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Langkawi Island is situated on the west coast of the Malaysia peninsula and is a preferred tourist destination. It is a part of an archipelago that has 99 islands which are mostly covered with dense jungle and adjoining sea. The paddy fields of the place form a picturesque view of the countryside. People come here often to experience a relaxed holiday by the beach. The roar of the sea, soothing temperature, warm sand, and the pleasant breeze allures the visitors to stay on the beach for long and indulge in supreme composure. Sailing, Kayaking and jungle trekking are some of the outdoor activities that would serve your adventurous instinct. The island is a duty-free area; hence you can also shop to your heart’s content when you are here. Snorkeling and scuba diving can be done around Pulau Payar which is around 30kms away from the main Langkawi Island. Here are some of the essential Langkawi travel tips which one must take down for a better travel experience.

Langkawi Travel Tips

Overall, it is a great spot for a family holiday. Today, we are going to share a few tips which you can keep handy while paying a visit to the island.

1. Visit The Night Markets Of Langkawi

Visit The Night Markets Of Langkawi

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Every day in the different places of Langkawi, a night market is set up. It is also called Pasar Malam. Each day, there is a designated location for the market. This market is a street shopping space and more like a country bazaar. The small vendors and the villagers set up temporary stalls and sell all kinds of local items like snacks, fresh produce, fruits, juices, clothes, watches, wallets, trinkets, and souvenirs. You can buy any of the items available in the market at a relatively cheap rate. The local market is also great for trying a variety of local food which wouldn’t cost you much. The atmosphere is quite friendly and you get to meet the locals. If you don’t want to shop, you can still be there to taste the Malay dishes that are prepared and served hot. Some of the dishes are grilled seafood, chicken, salad, lemongrass chicken, murtabak, etc.

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2. Get A Pocket Wi-fi Device On Rent

Get A Pocket Wi-fi Device On Rent

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In today’s digital world, a Wi-Fi connection is a prime necessity of every individual. It becomes even more important when you are travelling. Sometimes in some places, your mobile network might give you a tough time and Wi-Fi may save you. During the period of travel, you cannot erase work out of your mind; hence you need to check emails. When you want to convert money, you can check the rates on the go and also you would want to go live on social media. For everything, you would need a strong Wi-Fi connection. There are many companies where you can order a Wi-Fi and get it delivered at your hotel or pick up at the airport. You can choose from various tariffs available as per your requirement.

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3. Ensure Your Travel Without Fail

Ensure Your Travel Without Fail

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Usually, our trips aren’t insured and when some mishaps happen, we regret our decision. Indeed, insurance might not get back the lost item of your luggage or cannot stop your accident. However, the monetary support that you get at the time of crisis builds up your confidence to sail through it. When you are in Langkawi Island, you would surely explore the adventurous activities outdoors. That gives you more reason to ensure your trip to Langkawi. Even for small injuries, the hospital charges are high. Travel insurance would not only cover your bills, but will assist you in various ways during the time of emergency. Getting travel insurance online is a very easy and quick thing.

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4. Check Out For The Discount Offers

Check Out For The Discount Offers

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Nowadays, the travel industry has boomed like anything. It is no longer a petty issue like before. Many small and big companies have their online travel websites and provide you with the best in class services. With the growth of the industry, the competition has grown by leaps and bounds. Therefore, almost all the travel companies have some offers and rebates to delight their customers. This is their strategy to attract new customers and retain old ones. Therefore, whenever you are researching your travel, check out for discounts and offers on different sites. Go for the one where there are maximum discounts so that you do not spend unnecessarily on one trip. Also, don’t fall prey to the hands of misleading companies.

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5. Know About The Medical Services Of The Place

Know About The Medical Services Of The Place

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The medical facilities of the island are in Kuah town. Langkawi has well-equipped hospitals and clinics available for almost all medical conditions. The Langkawi Hospital attends all walk-in patients from simple ailments to emergency cases. They follow a rule of first-come, first-served. If you fall sick due to the cold, flu or a twisted ankle, you can also visit one of the small private clinics on the island. They are usually open every day except Friday and public holidays. If you find yourself hard-pressed for time to visit a doctor, a local pharmacist can advise you about the medicines to take. Joe’s Pharmacy in Kuah is one of the oldest and well-known pharmacies of the island. Other than these, make sure you meet your family physician before travelling.

