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    Lush outdoors, gloomy yet mischievous sky, and freshness all around – these are some of the offerings from monsoon for every wanderer. It’s one of those lovely times when surroundings take all your worries away and you are reduced to a mute spectator, basking in the glory of the moment. Traveling in the monsoon season in India is so much fun! While nature looks fabulous and places are at their vibrant best, there are a lot of additional things that one must take cognizance of. From planning to preparation to the entire journey, a traveler must acknowledge the that as much as it is a delight to travel during the most exciting season in India, there are perils of traveling during Monsoon as well.

    To make sure that you travel safe and sound there are a few monsoon travel tips you must be aware of. Go through them and equip yourself in a comprehensive way before you set for an exciting journey. Some of the most exciting times ahead await you!

    Here are the 7 most useful Monsoon travel tips for every traveler

    Right from checking the weather forecast to stuffing your backpack with all the essentials, there are a few things that would come handy as your monsoon trip plans take final shape.

    1. Don’t leave without checking the weather forecast

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    The fact that most of the Indian territory is drenched in the torrential rain makes checking weather forecast of the destination the most important thing to do. This comes handier in the difficult terrains like mountain region falling in the Lesser Himalayas. States like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh experience plenty of rainfall and the chances of landslide and cloudburst are look so prominent. Make sure that you check the forecast 3-5 days prior and later to the date of journey. You wouldn’t like to be a victim of rainfalls in mountains.

    Additional info: Avoid going to mountains. Weather is so unpredictable there.

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    2. Carry sufficient medicines & repellents

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    As a precautionary measure, make sure that you always carry the first-aid kit and insect repellents along with the prescribed tablets and other medicine essentials before you begin the trip. Monsoon is the season that attracts not just the wanderers but also insects and mosquitoes. When you are camping amidst nature especially in the low altitude areas, there are chances that you might have some uncalled for visitors that crop up especially during monsoon. So take everything you’ll need to turn them away apart from the regular medicines in your travel kit.

    Additional info: Mosquito repellent cream comes handy when you plan to camp outdoors.

    3. Stuff more synthetic/waterproof clothes in your backpack

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    Synthetic fabric, mostly known to be more breathable and easy to pack, is the best company for a comprehensive journey during monsoon. While they are light and breathable, they also tend to dry in no time. So even if you get wet traveling during monsoon, the synthetic fabric will get you covered.

    Additional info: Decathlon is the one-stop solution for all kinds of travel clothing and essentials

    4. Carry waterproof footwear

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    Footwear needs special mention when you are making travel plans during monsoon. Getting good waterproof shoes will enable you to walk hassle-free and comfortable which is the most crucial part of walking the difficult mountainous terrain. A reliable pair of shoes is certainly a blessing for every traveler who plans on monsoon hike/trek.

    Additional info: There is a difference between water resistant and waterproof shoes. Depending on your needs, ask for one. However, waterproof shoes are always recommended.

    5. Get your device a waterproof covering

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    Our gadgets have become an integral part of us. Not just to keep our family and friends informed, the gadgets are the essential instruments that record our journeys and cherish the beautiful moments lived later. In today’s times of Instagram and Snapchat is really important to keep our smartphone and camera safe and dry. Get a good covering or waterproofing solution for your beloved gadget before you leave!

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    6. Avoid drinking water from an unreliable source

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    Never ever drink water from an unreliable source and this goes for all seasons, leave alone monsoon. It’s just that you are more prone to diseases during monsoon as contamination of water is most at its peak. Purchase packaged water to stay on the safer side, and don’t leave the water uncovered.

    7. Avoid street food

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    Monsoon is the season also known for the outspread of waterborne disease. Food is one of the most important things that every traveler must be careful about during monsoon season. Avoid street food for they are highly prone to get contaminated during monsoon. Eat healthily, travel safe!

    If you ever experienced monsoon in its full glory, I bet there is no other season like it. And you wouldn’t want to be caught underprepared by monsoon when you are out of your comfort zone. Make sure that you do your homework on time!

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