Summer is the season when various tourists across the globe and Latvians interchange their synthetic sunbeds and artificial UV rays for natural ones, and move out in search for their own spot under the sunny day, on one of the many beaches in Latvia. If you are here to experience some surf at the sea, conceivably the best choice is Jurmala, beach, with lots of places to opt from. For the further adventuresome, why not traverse out and have a look at few of Latvia’s other, rarely explored beaches in Riga Latvia?

5 Best Beaches In Latvia

We have discussed below some of the best beaches in Latvia, traveling where will undoubtedly give you an unmatched pleasure of being here and satisfaction of utilizing this vacation perfectly.

  • Jūrmala Beach
  • Saulkrasti Beach
  • Vecāķi Beach
  • Vakarbuļli Beach
  • Blue Flag Beach

1. Jūrmala Beach

Jurmala Beach

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The phrase Jurmala implies “seacoast,” and is the combined name for a compass of cities placed in the nearby area of Riga’s city center. The most favored destination for beach-lovers is Majori - the central division of Jūrmala resort thorp, but you can further land the train at Bulduri, Dubulti, Lielupe, or Dzintari, and from any of those stations the beach is merely a quick walk towards the north.

This beach has been pulling travelers since the nineteenth century who come here in flocks for the white sand beach, fresh air, and spa therapies. This is the most beautiful destination for those who are looking at the Latvia beaches to have an exciting trip and make it an unforgettable experience.

Most of the tourists take a train ride of 40-minutes from the Riga station to the capital of Jūrmala, Majori, which has an active walker street named Jomas iela, that’s tied with eateries and a Blue Flag beach. This beach is also bordered with summertime patios providing lots of drink and food, but on a sultry summer day, the site will be packed with sunbathers. A lifeguard, clean public restrooms, and dressing rooms can also be easily accessible.

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2. Saulkrasti Beach

Saulkrasti Beach

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In English, Saulkrasti means Sunny Shores. The Saulkrasti beach has a long-drawn stretch of hotels, homes, and restaurants mounting the roadway till Tallinn approximately 40 kilometers to the north of Riga. The drowsy thorp has lots of things to offer as this beach draws for over 15 kilometers, so getting the point to rest by the sea is never an issue.

If you’re seeking a more relaxing and peaceful place to take in the waves, travel north to the other sea coast of Riga. Train charges are simple as less costly, and the trains just as packed, but the shores are assuredly less so. You can take off at almost any place from Lilaste onward, and the waters would not be but a leap, jump and skip away from the station of the train.

If you are in Saulkrasti, apart from the beach, there are lots of more nature tracks such as the sunset trail, which prolongs over 3 km to the Sun Bridge from the White Dune. This will get you by the jungle but never much away from the adjacent sea to snatch a glimpse of the late northern evening. For other attractions and museums, tour the helpful visitor news center at 10 Ainazu iela.

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3. Vecāķi Beach

Vecaki Beach

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Baltic, Vecaki Beach surely be your perfect match if you are planning for a day trip to all the nice beaches in Latvia. This 8 kilometers long tape of sand bordered with pine trees is a fabulous getaway during the summer season. Enjoyment for adults and kids overflows. This sandy beach can be approached using any public transport. It is at a walking distance of around 10 minutes from the railway station of Vecaki, which is approx 20 to 25 min apart from the central station of Riga.

There are 2 perfectly-managed blocks of the public toilet on the beach and numerous cafes amid the seafront and the railway station. The starting week of September is an ideal time to visit here, at this time the beach is neither empty nor particularly crowded, a peaceful and familiar atmosphere all around. Various locals of Latvian generally forgo Jūrmala and move towards the north in an opposing way to the Vecāķi's ancient fishing village.

After approximately 40 min exodus the train and simply get along with the masses of the crowd to the beach. Along with the path, you will get some cafés and kiosks where you can stock up on deliverables, and some more should be accessible immediate next to Vecaki beach. The beach is not as packed as the one that is there at Majori, though it’s yet pretty crowded on a sunny day and it’s among the best beaches in Latvia to go for seashore volleyball.

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4. Vakarbuļli Beach

Vakarbuļli Beach

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Vakarbuļli Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Latvia. This gorgeous beach is situated amid the chops of the Lielupe and Daugava rivers and any of the persons by picking up a small time can stroll in either way to have a look at these natural spectacles and point of attractions for themselves. A delicious ice cream stand and a beach café are commonly accessible as well as changing facilities, toilets, and a kid’s playground. During the summertime, this beach can receive lot of tourists and the local crowd which makes it look like a heaven for beach lovers.

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5. Blue Flag Beach

Blue Flag Beach

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During the summertime at the Blue Flag Beach, tourists will notice Beach football, volleyball, fields, and cafes. Kids can enjoy a diverse range of playground accessories like swings and slides. The seacoast has around an 80-meter broad beach area of bright white dunes and sand that in a few of the places strike an altitude of around 9-meter. This is among the most stretched beaches in Latvia for about 1.2 kilometers.

Facilities on the Beach permit impaired persons to relax at the seashore: they can get to the Beach utilizing plank-ways and dwell on specially crafted stands. We strictly appreciate the well-being of tourists. Therefore smoking is strictly banned on the significant segments of the Blue Flag Beach territory. In areas where smoking is tolerated are respectively signaled painted trash cans. An acknowledged rescue service operates on the Ventspils Beach.

Southern Pier is there next to the Beach; there is placed an inspection tower (19-meters above the level of the sea) by the Pier. There is also a divided section for nudists and a particular expedited Surfers Beach of around 500-meters length with suitable apparatus for making, saving and drying of surfing equipment. To shrink the path to the Beach for the tourists who wish to deal with the wind, there is a space for parking by the Beach.

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The Baltic Sea coastline of Latvia is prolonged to around 500 kilometers and never halts to amaze its visitors with dunes, sandstone outcrops, cliffs, and rock dispositions. Latvia is a great destination for those who are looking to plan the trip to Europe which is full of beaches. We have mentioned some of the major beaches in Latvia that the beach-lovers must tour.

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