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6. Get A Hold About The Immigration Procedure

Get A Hold About The Immigration Procedure

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Knowing about the immigration process about a country is very important before you step into their border. Langkawi Island belongs to the state of Kedah of Malaysia. Hence all the visitors who are coming from other countries would have to carry the same travel documents as it applies to the other parts of Malaysia. If you are going to Langkawi via Kuala Lumpur, your customs and immigration clearance would be done at the airport of Kuala Lumpur and no formalities would be carried out in Langkawi. It depends on your home town and the period of stay that decides whether you need a visa to enter Malaysia. You should check this aspect with your travel agent or contact the Malaysian Embassy much in advance.

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7. Follow The Rules Levied In The Country And Respect Their Culture

Follow The Rules Levied In The Country And Respect Their Culture

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When you are going to a different country, you can expect various experiences both good and bad. Different countries have different culture and you should be courteous enough to accept them as they are. Instead, if you are rude and misbehave, you would create a bad impression of your country. Also, respect the law and order of the country. If you are self-driving a car or a motor-bike, you have follows the rules:

  • Carry an international driver’s license with you
  • Put on your seat-belts as they are mandatory
  • Wear your helmet while riding on a motorbike

Rules and regulations are strictly observed in Langkawi. You would have to pay fines if you are not following them. Be there as a good tourist and do not involve the wrong acts and face consequences. Ask the travel agents in case of any doubts.

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8. Knowledge About The Duty-free Goods

Knowledge About The Duty-free Goods

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The word ‘duty-free’ elates us very much and encourages our shopping spree. Langkawi acquired its duty-free status in 1987 and since then has attracted many visitors from overseas countries. However, before you splurge into shopping, there are few things to consider while doing duty-free shopping at Langkawi Island. Firstly, though Langkawi is a duty-free land, that doesn’t imply that all the shopping centers or stores here offer duty-free prices. There are several designated stores for the duty-free items. These shops are located in Kuah and also in other places on the island. Secondly, not all duty-free stores are cheap. You should carefully check out the stores before buying them. Thirdly, there is a duty-free limit to the different items. Just check the limit list and buy things accordingly.

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The travel tips mentioned above would surely make your stay at Langkawi Island a memorable one. There are many things to do from relaxation to adventure sports. Only when you do them safely without any hazards would they become a reminiscence which you would want to linger in your thoughts forever. These tips can save you from the unseen uncomfortable situations that may arise when you are on the island. It would be a wise decision to just go through the tips when you are planning a trip to Malaysia and want to visit Langkawi Island and be there with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Langwaki Travel Tips

What is the best time to visit Langkawi?

It is dry and warm from January to March and is the best time to visit the place. Temperatures are consistent and ranges between 30°-35°C at daytime and 28°-29°C at night.

Where to exchange money at Langkawi?

Banks are supposedly the best institution to exchange foreign currency. However, the licensed money changers are a good option also.

What is the currency of Langkawi?

The official currency is Ringgit. However, some resorts and establishments do accept other notes.

Do the people of Langkawi understand English?

Yes, English is widely spoken and understood by the people of Langkawi. Their official language is Bahasa Malaysia.

What are the holidays and weekends followed in Langkawi?

The week starts officially from Saturday. Here weekends fall on Thursday and Friday. Some businesses do operate on normal work hours on Thursdays too.

What should be the ideal duration of stay at the Langkawi?

Langkawi is mostly about relaxation. On some days you can drive around the island and on the other days can relax on the beach doing nothing at all. So, 4 nights would be sufficient for this place.

Is it safe for a family holiday at Langkawi?

Yes, it is a safe place to be. However, avoid the quiet places and travel in groups. The police headquarters is in Kuah and there are police stations in all districts.

What is special about Langkawi?

If your mind is yearning to relax at an island away from the hustle-bustle of the crowd, then Langkawi is the place to be. The pristine rainforests and the exotic beaches would bring you close to nature.

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