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The world is a book, and you’re not here to read just a page. Women have reached Mars, exploring the world is pretty much like working with your pinky finger. But solo travel for women is not all rosy as it looks in the pictures. There are things that will go wrong, you will meet strangers who might be looking for an opportunity to trick you, and you could lose your luggage or your money. The truth is no amount of planning can assure a 100 percent safe trip. But that’s a part of the adventure – an adventure that you must embark on!

Plan well, stick to below-given safety tips for solo female travelers, stay alert all the time and have one hell of a crazy time exploring the world on your own.

Before You Go

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1. Know where to go

Research about the safest places in the world for female travelers, and then lock the place. Even the safest countries in the world have a few notorious nooks. So go through the travel bloggers who have visited the place, take their advice, and read through forums to get a better picture.

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2. Where you’ll stay

Woman in white enjoying her drink in a hotel balcony

Now that your destination is sorted, you need to look out for all the safest accommodations for solo women. How to know a hotel/hostel/Airbnb/resort is safe? Well, the pre-requisites are:

Location: Make sure the location of the hotel is not too secluded and IS SAFE. Also, it should be close to any of the tourist hubs in the city/country.

Security: 24-hour reception and CCTV surveillance are main things you should look for

3. Learn keywords of the local language

Google is a boon. Knowing the local language makes communication easy, and that is going to be the key to figuring out what the people around you are talking. It also makes things a hundred times easier in the case of an emergency.

Note: If you want to connect with other female travelers across the globe, visit Pink Pangea, The Travelettes, and She’s Wanderful.

4. Make friends with the locals

Social media is a great tool. Befriend a few localites online to know about the destination, culture, local markets, and so on.

5. Know your mode of transportation

 A woman traveling train going past the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Because you don’t want to get stuck in a shady train coach in the middle of the night and spend the night in sheer terror! Even in the case of local travel, you’d want to be assured of the safest option of traveling.

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6. Travel insurance is a MUST

This is for your security not as a female, but as a person.

7. Share your plan with your family

A man and woman planning a trip with a map

Share your detailed travel plan with your parents, spouse and close friends. They should have a fair idea of which part of the world will be in on any given date. A few deviations could alter that, but mobile communication can take care of that.

8. Create a backup of your important documents and save all emergency numbers on cloud sites

Passport and flight tickets lying on a map

Scan all your important docs like passport, hotel booking receipt, ID cards, tickets etcetera. Saving them online keeps them safe as well as easily accessible.

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9. Look for accessories and apps that will make things easier

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Look out for the apps and accessories that will be your comrade on your trip. There are accessories like Slot Flops – flip flops with pockets for money and cards, Gogirl and Urinelle (in the picture above) – urination devices for women – and apps like Duolingo (language learning app) & City Maps to Go (offline maps allowing you pin all locations you intend to visit).

Check out our list of a list of 30 cool travel accessories to find a number of hygiene, safety, and comfort equipments.

10. Pack light and pack right

Packing for the trip

One, you won’t find porters around all the time. Two, if someone tries to chase you’ll find it tough to run with excess baggage.

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11. Keep your monies in different places

You’ll need money, of course! But keep the cash in different places, so you do have a backup in case of theft or loss.

12. Learn martial arts

Woman training for martial arts

For female solo travelers, a few martial art moves will always come in handy. If you are into martial arts, well and good. In case, you are not, join your nearest self-defence class now!

On the road: Go with the flow

A woman clicking pictures on her road journey

13. Keep your luggage with you…

…even in the washroom. Don’t leave it hanging around outside, for someone to take home.

14. Come on come on turn the GPS on

A woman using GPS on mobile for navigation

As soon as you get in your taxi to reach the hotel, turn on the GPS to keep a track of the route you’re supposed to take, and the route your driver is actually taking.

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15. Befriend female employees at the hotel

Female receptionists at a hotel

Wherever you go, make sure you strike a conversation with the female staff. Ask them about the safest locales, best hours to go out, nearest places to have fun, and everything else you need to know.

16. Board the cab and fake a call

Playing psychological games can turn things in your favor. Every time you get in a cab, pretend you’re informing someone about your whereabouts.

17. Dress like the locals

Foreigner at Qutub Minar Delhi wearing a red suit

Being a visitor you should respect the local culture. If you know it’s a slightly orthodox nation, dress accordingly. Dressing like locals also helps you blend in with the crowd, and shields you from unwanted attention.

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18. Watch your drinks

Three women drinking wine

Getting sloshed when you’re alone and out in an unfamiliar place is never a good idea.

19. In case you fall victim to any crime, go to the police station and keep a copy of the record with you. It will be required at the time of claiming insurance.

20. Go with the flow, but always be alert

A woman enjoying on a beach

You can browse through the internet and come across thousands of tips that will terrify you more than preparing you for your dream getaway. Do not stress about everything and take it easy. Just stay alert and have the time of your life.

Solo travel is great for women. As great as it is for any wanderer. So keep the spirits high, plan your trip well, pay heed to what solo female travelers from across the world have to say, and you are good to go. Remember, planning well & staying alert is the mantra.

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