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With so many forests, lakes and many other natural resources, Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the world. The lush forests and the beautiful lakes makes Latvia a nature lover’s paradise. Latvia makes for one of the rarest ecosystems in the world and you if you are lover of nature you will love exploring the greeneries of this country. If you want to experience the coexistence of tradition and nature in one place then you should definitely visit Latvia at least once. Latvia’s natural preserve is simply exceptional. The woodlands, marshes, rivers and lakes have absolutely grown in their own way, with little interference from mankind. Latvia also has strict conservation rules to protect its nature. Latvia is home to over 3000 small and big lakes and some of these are marked as great tourist destinations.

10 Beautiful Lakes in Latvia

Lakes in Latvia adds to the scenic beauty of the country and there are numerous lakes spread all throughout the nation. Here, we have put together a list of 10 best lakes in Latvia that are a must visit on your Latvia trip.

1. Lake Burtnieks

Lake Burtnieks

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Located in the western part of Northern Vidzeme, Lake Burtnieks is the 4th largest lake in Latvia. The lake waters are rich in fish habitats with 20 different species of fishes living in the lakes including salmon, eel, chubs and pike etc. It makes for a perfect fishing spot, although you need a fishing license to fish here. There are beautiful sandstone cliffs on the southern coast of the lakes, created due to the wave action. The lake has three small islands and serves as a setting in many Latvian folklore.

Location: Latvia

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2. Lake Lubans

Lake Lubans

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Surrounded by Lubans wetlands, Lake Lubans is a very unique natural formation. The lake is famous for its biodiversity, with over 225 species of birds to be recorded in the area and out of these 51 species are among the rare protected bird species in Latvia. There are 6 towers surrounding the lake that serves as vantage points for bird watching. You can take your binoculars and perch atop one of these towers to enjoy a day of bird gazing.

Location: Osupe Parish, Madona district, Latvia.

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3. Lake Razna

Lake Razna

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Lake Razna also known as the ‘sea of Latgale’, is the largest lake in the country of Latvia. The lake is situated in Raznava region, a very scenic district in Latvia. Surrounding the lake, you will see many high peaks, castle hills and beautiful natural landscapes. The lake is a part of the Razna National Park and can also tour around the park when you visit this lake. The lake consists of 10 islands and 2 gulfs and falls under the protected areas of European Union Network.

Location: Raznava, Latvia

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4. Lake Engure

Lake Engure

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Lake Engure is a very beautiful lake in Latvia and is a part of the Engure National Park. The lies inside the National Park and is a great spot for bird watching. The Latvian Ornithology Society holds many events here at the lake. The B8rd Watching Days organized by the society during the months of April to October is frequented by a lot of bird lovers from around Latvia. There are also many towers erected around the lakes that serve as the perfect vantage points for watching the various species of the avian world.

Location: Engure Parish, Engure, Latvia.

5. Dridzis Lake

Dridzis Lake

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While Razna is the largest lake in Latvia, Lake Dridzis is the deepest with maximum depth at 651 meters. The lake has nine islands including the island of Bernatu sala and many bays. Meandering along its way, the river makes many creeks and peninsulas on its course. Dridzis Lake lies in a protected area and from the hills near the lakes you can see extensive views of the Dridzis Lake and many lakes around the area.

Location: Latvia

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6. Lake Kisezers

Lake Kisezers

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Lake Kisezers is located in Riga area in Latvia and serves as a great recreation spot during summertime. There is a recreation park near the Lake Kisezers and you can enjoy many activities here. The Lake surroundings serve as the perfect picnic spot. During summer days you can sunbathe on the beach shores or go take a dip in the cool waters of the Lake. There are many cafes lining the Lake shores where you can dine after enjoying a day at the Lake.

Location: Riga, Latvia.

7. Pape Lake

Pape Lake

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Lake Pape is part of the Pape Nature Reserve. It is a lagoon type lake situated close to the Baltic seashore. The Lake is perfect for bird watching and there is a bird watching station in the area that registers the various migratory birds that visit the region. If you visit the lake during autumn or spring time, you will see flocks of migratory birds along the lakes shores. Over 200 bird species can be spotted in this area. There are also tiny fishing villages along the Lake shores that to the present day maintain the traditional heritage of the country.

Location: Pape, Latvia

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8. Kanieris Lake

Kanieris Lake

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Lake Kaniere is a part of Kemeria National Park and is a lagoon type water body that makes for a perfect bird watching spot. The lake is rich in bird and fish biodiversity and naturally attracts a lot of ornithologists and anglers from around Latvia. The lake has 14 islands, which serves as the habitat for waterfowl. Numerous species of migratory birds flock over here during the months of autumn and spring. There is also a well maintained boat base at Lake Kaniere for the convenience of the fishermen frequenting the lake. There is also a pontoon float boarding ladder along the lake that connects Andresalu and Riekstar peninsula, offering a nice, serene walk in the nature for the visitors.

Location: Engure County, Latvia

9. Lake Aluksne

Lake Aluksne

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Aluksne lake is the 11th largest lake in Latvia. This ake in Latvia is rich in fish biodiversity with 12 different fish species dwelling in the water and hence makes for a great fishing location. The lake is located in the north eastern part of Latvia and lots of people visit this lake to enjoy a nice time fishing. Although to fish in this area, you would need a fishing license, underwater hunting and crayfish catching card as well. The lake consists of 4 islands, with Aluksne ruins lying on the largest island of the lake.

Location: Aluksne Municipality, Latvia

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10. Lake Jugla

Lake Jugla

Image Source

It is another lake located in the Riga area in Latvia. The lake is pretty crowded during the summertime, with people enjoying summer activities on the beach near the lake. The lake is even frequented in the winter months, as people come here for some ice fishing action during colder months. There is also the famous Latvian open air museum along the banks of the river. A stroll through the museum will take you through the history of the differences of cultures in different Latvian communities and also about the traditional heritage of the people of Latvia through the ages.

Location: Brivibas Gatve, Riga, Latvia

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So if you’re a complete nature buff, then these lakes will be your perfect retreat to enjoy a relaxing day while at this European country. These lakes offer a scenic beauty to capture and a peaceful getaway from the hustle-bustle, thus make sure to add these pristine lakes in your bucket list while holidaying in Europe

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