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Viewpoints are one of the most alluring parts of any tourist destination and Sri Lanka is no different. When you are in Sri Lanka and exploring the high-altitude locations, visiting the local viewpoints is an absolute must. Among them, Lipton’s Seat is one of the most coveted spots to visit and explore. Named after the famed Scottish tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton, this scenic spot offers a look into the island’s rich tea heritage and offers an escape for nature enthusiasts. Not just that, reaching Lipton’s Seat requires a bit of a hike, which adds to the fun and adventure too. As you plan your next visit to Haputale in Sri Lanka, including Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka to catch the panoramic views of the surroundings is an experience in itself.

Where is Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka Located?

Location of Lipton's Tea in Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Adbar for Wikimedia Commons
Lipton’s Seat is situated in the highlands of Sri Lanka, within the Dambatenne Tea Estate in the Haputale area. As for the elevation, Lipton’s Seat is situated at 1,970 metres above sea level, offering tourists a stunning view of the surrounding tea estates and the distant horizons. It is around 15 km from the main town of Haputale and requires a beginner-friendly hike.

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Interesting Facts About Lipton’s Seat

Facts about Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Manjultiwari for Wikimedia Commons
First, familiarise yourself with certain facts about Lipton’s Seat and then explore it.
Historical significance: If you know the popular Lipton tea brand, it was established by Sir Thomas Lipton. Lipton’s Seat is named after him since he frequented the area to survey the tea estates for his brand. Also, the viewpoint crosses through Dambatenne Tea Estate, which was also founded by Sir Thomas Lipton.
Location: Q2J8+86J, Dambethenna Estate, Lipton Seat Rd, Haputale, Sri Lanka
Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka timings: 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka entry fees: LKR 100 per person

Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka Best Time to Visit

Stunning sunset view of Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Kaveen Weerarathna for Wikimedia Commons

Visiting Lipton’s Seat in Sri Lanka requires proper planning. Given the high altitude location of the viewpoint, you have to be extremely careful. You’d need to hike to the top of the viewpoint, which is another reason why visiting during December to March or June to September is considered ideal. The weather is comfortable, sunny, and stable during these months, keeping the nature trails dry and clean and making them suitable for embarking on the hike.
The best time to visit the viewpoint on a particular day is early morning. You can catch the sunrise during that time, which further adds to the place’s charm.
Note: The trails can get dark pretty quickly, so try and come down from the viewpoint before 04:00 PM.

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Things To Do At Lipton’s Seat In Sri Lanka

Lipton’s Seat is more than just a viewpoint; it’s a destination that offers a variety of activities for visitors to immerse themselves in.

1. Soak In The Sunrise

Clouds covering Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Imantha025 for Wikimedia Commons
If you want to witness the panoramic views from Lipton’s Seat, consider visiting in the early morning before sunrise. The surrounding cliffs, dense forests, and hills are bathed in a combination of orange and red, which is truly a sight to behold. Also, the weather in the early morning can be chilly, so wear warm clothes.

2. Indulge In A Tea Estate Tour

Tea estate tour in Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Sureshkumar1213 for Wikimedia Commons
The Dambatenne Tea Estate, which was established by Sir Thomas Lipton himself, serves as the base of Lipton’s Seat hike. So, once you return from the viewpoint, stop at the tea estate to tour the surroundings and see how tea is produced in real-time. At the end, sip on some Ceylon tea as well.

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3. Hiking

Statue at Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Anuda200 for Wikimedia Commons

There’s no direct road leading up to Lipton’s Seat, meaning hiking is the only way you can reach the viewpoint. So, once you reach the Dambatenne Tea Estate, take the time to look at the hiking trails and plan your hike. It is a 6-7 km hike from the tea estate and takes 2-3 hours, depending on how fast you climb. Also, the trails are well-maintained and accessible, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

Places To Visit Near Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

The area surrounding Lipton’s Seat in Sri Lanka is rich in natural beauty and cultural significance, offering visitors a variety of attractions to explore. So, once you are done exploring the viewpoint, consider visiting the following sightseeing spots:

1. Dambatenne Tea Factory

Dambatenne Tea Factory near Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: by Anjadora for Wikimedia Commons

Since Lipton’s Seat is a hike from Dambatenne Tea Factory, you must also stop to explore the tea estate. You can do it at the beginning of the day or while returning from the viewpoint. There are guided tours available where you learn the process of tea leaf plucking, selection, separation, tea drying, and finally, the manufacturing process. Once you are done with the tour, you can unwind from the hike and the walks with a steaming cup of Ceylon tea.
Distance from Lipton’s Seat: 5.5 Km
Timings: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

2. Haputale Town

Haputale Town

Image Credit: Krsdes for Wikimedia Commons

The charm of Haputale lies in its simplicity. The people and the surroundings are steeped in rich history, enabling you to truly interact with the local community and support them by buying from their small businesses. There are local markets in the town where you can find fresh produce, native handicrafts and many knick-knacks that make great souvenirs to take back home. Also, given the many sightseeing spots around Haputale, you can rent a hotel room or a homestay to explore the area while visiting.
Distance from Lipton’s Seat: 16.2 Km
Timings: 24 Hours

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3. Adisham Bungalow

Adisham Bungalow near Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Alexey Komarov for Wikimedia Commons
Another spot steeped in history, charm, and natural beauty is the Adisham Bungalow. This is currently a Benedictine monastery but previously served as the residence of Sir Thomas Villiers, an English planter. The manor’s origins date back to 1931, and its architecture was influenced by the English Tudor style. One of the best things about this manor lies in its heritage. Despite decades, the architecture remains the same inside, with enhancements over the years.
Distance from Lipton’s Seat: 18.9 Km
Timings: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

4. Diyaluma Falls

A stunning view Diyaluma Falls

Image Credit: Venushka Fonseka for Wikimedia Commons
Regarded as the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Diyaluma Falls is another popular spot to visit while you are in Haputale and visiting Lipton’s Seat. At 220 metres (720 feet) high, it offers a spectacular sight as the water cascades down the rock face. Reaching the waterfall is an adventurous experience since it takes you through scenic trails and densely forested areas. Ensure that you are wearing hiking shoes since some of the trails can be muddy and slippery.
Distance from Lipton’s Seat: 24.8 Km
Timings: 24 Hours

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5. Hortons Plain National Park

Hortons National Park near Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Prasadtharanga for Wikimedia Commons
Certified under the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hortons Plain National Park is another popular site to visit and explore near Lipton’s Seat. The park is known for its unique biodiversity and dramatic landscapes, including grasslands, cloud forests, and waterfalls. One of the key attractions inside the national park is World’s End, which features a dramatic cliff drop of 870 metres. You’d have to hike through the national park to reach there. Baker’s Falls is another attraction to explore.
Distance from Lipton’s Seat: 43.3 Km
Timings: 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka is a must-visit spot when exploring offbeat towns and cities like Haputale in Sri Lanka. Beyond its historical significance, the charm of this viewpoint lies in the stunning views you get to witness in real-time from such high up in the mountains. It is truly a treat that adds to an enriching travel experience for you. As you plan the travel itinerary for your next trip to Sri Lanka, ensure to include this in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

What is the historical significance of Lipton's Seat?

Lipton’s Seat is named after Sir Thomas Lipton, a Scottish tea baron who used this vantage point to oversee his vast tea plantations in the late 19th century.

How high is Lipton's Seat?

Lipton's Seat is situated at an elevation of approximately 1,970 metres (6,460 feet) above sea level.

What is the best time to visit Lipton's Seat?

The Lipton's Seat Sri Lanka best time to visit is December to March and June to September, with early mornings offering the clearest views.

What is the cost of Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka tickets?

The Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka tickets cost LKR 100 per person.

Is Lipton's Seat suitable for children?

Yes, Lipton’s Seat is a family-friendly destination, and children can enjoy the scenic views and the fresh mountain air.

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