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Lombok Island is a dream island lying south to Bali that is very much real. The lesser-known island is perfect for those who want to take a break from all the touristy hustle in Bali and enjoy the unprecedented views of nature. The beaches on Lombok are pristine and far from crowded. You can indulge in myriad adventure activities like trekking to Mount Rinjani and camping. There are so many waterfalls to explore. On top of that, you need to be careful of all the travel scams that take place on the island. Here are a few Lombok travel tips for you to save you from all the trouble in paradise.

Lombok Travel Tips

The people of Lombok are very nice but you should be careful of the crooks. Here are a few scams you should know beforehand if you want to avoid any unnecessary hassle during your stay on the island.

1. Transportation


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Lombo is just a 90-minute boat ride from Bali which can extend if you do not book your water transportation with a reliable transport company. Go along with a reputable and trusted company if you want value for money and safety on a boat. Do not buy your ferry tickets from a street tout who claims to be from a reputable company because the reality is far from it. You should not be charged more than 13000 Rupiah for a public ferry ride from Bali to Lombok Island.

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2. Beware of local vendors

As you arrive at Bangsal Harbour, you will be bombarded by local vendors and Lombok kids selling day to day stuff and trinkets. Do not buy from these vendors as the prices they offer are extremely exorbitant. If you want sundries and daily-use items, then you will find shops in Lombok and Gilli islands where you can get stuff at a much cheaper rate. Don’t blow your money.

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3. Food & Drinks

Food Drinks

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If you want to enjoy a reasonably good dining experience and nightlife, then Senggigi has the most amazing restaurants and bars on the island. Mataram is another place where you can expect good restaurants and bars. You should also sample some local Lombok food as you will find it surprisingly tasty, however, a bit spicy. Notice local warungs in the various parts of the island selling authentic local cuisine.

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4. Motorbike Rental


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The best way to get around the island is on bike for which you will need to rent one if you are planning to spend days here. One of the biggest travel scams in Lombok is renting an exorbitant fee for bike. You will find lenders overcharging you upto 200% more than their normal rates. Remember this, you should not pay more than 60,000-80,000 Rupiah a day for bike rental. Hope your bargaining skills are on fleek.

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5. Watersports


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Another scam you should be wary of inLombok, or in Indonesia for that matter is the watersports equipment. Some shady lenders rent you surfboards that get broken on light use and then charge you later for the damages. Therefore, you should always check your equipmenting before renting it from getting ripped off. Always rent from legitimate lenders or operators. You may even check with your accommodation if they provide such equipment. This scam is more prevalent on Selong Belanak Beach.

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6. Discounted Tours

Discounted Tours

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If someone on the beach, especially on the Gilli islands, approaches you for a discounted or cheap tour, do not go along. It may turn out that these are low quality tours or fraudulent. These tour operators might also lure you out to stranded places and steal from you. So, not only will you end up losing your money but also have a bitter experience on your holiday that nobody wants.

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7. Taxi Scams


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It is prevalent everywhere in indonesia that taxi drivers either claim that meter is down or pose as fake Blu BIR. The only reliable taxi service providers in Indonesia are Silver Bird, Blue Bird, Eksekutif, Transtaxi, Express, Taxiku, Steady Safe, Kosti Jaya. don’t get into a taxi that is not licensed under these providers. Some taxi guys offer you inflated price and then take you at the end of the taxi queue. These taxis are in most cases not registered with the union.

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8. Be mindful

Be mindful

Pickpocketing and stealing is very common in Lombok. These guys are so swift and experienced that even if you get your gaze away from your stuff for a few seconds, it will be gone by the time you turn back. Just poof! Pack light and remember to carry your own stuff. Don’t leave your stuff unattended even for a minute.

Emergency Numbers: Lombok Travel Tips

Save these numbers in your phone or travel pad if you have a trip to Indonesia planned ahead. In case you encounter any problems on your trip, you can call on these numbers:

  • Police: 110, 112
  • Ambulance and rescue: 118
  • Fire: 113
  • Medical: 119
  • Tourist police (Jakarta): (021) 526 4073
  • Tourist police (Bali): (0361) 754 599/(0361)
  • 224 111

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Travel scams are prevalent in those places where you will receive a lot of tourists. Lombok Island is no exception but that does not mean it is a bad place. If you are careful about these things on your trip to Indonesia, you will have an amazing time without a doubt. Travel teaches us a lot of things. There will be good experiences as well as bad experiences on your holiday in Indonesia. Let’s fill our anty with more good experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lombok Travel Tips

Is visiting Lombok worth the time?

To be fair, the beauty of the place is enough of an answer as to why visiting Lombok is worth all your time and money.

Is it necessary to take Malaria tablets while visiting Lombok?

Indonesia does have a high Malaria rate, but for the most part, Lombok is a safe part of the country to visit so you can refrain from consuming the malaria tablets altogether but it is one of the pro-Lombok travel tips that you keep Malaria tablets along.

How many days should you spend on the Lombok trip?

If you want a wholesome experience visiting the place, we would suggest that you do visit for at least a week to explore all the places.

Is VISA applicable for Lombok?

Lombok has joined with the Indonesian international airport and you can get a free VISA for 30 days thereupon visiting which is quite amazing.

Is visiting Lombok cheaper than Bali?

For the most part, Bali is the cheaper spot to visit in comparison to Lombok. So, if you want to spend less, Bali is the better option than Lombok. However, if you want to witness serene beauty and amazing ambiance, giving Lombok a visit will be a great idea.

Is visiting Lombok a safe place to visit?

While there isn’t necessarily any sort of warning when it comes to visiting Lombok, the governments around the world have specifically asked to exercise caution.

Why should one visit Lombok?

Lombok is an amazing spot to visit on a honeymoon. It is typically the best spot to visit if you are just married and need some quality time with your better half.

What time of the year is the best time to visit Lombok?

The months between July and August is often considered the best time to visit Lombok. The weather is quite favorable and the rush is also not that much.

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