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Chances are that you might not have heard this name before but Layang Layang Island is one of the hidden man-made islands which is built around a lot of mystery. The fact that it was actually the marine base for Malaysia and was closed for general public till recently adds to its staggering appeal. Being a world class diving site, it provides the divers an opportunity to be one with a diverse marine life. This island takes the charm of Malaysia as the city of islands one notch higher.

About Layang Layang Islands

Layang layang

This Island is actually a small coral atoll which is located on a remote destination on the northern side of Sabah, which is in-turn a part of the Malaysian side of Borneo. Located around 300 kms from the mainland, in the heart of the South China Sea this place is quite far from the normal hustle bustle giving it an exotic feel. This island is a heaven for scuba divers and has an ethereal appeal to it, as it does not have any roads, tropical forests or transportation. The island just has an air strip, diving school and a resort that’s it.

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Best Things To Do On Layang Layang Islands

Diving is one of the best activities to do on Layang Layang Islands other than fine dining, and watching amazing sunsets. The entire experience is so diverse from the other island fronts that it lures a lot of scuba experts from all over the world.

1. Diving At Its Best


For the people excited to take a dive in the crystal clear water, there are many options available in the island. While one can rent the equipments from the diving schools, the professionals also help the divers to enjoy an incredible diving experience.

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2. Indulge In A Luxurious Spa


If you are too full with diving alongside the hammerhead sharks and the whales, then you’re at the right place. The travelers can also relax and experience the massages at the Layang Layang resort offers. This can gear you up for yet another day of adrenaline rushing.

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3. Marine Life Sightings


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Apart from the shark varieties a number of reefs, corals, leopard fishes, cat fishes, sea turtles, stingrays and a variety of sea birds can also be spotted while in Layang Layang.

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4. Other Watersports


The diverse and captivating marine biodiversity and the enchanting reefs will definitely want you to long for more while at this island, but if want to try something milder the resort offers windsurfing, snorkelling and kayaking.

5. Experience Fine Dining


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Soak in the pristine environment and breathe in some freshness of the Layang Layang Island while sipping some refreshing drink and trying some gourmet selections from the resorts world class restaurant.

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How To Reach Layang Layang Islands

delhi to male direct flight

Since this island is a remote destination and has a very small stretch (around a 100m long), chartered flights ply for this region. One first needs to get to kuta kinabalu which is a city in Borneo, many flights fly from Kuala Lumpur to this place on a daily basis. One hour of flying time from Kota Kinabalu gets you to the intoxicating atoll amidst the majestic sea.

Though flying to this place is the best option, one can also opt from amongst the two live boards which come to this island daily from Kota kinabalu. Travelling to this place can get a little costly but the galvanizing splendours this place offers and the exploits you can discover here makes up for every penny spent.

Where To Stay On Layang Layang Islands

Layang Layang resort

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The Layang Layang Resort is the one and only lodging destination once at Layang Layang Island. 76 beautifully designed rooms with personnel balconies and all required amenities makes for a heavenly stay. This place is as good as any other resort across Malaysia offering state of art facilities, luxurious rooms, a cheerful bar setting, swimming pool for some relaxation and most of all a spa with reflexology services to revive your sore feet from all the diving expeditions. Since this is an exclusive place for this area the rooms get booked really fast. It is a good idea thus, to grab a room before it opens for a new season in the month of March.

Please Note: When traveling to this island you will not need to work out much apart from the fact that the island remains closed from September to February owing to monsoons.

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Mesmerized much? Layang Layang is an unmatched feat, which if undertaken will leave you with memories for a lifetime and adventurous stories. While the joy of being a part of an ecosystem so untouched and so pure is simply breathtaking, get going to experience the same on your next holiday in Malaysia!

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