Inner Line Trekking Permit from government officials.

When is the best time to visit Munsiyari?

April to August are the best months to visit Munsiyari, as this is the perfect month for you to enjoy Flora and Fauna, wildlife, and scenic views of mountains and hills.

What is the distance and time from Nainital to Munsiyari?

The distance is 262 kilometres so it will take approximately nine hours, give or take.

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