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    Paragliding In Bhimtal_22nd oct

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    Located 22 km from Nainital at an altitude of 1,370 m above the sea level, Bhimtal is a town in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The name of this town has been taken from Mahabharata’s Bhima. Moreover, it was ruled by the British as a result of the Anglo-Nepalese War. The famous Bhimtal Lake, along with the riverine island, has been a major tourist attraction of the district. But what makes it a go-to destination for the weekends is the long list of things to do in Bhimtal.

    8 Best Things To Do In Bhimtal

    While Bhimtal may be a small town in the heart of Uttarakhand, it is undoubtedly high on natural beauty which works well for those who are always up to relish the best of views. If you’re a nature lover, then here are top things to do in Bhimtal for people like you!

    1. Boating And Fishing
    2. Camping And Stargazing
    3. Picnic
    4. Hiking And Trekking
    5. Paragliding And Dirt Biking
    6. Sightseeing
    7. Shopping
    8. Festivities

    1. Boating And Fishing

    boating in bhimtal

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    The Bhimtal region is home to 3 beautiful lakes – Bhimtal, Sat Tal, and Naukuchiatal. These lakes are visited by tourists for the purpose of boating and fishing. If you are wondering what to do in Bhimtal then, boating is an excellent choice. A boat ride to the Bhimtal island in the middle of the lake is undoubtedly a wonderful experience.

    Also, then there is an aquarium on the island that is all the more awe-inspiring. Expect a soothing boat ride and peacefully satisfying fishing experience on your visit to these lakes and make your visit to the town worthwhile. One of the best among the various things to do at Bhimtal Lake is boating and you will surely enjoy it!

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    2. Camping And Stargazing

    camping in Bhimtal


    Image Source

    The pleasant weather and salubrious environment here make camping in the open one of the fun activities in Bhimtal. To make the whole experience even more engaging and comprehensively interesting, the travelers can also gaze at the star-studded sky while camping.

    There are various campsites in Bhimtal where groups of people prefer going. Camping amidst the lush-green, majestic mountains is something every traveler must go for, as the fun involved in this activity is unmatched!

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    3. Picnic

    lakeside picnic

    Image Source

    The lake shores of Naukuchiatal and Sat Tal are often flanked by locals and tourists alike. Heading to these lake shores for a picnic with family, friends, or your beloved is one of the best things to do in Bhimtal for a laid-back day.

    This is something that you can do after a long day in order to unwind yourself. A peaceful picnic with great company is all that you need to make your travel experience in Bhimtal more satisfying.

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    Adventurous Things To Do In Bhimtal

    Although the options may be very limited when it comes to adventure sports in Uttarakhand, trekking and hiking are two major adventure activities in Bhimtal that get the best out of all the travelers. Here is the list of things to do at Bhimtal on your vacay!

    4. Hiking And Trekking


    Image Source

    The lakes are surrounded by lush green forests and hills that are ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or trekking. Adventure seekers and nature lovers can take short treks in these verdant hills.

    In addition to the greenery, the migratory birds that can be spotted here also attract nature lovers. To make your whole experience more exhilarating, let your friends tag along with you to have a great time trekking while also witnessing nature’s wonders.

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    5. Paragliding And Dirt Biking

    paragliding in bhimtal

    Image Source

    Imagine beholding the breathtaking green landscapes from above the sky and almost feeling like a bird! This is exactly what you feel while paragliding above the valleys of Bhimtal. As Bhimtal is quite a delightful destination for the adventure lovers, travelers can head to Naukuchiatal, located 4 km away, for paragliding as well as dirt biking.

    Biking off-road can be an exceptional experience for those who love to pump their adrenaline to a whole new level! When thinking of things to do near Bhimtal, then consider visiting Naukuchiatal.

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    Fun Things To Do In Bhimtal

    Other than blissful nature and amazing adventures, Bhimtal also offers and serves as a perfect place for unlimited fun for friends, families, and groups alike.

    6. Sightseeing

    bhimtal lake and island


    Image Source

    The sightseeing tour of the tourist attractions of Bhimtal includes visits to the famous temples, lakes, and other natural wonders of the region. These include Bhimtal Lake and Island, Victoria Dam, Hidimba Parvat, Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple, Hanuman Garhi temple, Nag Temple, and Folk Culture Museum.

    All these sites in Bhimtal will make your visit worthwhile and are enticing enough to make you want to revisit this town.

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    7. Shopping

    Shop at the Mall road in Nainital

    Image Source

    Street shopping is one of the best things to do around Bhimtal. The city streets of Bhimtal and the Mall Road in Nainital (located 22 km from Bhimtal) are lined with small shops that sell statues, carpets, jewelry, Garhwali paintings, handmade candles, and organic products.

    These products serve as excellent souvenirs to take back home. To make the most of your shopping experience, don’t forget to try out the local food here to add some spice to your shopping!

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    8. Festivities

    harela mela


    Image Source

    Attending the Hareli festival is one of the fun things to do in Bhimtal. Celebrated in the month of July, it is the harvest festival of Bhimtal. The festival includes fairs with cultural performances and bike or car events in the Death-well as the key highlights.

    This festival will being you closer to the cultural and historical significance of the town and is a great way to interact with the locals to feel at home.

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    So, which of these fun activities in Bhimtal have you already tried? If you missed out on an experience, head to Bhimtal now! Make your trip to Bhimtal more fulfilling by trying out most of the above-mentioned places so that you have a lot to add to your memories.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Bhimtal


    Q. Which is better Bhimtal or Nainital?

    A. Bhimtal is comparatively peaceful than Nainital making it an ideal destination for nature-lovers and wanderers. Nainital is quite crowded with visitors, however, if you are planning a visit in offseason then you can enjoy the best of it!

    Q. Which is the best hotel in Bhimtal?

    A. There are numerous comfortable and affordable hotels in Bhimtal. The best and most popular among them are the Royal Court, V Resorts Monolith, Aamod at Bhimtal, Country Inn, Greenwood Hotel, and The Palm Hotel, etc.

    Q. What we can do in Bhimtal?

    A. You can go for trekking, paragliding, boating, horse riding, cycling, mountain biking, etc. while holidaying in Bhimtal India.

    Q. Is Bhimtal lake a natural lake?

    A. Yes, Bhimtal is a natural lake and the dam which was built in the year 1883 creates an enormous storage facility here. The lake provides drinking water and meets the agriculture requirements of the nearby area.

    Q. Which dam is situated near Bhimtal?

    A. Bhimtal dam, that is located near the heritage temple is the nearest dam to Bhimtal. It was constructed on a natural gap in the eastern side of Nainital.

    Q. Which lake is bigger Bhimtal or Nainital?

    A. Bhimtal is bigger than Nainital. It is the largest lake in the Kumaon region and lures travelers from across the country with its exclusive experiences.

    Q.Which is the largest lake in Kumaon lake?

    A. Bhimtal is the largest lake in the Kumaon region which is located in the town of Bhimtal. The place is also known as the ‘lake district of India’.

    Q. What to eat at Bhimtal?

    A. There are various restaurants near Bhimtal that offer the best food options. The most popular restaurants in Bhimtal are Singh’s Restaurant, Variety Restaurant, Machan Restaurant, The Heera’s Family restaurant, Rituraj Vegetarian Restaurant, Pardesi Guest House, and Shivalik Bhimtal.

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