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Situated in the heart of Hyderabad’s old city, the magnificent Mecca Masjid Hyderabad symbolizes the glorious Qutb Shahi dynasty that once ruled the region.With its imposing sandstone façade and towering minarets, this iconic mosque is an architectural wonder and a spiritual sanctuary that has withstood the test of time. Constructed in the 17th century by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, the Mecca Masjid has a massive rectangular courtyard capable of accommodating thousands of worshippers and exudes an aura of grandeur and serenity.

About Mecca Masjid Hyderabad

Charminar and Mecca Masjid Hyderabad.

Image Credit: Divyakapati for Wikimedia Commons

The Makkah Masjid, also known as the Mecca Masjid, is a prominent congregational mosque in Hyderabad. It is the largest mosque in the city and one of the largest in the country, with a capacity of 10,000 worshippers. Built during the 17th century under the commission of Muhammad Qutb Shah, the sixth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, the mosque features bricks made from soil brought from Mecca, the holiest site in Islam, which was used to construct its central arch. In 2014, UNESCO included the Makkah Masjid complex on its tentative list of World Heritage Sites as part of a broader proposal to recognize the Monuments and Forts of the Deccan Sultanate.

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History Of Mecca Masjid Hyderabad

Courtyard outside the Mecca near Charminar Chawk.

Image Credit: Pinakpani for Wikimedia Commons

Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah personally laid the foundation stone for this significant structure. The construction process was a massive undertaking, employing around 8,000 workers. The mosque’s completion, however, came much later, in 1693, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The French explorer Jean-Baptiste Tavernier documented this arduous task in his travelogue, noting that the mosque’s construction began about fifty years prior and describing it as destined to be the grandest in all of India upon its completion. He marvelled at the size of the stones, especially the one used for the prayer niche, which he detailed as an enormous rock that took five years to quarry. Tavernier reported that 500 to 600 men were employed continuously on this stone, and its transportation required 1,400 oxen to move it to the construction site.

Architecture Of Mecca Masjid Hyderabad

Exterior of the Masjid Hyderabad

Image Credit: Bernard Gagnon for Wikimedia Commons

The prayer hall of the mosque is an impressive space, measuring 225 feet (69 meters) in length and 180 feet (55 meters) in width, with a soaring ceiling that reaches 75 feet (23 meters) high. This grand hall is adorned with five open arches on its facade and is flanked by two stately minarets. The mosque’s courtyard, or sahn, spans an area of 108 square meters and is a significant feature of the complex. It includes a sundial and the remnants of a traditional hammam (bathhouse). An essential aspect of the Mecca Masjid is the marble tombs of the Asaf Jahi dynasty, located towards the southern end of the mosque. Except for those of the first (Asaf Jah I) and the last (Asaf Jah VII) rulers, these tombs are housed in a rectangular, arched, and canopied building. The tomb complex features two rectangular blocks at either end, each with four minarets. These minarets are adorned with elegant, circular balconies, low ornamental walls, and arches.

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Timings, Fees, & Best Time To Visit

 Night view of the Mecca Masjid Hyderabad city.

Image Credit: Sriharsha for Wikimedia Commons

The Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad is open daily to visitors from 4:00 AM to 9:30 PM, offering ample opportunity to explore this historical and architectural marvel. Remarkably, there is no entry fee, making it accessible to everyone who wishes to experience its grandeur. The best time to visit the mosque is during the cooler months, from November to February, when the weather is pleasant and conducive to exploring the city’s historic sites. During this period, the moderate temperatures enhance the experience of wandering through the mosque’s expansive courtyard and admiring its intricate stonework without the discomfort of the intense summer heat.

How To Reach

You may take the bus to reach Mecca Masjid Hyderabad

Image Credit: LOVEofZ for Wikimedia Commons

To reach the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, you have several transportation options, including:

By Bus

APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) operates an Airport Cruiser service that transports passengers from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to Mecca Masjid in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The fare for this service ranges from INR 250 to INR 490. Additionally, APSRTC runs ordinary public buses from Shamshabad to Mecca Masjid, providing a more budget-friendly option.

By Online Cab

Online cab services, such as Uber and Ola, are the fastest mode of transport from the airport to Mecca Masjid. The trip typically takes 20 to 30 minutes. The fare for these services starts at around Rs. 350, depending on the type of vehicle and the number of passengers.

By Private Taxi

Visitors can also hire private taxis from the airport to Mecca Masjid. The journey by private taxi takes about 20 to 30 minutes, with tariffs ranging from INR 550 to INR 750, depending on the service provider and the vehicle type.

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Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad is an amazing building that shows the city’s rich culture. It has beautiful carvings, tall towers, and a peaceful atmosphere inside. When you visit, you’ll hear the call to prayer and see lots of intricate designs. It’s a special place that lets you feel the history and spirituality of Hyderabad. Book your trip to Hyderabad today and immerse yourself in the fascinating blend of history, culture, and spirituality that this iconic mosque and the city of Hyderabad have to offer.

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Cover Image Credit: Pinakpani for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Mecca Masjid Hyderabad

What is the speciality of Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad?

Mecca Masjid, also known as Makkah Masjid, is one of the largest mosques in India with a capacity of 10,000 people. It is a state-protected monument and serves as the primary mosque for the Old City of Hyderabad. Built during the 17th century, the mosque’s name comes from the bricks used in the construction of the central arch of the mosque, which was made from the soil brought from Mecca, the holiest site of Islam.

Are females allowed in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad?

Yes, women are allowed in Mecca Masjid, but they are not permitted inside the main prayer hall. They need to dress modestly to enter the mosque.

Which is the first Masjid of Hyderabad?

The first mosque of Hyderabad is the Jama Masjid, which Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah commissioned in 1597–98. It served as the congregational mosque of the newly established city until the much larger Mecca Masjid was constructed in the 17th century.

How many people can pray in Makkah Masjid Hyderabad?

Makkah Masjid in Hyderabad can accommodate 10,000 people.

How old is Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad?

The construction of the Makkah Masjid began in 1617 CE, during Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah's reign. It was completed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1693, making it over 330 years old.

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