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If someone is planning for a trip, Mexico will be worth visiting not because of the international location but because of the amalgamation of the fascinating lifestyle of the people. It is famous for our entire favorite: which no one can say no to, the chocolates, edible fruits like avocado and there party animals rely on Soda and tequila shots. The climate there suits the plants which help in the ups and downs of the Beverage industry in Mexico.

Nowadays, we can travel from one place to another or can visit certain monuments, historical place or any other constraint at a single click. No doubt, this may not amuse us rather paying a visit all the way to a place is alluring. The Mexico Travel guide will not only help you with visits but will make you understand what the history is as well. In short, the experience will be amazing and lucrative. It can be termed as a mixture of all amusements what a traveler wish for.

Best Time To Visit Mexico

Best Time To Visit

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Any time is best for a frequent traveler, but the pre-eminent time to visit the bewildering place is in between December to April. Basically when there is little or less rain. However, events and festivals are on a continuous basis since starting of the year.

• If you are planning a visit in between January and February, you will witness the migration of butterflies and at this particular season, a large number of whales migrate to Mexico’s coast which makes an appealing view.
• Yucatan Peninsula is the perfect place to visit in the month of March & April.
• Visiting the city in the month of May, you will experience the warmness of the place and can experience the slow fall of the rain.
• If you want to witness the Independence celebration of Mexico, the best time to pay a visit is in the month of September where the entire nation gathers together to eat, drink and enjoy the parade as well.
• Mexico has a festival called as ‘’Day of the Dead’’, where the people honor their near and dear ones. It usually takes place in the central and Southern part of Mexico. The whole city is dressed up with masks. The best time to experience the same is the month of November. The Central Mexico travel guide can help you regarding the same.

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How To Reach To Mexico

If you have a plan to visit Mexico, you can board flights from any of the major airports and can land to your desired destination in Mexico.

Best Places To Visit In Mexico

1. Tulum


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It is a place which is for the people who love water. It consists of water reservoirs, where the visitors or the tourist can take a ride and witness the wildlife sanctuaries. The ride can be taken in the form of a boat ride.

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2. Cozumel


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Coral reefs and cruise are well known in Cozumel. It is a place where a person can sit back and relax while listening to music or while reading a novel. Here the visitor can learn about and get to know about Mayan culture.

3. Cancun


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The lifestyle in Cancun is alluring and fascinating, those sands, beaches especially the nightlife. The whole city mesmerizes them with the beauty of nature and the city is close to a lavish jungle which makes Cancun more attractive. Celebrate New Year In Mexico For A Totally Worthwhile And Delightful Experience

4. Puebla


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The cuisine in Puebla is mouth-watering, no one can resist from the same. Apart from cuisine, Puebla is also famous for pottery. The visitors here can experience the lusty sunsets and tune to the mariachi music.

5. Guadalajara


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It showcases the urban lifestyle in one plate. It platters the culture and diversity of the constraint in one go. The visitors’ places to have a good time while experiencing how tradition still persists along with the modern touch.

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6. Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen

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It is a perfect vacation spot; Playa Del Carmen is a famous destination and is widely known for its food culture and bar culture. Most of the people visit the place for its amusing bar culture.
Above all, the Mexico travel guidelines will help you in enhancing the alluring experience.

Best Things To Do In Mexico

1. Cozumel


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Cozumel is an ideal location for experiencing the maximum adventure of diving deep into the ocean. In fact, you can witness a lot of beautiful corals and marine life around you.

2. Visit The Beautiful Beaches

Visit The Beautiful Beaches

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The country is blessed with some amazing beaches in the world. The beautiful beaches of Mexico are among the top locations to visit. بيت 365

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3. Dormant Iztaccihuatl Volcano

Dormant Iztaccihuatl Volcano

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Those who love sports and adventure then they can visit this place for getting the best hiking experience. The dormant Iztaccihuatl volcano is Mexico’s 3rd highest peak. It is popularly referred to as the “Sleeping Woman”. You can go for a hike of about 4000 meters.

Places To Stay In Mexico

1. Hacienda De Los Santos Resort & Spa

Hacienda De Los Santos Resort & Spa

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It will connect you will the rich history and tradition of Mexico. You will get to witness the architecture of the Colonial period. This hotel is about 300 years old. In fact, it belongs to the Historic Hotels Worldwide. ورق اونو They will provide you with the authentic dishes of Mexico.

Location: Molina Galeana 8, Centro, 85760 Alamos, Son., Mexico
Tariff: 16,814 INR

2. Casa San Ildefonso

Casa San Ildefonso

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The hotel is situated in the perfect spot at the centre of the capital city of Mexico. The services here are top-notch which will give you a home like feeling. The architecture of the building is of the 19th century. You will learn about the tradition and flavor of Mexico by living in Mexico City’s Casa San Ildefonso.

Location: San Ildefonso 38, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX, México
Tariff: 2,663 INR

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How To Get Visa For Mexico

Visa for Mexico is initiated by the completion of Visa application form; you need to submit the required documents with the application fee of around Rs. 2500. The visa issued is valid for upto 90 days. Mexico requires the visitors to carry the minimum funds of USD 50 per day when staying in Mexico

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The currency of Mexico is Peso, which is 3.54 in Indian Rupees. It is generally called as Gustavo Lindo.

What to pack to visit Mexico?

  • Keep charcoal capsules as Mexican foods may not be easy with a sensitive stomach.
  • Carry mosquito reliant while traveling to prevent from Zika which is a burning topic over there.
  • It is advisable to keep a small bag with you which carry all beach related essentials.
  • The place is well known for reservoirs as well you can always have waterproof shoes and a waterproof case for the cell phones.

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Planning to go for a vacation in Mexico? Keep this guide handy and explore the best sights of the country along with some fascinating things to do. But before that don’t forget to customize your Mexico holiday with TravelTriangle and experience a relaxing vacation!

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