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Situated in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand, Lohaghat is a popular tourist destination renowned for its panoramic and scenic meadows and landscapes. Lohaghat has a rich cultural heritage and is well-known for its stunning views and the tranquil ambience it creates. The town also has some fascinating and incredible tourist landmarks that are a must-visit. The local cuisine is delectable, and the local people are highly welcoming and welcoming, and they are full of warm hospitality. Tourists flock to this enthralling destination to enjoy moments of serenity, relax, rejuvenate and seek a peaceful escape from the chaos and hustle-bustle of city life.

Tourist Places To Visit In Lohaghat, Uttarakhand

Various fascinating tourist landmarks are in Lohaghat, which tourists can visit for a wonderful and unforgettable experience in Uttarakhand.

1. Advaita Ashrama Mayawati

View of the serene Advaita Ashrama Mayawati in Lohaghat

Image Credit: Soumya IITC for Wikimedia Commons

Located 7 km from Lohaghat, the Advaita Ashrama Mayawati is a serene and tranquil ashram dedicated to Sri Swami Vivekananda. This calm and peaceful spot attracts many tourists not just nationally but also from abroad. The ashrama has a museum and small library on its premises, and lodging and accommodation are also offered on request.

Location: P.O. Mayavati, Via- Lohaghat, Dt. Champawat, Mayawati, Uttarakhand 262524
Entry fee: Free

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2. Banasur Fort

A view of the Banasur Fort in Lohaghat, Uttarakhand

Image Credit: Exotic Uttarakhand for Facebook

The Banasur Fort is a historically significant fort constructed by King Banasura, which is located about 7 km from the place. Visitors can hire a guide who will give a proper tour of the fort and provide detailed information on the history, architecture and various other interesting facts of the fort. This is a great spot for history enthusiasts and tourists seeking to gain insights into the town’s glorious history.

Location: Motyuraj, Mutyuraj, Bantari, Uttarakhand 262524
Entry Fee: Free

3. Abbott Mount

View of the ruins of a church in Abbott Mount in Lohaghat, Uttarakhand

Image Credit: self for Wikimedia Commons

Abbott Mount is a beautiful hill station situated at a distance of about 5 km from Lohaghat. This scenic destination is renowned for its colonial-era beauty and has various fascinating tourist landmarks. The beautiful panoramic views offered by this place make it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Location: Lohaghat Range, Uttarakhand 262527
Entry Fee: NA

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Activities To Enjoy In Lohaghat

Beautiful shot of a river in Lohaghat, Uttarakhand

Image Credit: Heather Sunderland for Wikimedia Commons

  • Hiking: There are many popular hiking and trekking trails in Lohaghat that tourists and visitors can enjoy. Trekkers can admire the beautiful panoramic views while trekking or hiking through scenic and tranquil trails and paths.
  • Photography: This place is a true haven for photography enthusiasts, owing to the huge variety of flora and fauna available and the many viewpoints situated at various points in the town that offer magnificent and incredible views of the landscapes.
  • Historical Exploration: Many knowledgeable guides are present at various tourist landmarks and can provide detailed and fascinating information and insights about the landmarks and the town. This place has a grand and rich historical heritage, which is evident with the many historical tourist landmarks scattered across the town.
  • Pilgrimage: Lohaghat is also a spiritually significant destination. Tourists can visit spiritual ashramas and meditate or introspect. These ashramas exude a divine and spiritually serene ambience that is an incredible and unforgettable experience that tourists and visitors should not miss out on.
  • Picnicking: Families and groups of friends can simply sit and relax and rejuvenate amidst the peaceful and scenic ambience of this place. Owing to the spacious, lush, green meadows stretching to the horizon, this is a great destination for picnicking.

Ways To Reach A scenic view of the mountains in Lohaghat, Uttarakhand

Image Credit: Ekabhishek for Wikimedia Commons

By Air: Located about 160 km away is the Pantnagar Airport, which is the closest airport to Lohaghat and is situated in Nainital, Uttarakhand. From here, tourists can reach Lohaghat in about 4-5 hours by hiring a cab, taxi or some other form of local transport present. Pantnagar is well-connected to the major cities in the country.
By Train: Major cities of the country such as Delhi and Lucknow are connected to the Tanakpur railway station which is the nearest railway station to Lohaghat. Located about 60 km away from the place, visitors can easily take a bus or hire a taxi from the Tanakpur station to reach this place in about 2-3 hours.
By Bus: There are frequent buses that head towards Lohaghat from Nainital or other nearby major cities, that tourists can opt for to visitthis place, Tanakpur or any neighbouring town from where tourists can hire a cab. The road distance from Nainital to Lohaghat is about 145 km which would take 5-6 hours to cover that distance.
By Car: Tourists can drive their private vehicles to Lohaghat from nearby major cities such as Nainital, Almora, Haldwani, and many more. The distance between Almora and Lohaghat is about 116 km, which can be covered in about 3-4 hours.

Overall,this place has great connectivity, and visitors have a variety of commute options for a pleasant and comfortable trip.

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Best Time To Visit Lohaghat

Beautiful scenic view of Uttarakhand

Image Credit: Aakash kharkwal for Wikimedia Commons

  • The best time to visit Lohaghat is March to June, when the weather is comfortable and pleasant but not too harsh. The weather also allows tourists to engage in various fun activities such as trekking, hiking, bird-watching, picnicking, and much more. The clear skies and moderate climate during this season make it the perfect time to visit this place and admire the lush green meadows and hills.
  • September- November, the post-monsoon season, is another great time to visit Lohaghat. Due to the monsoons, visitors can witness a vibrant and strikingly green landscape, and the place’s natural beauty is enhanced to the greatest level. The temperatures drop slightly this season; hence, it is advised that tourists visiting this season prepare accordingly. It is advisable to avoid visiting this place during the monsoon period since heavy rains may cause landslides and other dangerous accidents.

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Now that you have the perfect guide for an incredible trip to Lohaghat, it is time to pack your suitcases, plan the perfect trip, and set out a trip to Uttarakhand to visit this beautiful destination. Use this comprehensive guide to help you plan a tranquil getaway trip amidst natural beauty and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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Cover Image Credit: Aakash kharkwal for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Lohaghat

What are some popular hill stations to visit for a serene getaway near Lohaghat?

Some renowned hill stations that tourists can visit for the perfect tranquil escape are Abbott Mount, Nainital, Almora, Pitoragarh, Ranikhet and many more.

What are some popular tourist landmarks in Lohaghat?

The most popular tourist landmarks in Lohaghat are Pancheshwar Mahadev temple, Advaita Ashrama Mayavati, Banasura Fort, Abbott Mount, Champawat, Devidhura and a lot more.

Is Lohaghat safe to travel as a solo traveller?

Yes, Lohaghat is quite safe for a solo traveller since the local people are very helpful. The tourist landmarks are well-marked and quite accessible via various modes of communication. However, it is advisable to take necessary safety precautions before visiting the destination, especially as a solo traveller.

What kind of lodging options are available in Lohaghat?

Lohaghat has a variety of accommodation options, ranging from cosy inns and guesthouses to comfortable, 3 star hotels. There are lodging options catering to every budget.

Is it mandatory to hire a guide when exploring Lohaghat?

Although there is no compulsion, hiring a guide may help visitors gain insights,detailed information and interesting facts about the various tourist landmarks and the town itself.

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