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The village of Peora is a hidden gem between the hills of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. Situated at a height of 6000 ft, this quaint village is abundant with natural beauty so much that it seems untouched by civilization. It is the perfect place to unwind from the stresses of a hectic life and enjoy the simple life of the natives here. The village’s rusticity comes from many British bungalows built in the pre-independence era. The scenery includes snowy mountains, fruit trees, green valleys and various flora and fauna. This place is perfect to unwind and spend time with your loved ones or to revel in solitude. Peora is your perfect getaway.

Peora History

Traditional Kumaoni House In Pothoragarh.

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In Peora, Kumaon culture thrives and it is believed to be the birthplace of the Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu. Peora Village has traditional Kumaon houses that have wooden carvings and slanted roofs made in a way to hold the heavy snowfall during the winter season. The overall architecture in Peoria is a mix of aesthetics and tradition, reflecting the state’s cultural heritage. Each house has a story to tell as it gives us a peek into the craftsmanship of the locals.

Uttarakhand state is popularly referred to as the ‘Land of God’. The mighty Himalayas and temples have become its proud identity, and tourists love to visit again and again. Uttarakhand’s history is abundant with culture, love, and history.

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Peora Location And Geography

Peora Village home to visit on the next journey.

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The village of Peora is situated in Nainital and is quite near to the city of Mukteshwar and Almora. One can explore the untampered nature here since it is its best feature. Nature lovers, bird enthusiasts and photographers will fall in love with the place and have enough to explore. The colours of the Blue Magpie in the countryside, peaceful village walks through pine forests and the beautiful night sky. Those interested can trek into the surrounding hills and valleys and have fun on their own or with a group. Peora has a fascinating Himalayan view that you don’t want to miss.

Peora Activities

Indulge in Trekking at the beautiful village for a lifetime experience.

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The lush green trees in Peora are home to a variety of birds. The sweet chirpings and sounds of the birds echo all over the place, and many of them can be spotted as you quietly navigate the place. Bird watching becomes a significant activity that everyone must indulge in to explore and study wildlife in detail. If you want to boost your adrenaline level, a trek or a hike in Peora will prove to be the best activity for you. The flawless beauty with lush valleys and trees along with the snowy mountains make the treks even more enjoyable. While hiking, you will also be able to admire the splendid view of the mighty and snowy Himalayan ranges.

A stroll amid the colourful forests of village Peora will do you good like therapy. The variety of exotic trees, birds, flowers and animals you will spot will make you feel one with nature and rejuvenate your spirit. Who doesn’t like picnics? The picturesque views of Peora always call for a picnic. An amazing opportunity to spend time with your family and friends while enjoying some delicious snacks. Since Peora has a lot of fruit-bearing trees you can carry an adorable basket and collect fruits. Fruit picking can be a fun activity as well.

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Places To Visit In Peora

After planning a trip to Peoria, you can visit several nearby places. Here are few of them that you can’t miss at all.

1. Devprayag In Uttarakhand

Scenic Beauty of Devprayag, Uttarakhand near the Peora.

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Ramgarh – Also known as the ‘fruit bowl’ of Uttarakhand, Ramgarh is a scenic hill station in the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand, high up on a hill, at an elevation of around 1,789 m. Ramgarh is 35 km from Nainital and is known for its abundant orchards of apricots, plums, apples, peaches etc. The town was founded during British rule and has certain traces of colonial heritage left behind.

The weather here attracts artists, writers, and thinkers who want to enjoy the pleasant air. Writers like Rabindranath Tagore and Miss Mahadevi Verma visited Ramgarh often. It is an ideal place to soak in the beauty of the Himalayas in tranquillity and peace.

Mukteshwar Valley

Panoramic View of Mukteshwar Valley covered with lush greenery.

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For nature lovers, Mukteshwar will knock your socks off. It is rich in scenic beauty and beautiful surroundings, it is a place that you wouldn’t want to miss at all. The beautiful village is located at a height of 2171 m and its magnificent views have impressed the hearts of hundreds of tourists. It is a well-connected town, about 51 km away from Nainital.

The valley gets its name from the famous Mukteshwar Temple of Lord Shiva. It’s the perfect destination that offers a panoramic view of the Nanda Devi peak and other hills of the Himalayas. Its forests are rich in rare vegetation and wildlife that is unique to the place and you can also hear the melodic symphony of a variety of birds in the early morning hours.

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3. Roopkund Lake

Roopkund Lake with high cliffs to visit in Peora.

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Roopkund Lake, also known as Mystery Lake or Skeleton Lake, is a glacial lake in the Uttarakhand state of India that is located at a very high altitude of 16,470 ft ( 5,020 m). It lies in the base of Trishul Massif. It is situated in the Himalayas, and the area around Roopkund Lake is interestingly not inhabited by locals.

It is surrounded by glaciers and snowy mountains. It is a popular trekking and camping destination. The size of the lake keeps changing with seasons but it is rarely more than 40 m in diameter.

4. Haldwani

Haldwani is a beautiful place in Nainital to experience the tranquillity.

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Haldwani is the largest city in the Kumaon district. It is also the third most populous and a huge commercial market in Uttarakhand. It is said to be the state’s financial capital and handles most major economic and industrial activities. It is located in the Nainital District which has eight subdivisions, Haldwani being one of them.

You can visit the Kalu Siddhi Temple and Eco Cave Park in the city. The food of Haldwani is appreciated nationally so don’t forget to try out Gajar Ka Halwa, a sweet dish with carrots, almonds, milk and Haleem. This city is a must-visit when in Uttarakhand!

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Peora Travel Routes

Visit Peora by train or another mode of transport.

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By Air—The nearest airport to Peora is Pantnagar, about 77 km away, from where you can hire a taxi or a private car.

By Rail – The nearest railway station is in Kathgodam which is also very well connected to Delhi.

By Road – From Delhi, Peora lies at a distance of 352 km. You can hire a private car or a taxi to get there as you enjoy the natural beauty along the way. Several buses go from Delhi to Haldwani which is the closest bus stop to Peora. From there you will have to take a cab or a private car for the remaining 85 km.

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Want to explore the beautiful hidden gems of this exotic place? Read the above information to enhance your understanding. Now that you know everything about Peora in Nainital, grab this opportunity to pack your bags and set off on an amazing trip to Uttarakhand. Book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Peora

Some helpful tips while travelling to Peora in Uttarakhand?

Drink lots of water during summer months and trekking or even walking on a hill can render you dehydrated. Avoid going to less inhabited places at night as people retire to their homes and shops are closed early.

What are some other hill stations near Nainital?

Uttarakhand is the land of hill stations. You can visit places like Ranikhet, Binsar, Almora, and Kasauli where you can admire the abundant, peace-giving nature.

What is the average weather in Peora, Uttarakhand?

The weather in Uttarakhand is temperate with seasonal variations but it also receives tropical monsoons. The coldest month there is January with daily temperatures going below freezing in the northern parts and around 21 °C in the southern.

What to pack for a trip to Peora?

It is important to pack Summer/Winter clothes (as per season), trekking shoes, umbrellas, raincoats, water, medicines and insect repellant.

What are the local delicacies to try in Peora, Uttarakhand?

When in Peora, try some delectable dishes like Bhatt ki Churkani, Gahat Ki Dal and Aloo Ke Gutke in the local markets.

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