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    Fabulous new year in mexico

    The New Year’s Eve is a gala time everywhere in the world. One can spot wonderful and exciting feasts happening during this time. It is usually winter for the southern hemisphere and the countries lying in this region can have a lot of options to celebrate. So, if you are in Mexico, you can expect a fantastic time at the end of the year. To get you a glimpse of the areas worth going at the time of New Year in Mexico, here is a list of 10 places you must visit to witness the best new year celebration ever.

    Where To Celebrate New Year In Mexico?

    Curious about the Mexican New Year? Visiting these places will surely be an amazing experience. You can find newer, fresher, and better ideas to celebrate and welcome the New Year. Visiting such places where you spot enthralling and cheerful people all around, one is also filled with all the joy and positivity.

    1. Plaza de la Constitution

    traditional Mexican culture

    Image Source
    This place is basically the area which adorns the traditional Mexican culture with all the festivities and spirits. It has fireworks, good food, streets are filled with creative and decorative lighting, and much more happens here. One can expect good times while celebrating the New Year in here. If you’re game for a different kind of New Year, this is the place you should be headed to. Have a great time with your friends and family here.

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    2. Zocalo

    Tall building

    Image Source

    It is the main street of the Mexico city. It has the New Year’s celebration in the most vibrant manner. The fireworks, the grapes market, and the delicious cuisines being prepared at the restaurants on this street is something one can totally enjoy. Everyone has a gala time here and being a part of it feels amazing. The celebration goes on till late in the night. So, pack your bags and head to the Mexico City to enjoy at Zocalo like the Mexicans do.

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    3. Monterrey


    Image Source

    This place is at a distance of 100 miles from the United States. One can easily ride down to this place during the weekend prior to the New Year’s Eve. The whole week can be spent knowing the Mexican traditions and cultures and then being a part of them on the New Year’s Eve 2018. On the final day, one can have all the fun along with the cheerful crowd, fireworks, and good food. Overall this is a good place to go to celebrate your New Year 2018. Plan soon with your friends and family.

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    4. Puerto Vallarta

    popular beach destination

    Image Source

    This is basically a popular beach destination. One can easily spend the New Year’s Eve on this beach with people singing along with delicious food and a bottle of wine. Since this is a beach side, one can engage into private celebration too, which is otherwise difficult to find at the beginning of the year. The restaurants around can pump your mood with their amazing crowd, tasty mood, and great music. How does a beach party this New Year’s Eve sound to you?

    5. Hotels & Resorts

    Hotels and Resorts

    Image Source

    If there is no other place to head to, the hotels and resorts can be the best place to be. One can celebrate the New Year’s Eve with unknown yet cordial people, and find new friends and connections. The hotels and resorts can get you a huge amount to pay, though. But whatever it is, it will definitely be fun to see the happy faces around and in indulging in some of the best food in the town. So head to the most hip resort in town and have the time of your life this New Year!

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    6. Guadalajara

    girl enjoying

    This place is fun to celebrate the New Year. Unlike other Mexican cities, here people love to celebrate the New Year outdoors. The markets are well lit up to adorn the items required for New Year celebrations like lentils, grapes, eggs and inner wear. It is a tradition to enjoy the New Year with breaking of the piñata. People dance on streets with great music and beats. There are other fascinations too of this place which are all a part of the local culture. Planning on breaking a piñata too this eve?

    7. Mexico City

    Fireworks in the sky

    Image Source

    This capital city has got a lot of things to do and attractions during the New Year’s Eve. The streets and high-end hotels have got a huge number of entertainment options. They will serve sumptuous food along with live music, games, interesting ways to carry on the traditional Mexican culture of celebrating New Year, and much more. People are advised to not wear expensive or flamboyant party wear due to the quirky tradition of throwing open eggs on each other.

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    8. Cancun

    Glass of wine

    Image Source

    It is a popular destination for most of the adventure sports-related activities. It is considered to be a legendary destination for New Year party celebration too. This city has already got so many tourist attractions and on the other hand, it does become a party destination at night. There are a lot of nightclubs in this place to zest up your party mood including the waterfront parties and their amazing experiences.

    9. Playa del Carmen

    Sea view

    Image Source
    It is yet another exciting and famous destination to party on the New Year’s Eve. The overwhelming crowd, the clubs on the streets with amazing atmosphere, and the pleasant areas to move in are some of the specialties of this place. People go crazy and wild to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. They move from the clubs to streets to even beaches with their energy going higher with each place. They are awake till the wee hours to experience the first sun rays of the New Year.

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    10. National Museum of Anthropology

    Museum in mexico

    Image Source

    The museum may seem a bit out of place for the New Year celebration, but one can visit this place not just to know about the city and its rich culture but also the reasons behind the traditions on New Year’s Eve. One can easily find weird New Year traditions in Mexico and coming here can help you solve the mystery behind those. One can spend the day here before going to the party in the evening.

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    So, visit Mexico to get some vibrancy and newer customs and traditions added to your new year celebrations. Book your trip soon and grab some great deals on TravelTriangle for your Mexico tour! Feliz año nuevo! That is how you say Happy New Year in Mexican!

    Frequently Asked Questions About New Year In Mexico

    Q. How is New Year’s day celebrated in Mexico?

    A. New Year’s day is celebrated by lighting fireworks and raising champagne glasses.

    Q. Which year did New Mexico became a state?

    A. Mexico became a state on 6th January, 1912.

    Q. What do people eat on New Year’s in Mexico?

    A. On New Year’s eve in Mexico City, people end the night by eating 12 grapes.

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