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Marino Beach Colombo is among the finest hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka that provide an array of services for a luxurious stay. From the soul-replenishing spa to the beach lounge, from steam rooms to various restaurants, you can find it all at Marino Beach. With a complimentary city tour to glimpse Sri Lanka’s diversity and access to the breathtaking infinity pool for unlimited fun, your stay will be in the lap of luxury. The ocean-view rooms will connect you to nature every second of the day as you watch the birds, tides, and ships going in their rhythm.

Accommodation At Marino Beach Colombo Hotel

At the Marino Beach Hotel Colombo, Sri Lanka, you will find a variety of accommodation options. You can choose from various rooms and a suite. Here is an outline of the types of rooms available and their tax-inclusive prices.

1. Basic Rooms

The Premier Room with a partial sea view balcony

Image Credit: Marino beach

The most basic room, called the Superior Room, has an attached balcony. You can enjoy the calmness of the hotel room and the warmth of the bed which will make you feel refreshed instantly. The Deluxe and Premier Rooms come with a partial sea view from the balcony so you do not have to spend as much. But rest assured, you will get an excellent view when you step out onto the balcony. The sea breeze and nature’s bliss will make your entire stay fabulous.

Superior Room Price: INR 6,831 onwards
Deluxe Room Price: INR 7,497 onwards
Premier Room Price: INR 8,330 onwards

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2. Signature Rooms

Signature Panorama offers you a view of the sea with a balcony at Marino Beach Colombo

Image Credit: Marino beach

You get to choose from three room options in the Signature Rooms. You can choose the basic signature room, signature plus room, and signature panorama. Although Signature and Signature Plus rooms are similar, the latter offers sunbeds at no extra cost! All these rooms give you a full view of the sea’s magnificent blue waters and a balcony where you can chill and let the beauty enthral you. These rooms ooze luxury and comfort blended in perfection. They offer more than the basic rooms yet are not as hard on the pocket as booking a suite.

Signature Room Price: INR 10,412 onwards
Signature Plus Room: INR 10,412 onwards
Signature Panorama: INR 13,328 (Single), INR 14,161 (Double) onwards

3. Suite

Signature Suite at the Hotel Marino Beach Colombo

Image Credit: Marino beach

The Signature Suite at Marino Beach Colombo lets you bask in the epitome of luxury and treats you with a free delicious breakfast. With an area of 104 square kilometres, every inch of the room exudes extravagance. You get to wake up to the spectacular sea view, proof of an eventful day! Sit comfortably or lie on your bed and revel in the magnificent sea view stretching before your eyes. Or relax on the balcony while sipping your morning coffee and watching the tides dance.

Signature Suite Price Single: INR 30,821 (Single), INR 31,654 (Double) Onwards

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Restaurants At Marino Beach Colombo

Marino Beach Colombo is known for its delectable cuisine. Indulge yourself in the best because you deserve nothing but the truly marvelous. Here are the two major restaurants on the hotel premises.

1. Tides Restaurant

The Tides Restaurant provides a riveting view of the ocean as you relish in deliciousness

Image Credit: Manikanta1973 for Wikimedia Commons

The Tides Restaurant is a class apart from any other restaurant you have ever eaten at. Every dish is made with skill, dedication, and passion which can be seen in the way the food is presented. It will delight your tastebuds. With the scenic view of the vast ocean before you, relish every morsel.

Location: Hotel’s second floor
Timings: 6:30 am to 10 am (Breakfast), 12 to 10 pm (A la carte), 12:30 to 3:30 pm (Lunch buffet), and 7 pm to 10 pm (Dinner buffet)
Smoking: Allowed in designated areas only

2. The Rose Lounge

 Unwind and relax at The Rose Lounge with abundant snacking options at Marino Beach Colombo

Image Source: Shutterstock

The Rose Lounge is for chilling and relaxing after a tour that got you pretty tired. Located in the lobby, have a pastry or perhaps drink some mocktails to freshen up your mood. The Rose Lounge has all the snacking you need.

Location: Hotel’s lobby
Timings: 10 am to 8:30 pm, 3 pm to 5 pm (High tea)
Smoking: Prohibited

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Bars At Marino Beach Colombo

Get ready for the best service you have ever witnessed. The two bars at the Marino Beach Colombo are among the finest you will ever experience.

1. Sunset Bar

Enjoy sipping your favourite drink as you watch the hued sunset from The Sunset Bar

Image Credit: Marino beach

The Sunset Bar lets you get a picturesque view of the horizon right over the immense ocean. Sit there, order your favourite, and watch as the sun slowly glides down and disappears. It is an experience that your inner being will never forget. The ambience is just right providing you with all the peace you need as you relax.

Location: Hotel’s second floor
Timings: 10 am to Midnight
Smoking: Allowed only in designated area

2. Garden Bar

 Elevate your experience (literally) by having a drink in the open air at the Garden Bar at Marino Beach Colombo

Image Credit: Marino beach

It does not get any more natural than this! Order a cocktail and enjoy it among the gorgeous lush greenery that surrounds you as you also get immersed in the emerald waters of the ocean. The open-air bar creates the optimal ambience with music that soothes and lets you forget about your worries. When you feel like it, you can also take a swim in the infinity pool that provides a dreamy view.

Location: 10th floor, By the pool edge
Timings: 10 am to 11 pm
Smoking: Allowed only in designated area

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Experiences At Marino Beach Colombo

Get a spa from expert therapists at Hotel Marino Beach Colombo

Image Credit: Marino beach

Make the best memories at Marino Beach Colombo by giving your soul and body some rest and rejuvenation by opting for a spa day. The Tonic Lanka-operated Spa at the hotel gives you the ultimate experience of relaxing your muscles and enriching your soul. Just breathe in and out as you smell the soft aroma that delights your senses and the lighting that feels right at the core. Go from the hotel to the Marino Beach Lounge to experience the pure and pristine beach waters beneath your feet.

Marino Beach Colombo Location And How To Reach

Marino Beach Colombo Location is it is on Marine Drive

Image Credit: Marino beach

The address of the beach hotel is Marino Beach, No. 590, Marine Drive, Colombo 03. The Marino Beach Hotel is quite close to the Bandaranaike International Airport (also known as the Colombo Airport). The Marino Beach Colombo to Airport distance is just 35.8 km. You can arrange transport from the Marino Beach Hotel counter at the airport.

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Staying at Marino Beach Colombo will make your trip to Sri Lanka the best one you ever had with your loved ones. Get the rooms with a sea view for a fantastic start to the day with the rising sun, and watch sunsets together after you are done touring Sri Lanka. Relish every moment of your travel, be it the stunning landscapes, exotic food, or the vibrant culture that keeps you coming back for more. Delight your inner self and visit Sri Lanka!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marino Beach Colombo

Which is the easiest way to book a room?

A1 You can send an email, call, or book from the hotel’s official website. It is the easiest way to book a room.

What is Marino Beach Colombo to Airport distance?

A2 It is nearly 38 km from the Colombo airport. Therefore, it is very easy to reach to the hotel and enjoy its luxurious amenities.

Are meals complimentary?

A3 No, you must purchase them separately. There are many options available in food and beverages and you can choose according to your preferences.

Is there a rooftop garden?

A4 Yes, there is a beautiful garden near the infinity pool.

Are halls available?

A5 The hotel has banquet halls, function halls, and event halls.

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