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    India Dry Days Cover Image

    Great food, chilled beverages, friends, free-flowing conversations — a dinner (or brunch) party is, in the end, a simple combination of flavors, with a personal touch added by the host and guests. Delhi, as we all know it as the capital of fun-filled celebrations, is always ready to spin some jazz in the air, and now that we’re finally in 2021, nothing is stopping the whole country from unwinding a bit.

    To help you achieve a safe, flawless, and cocktail-icious gathering, we have the ultimate party planner that includes the list of dry days in India for this year. Plan, stock up, and kick-back for a good time you will never forget. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of season cocktails and drinks for each month of the year that’ll add a classic (and timely) twist to your evenings.

    Dry Days In January 2021

    Dry days in January

    January 14, Thursday: Makar Sankranti
    January 26, Tuesday: Republic Day
    January 30, Saturday: Martyr’s Day

    You must admit, a Dry Day Delhi calendar is a must for part planning, especially when you know that a celebratory evening in January is incomplete without the best bottle of Rum. From visiting the local tavern to grab a straight-up or making your own Rum and Ginger at home, there’s nothing like the warm-soothing flavor that can help us enjoy the winters.

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    Dry Days In February 2021

    Dry days in February

    February 19, Friday: Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahavir Jayanti
    February 27, Saturday: Guru Ravidas Jayanti


    Dry Days In March 2021

    Dry days in March

    March 8, Monday: Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
    March 11, Thursday: Maha Shivratri
    March 29, Monday: Holi

    Dry Days In April 2021

    Dry days in April

    April 2, Friday: Good Friday
    April 14, Wednesday: Ambedkar Jayanti
    April 21, Wednesday: Ram Navami
    April 25, Sunday: Mahavir Jayanti

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    Dry Days In May 2021

    Dry days in May

    May 12, Wednesday: Eid ul-Fitr
    May 13, Thursday: Eid ul-Fitr

    No Dry Days In India In June 2021

    Dry days in June

    Dry Days In July 2021

    Dry days in July

    July 24, Saturday: Guru Purnima

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    Dry Days In August 2021

    Dry days in August

    August 10, Tuesday: Muharram
    August 15, Sunday: Independence Day
    August 30, Monday: Janmashtami

    Dry Days In September 2021

    Dry days in September

    September 10, Friday: Ganesh Chaturthi

    Dry Days In October 2021

    Dry days in October

    October 2, Saturday: Gandhi Jayanti
    October 15, Friday: Dussehra
    October 18, Monday: Eid-e-Milad
    October 20, Wednesday: Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

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    Dry Days In November 2021

    Dry days in November

    November 4, Thursday: Diwali
    November 14, Sunday: Kartiki Ekadashi
    November 19, Friday: Guru Nanak Jayanti
    November 24, Wednesday: Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day (Delhi, Punjab)

    Dry Days In December 2021

    Dry days in December

    December 25, Saturday: Christmas

    Advance planning makes a celebration much easier, and that’s the whole purpose of this one calendar that wouldn’t go to waste. The part about having the best drinks that your guests enjoy with you is an important one. Also, the sole purpose of a chilled glass of beer or wine is not just to aid your meal but also to create a social atmosphere where everyone can relax and share moments, conversations, and much more.

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    As we want everyone to raise themselves a glass for surviving through 2020 and beginning this year with a bang, we cannot stress the importance of Covid-19 guidelines more that we all must follow especially when we are planning a celebration. This list of dry days in India will help you pin down the exact days when you will not be able to buy liquor from local bars or shops. Drink safe, stay safe, and make this year a memorable one. Cheers and here’s to hoping for better days ahead!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Days In India

    How to check today is a dry day in India?

    Dry days are specific dates on a calendar year when bars and liquor shops are closed for sale. There are many such calendars published online by both media and independent publishers to help you pin down the exact dates.

    Is alcohol totally banned on dry days?

    Alcohol consumption is not banned on dry days but the sale for them in bars and shops is. Please make sure you check our dry day calendar for the dates.

    Why do we have dry days?

    It is a way of limiting the alcohol trade by putting a partial prohibition and as most of these fall on national holidays amidst the celebration, it also helps avoid indecent behavior in public.

    Can we order alcohol online?

    Yes, you can buy alcohol online but the service is currently limited to major cities where they have specific websites from where you can make a purchase.

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