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Feeling the need for a peaceful tropical beach that has not yet been explored by too many tourists? Perhaps, Moragalla Beach in Beruwala is the answer to tourists who want to enjoy the sunset. Moragalla Beach is quite vast with many beautiful kilometres of sandy coastline surrounded by coconut palm trees. Crystal clear water can easily be used by anyone who wants to engage in fun activities in water, such as taking a jet ski ride or banana boat ride. Opulent with its natural scenery and serene atmosphere, Moragalla Beach offers tourists the unforgettable experience of a perfect vacation away from the noises of everyday life.

Moragalla Beach Beruwala

Scenic view of Moragalla Beach surrounded by lush greenery.

Image Credit: DBK1999 for Wikimedia Commons

Moragalla Beach is located 4 km north of Beruwala town on the Galle-Colombo main road and is a beautiful tourist spot in the west of Sri Lanka. Around 60 km south of the commercial hub of Colombo, this large, expansive sandy beach stretching for several kilometres is ideal for a little more seclusion, and the swaying palm trees that are characteristic of the area do not hurt either.

While the main Beruwala beach area has more tourist activities and currents, Moragalla has a more laid-back feel and a comparatively tamer sea to swim in. The beach offers various activities, such as sunbathing, strolls, and beach volleyball for visitors or water sports such as jet skiing and banana boat rides. Some small cafes and other necessities are available.

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Moragalla Beach Timings

Village along the shores of Moragalla Beach.

Image Credit: Jerzy Strzelecki for Wikimedia Commons

Moragalla Beach timings are generally open for visitors from 6 AM to 6 PM, but it’s best to visit between sunrise and sunset to make the most of the beautiful scenery and activities available. The beach offers numerous water sports activities for adventure junkies while the beachside restaurants are perfect for enjoying delicious seafood dishes.

Best Time To Visit Moragalla Beach Beruwala

Mesmerising evening view at Moragalla Beach Beruwala.

Image Credit: Asith costa for Wikimedia Commons

The climate that is most suitable for Moragalla Beach is the period of October to May. The temperature usually recorded in these months is 25 to 31 degrees Celsius. This is also usually experienced during these months because rains have also eased. Also, these months are suitable as they are characterised by the best and moderately favourable climate to undertake various water sports.

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Moragalla Beach Resorts

Moragalla Beach is a tranquil place that bestows on the guests a calm wash of fresh air in the richness of nature. Below are some of the few remarkable accommodations available at the beautiful Moragalla Beach.

1. Swiss Villa

The Swiss Villa Moragalla Beach welcomes its visitors to the realm of Switzerland in Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Sarala Gamage for Wikimedia Commons

Set peacefully on the white sand of Moragalla Beach, the Swiss Villa Moragalla Beach welcomes its visitors to the realm of Switzerland in Sri Lanka. Cosy wooden cabin-like structures with an alpine theme featuring built-in wooden beams and balconies, offer splendid views of the Indian Ocean. Look into the beautiful gardens with swaying palm trees or even swim in the nice outdoor swimming pool. Swiss and international dishes can also be enjoyed at the restaurant, and a relaxing massage at the spa complements the warm hospitality, rendering the beachfront environment even more beautiful.

2. Sasika Beach Resort

Facing the beautiful Moragalla beach, the Sasika Beach Resort invites the guests into a tropical paradise.

Image Credit: Sasika Beach Resort for Facebook

Facing the beautiful Moragalla beach, the Sasika Beach Resort invites the guests into a tropical paradise. Gorgeous and spacious country houses accommodated with state-of-the-art facilities and semi-enclosed patios have direct access to the Blue Sea. Sunbathe on the luxuriant landscaped grounds and palm trees. Stroll in the pretty landscaped garden or swim in the well-designed infinity pool facing the sea. Relish trendy local and international dishes at the beachfront restaurant and relax with holistic spa treatments based on ancient Sri Lankan culture principles. Being one of the best Moragalla beach resorts that deliver impressive service and overwhelming quietness, the Sasika Beach Resort always guarantees a wonderful seashore experience.

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3. Relax Resort Villa

Be guided to the serenity of this beach hotel, the Relax Resort Villa, which is situated on Moragalla Beach.

Image Credit: Luxury Villa for Facebook

Be guided to the serenity of this beach hotel, the Relax Resort Villa, situated on Moragalla Beach. Spacious and luxurious private villas with one, two, three, and four bedrooms nestle into the landscape with a beautiful natural palette of thatch roofs and a private infinity plunge pool. The rooms have large glass operating windows overlooking the stunning panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.

Choose pampering sessions at the sacred spa with basic concepts of Ayurveda or delicious seafood cuisine at beachfront dining. Laze around on pretty sandy beaches, or sail to the colourful coral island for snorkelling and scuba diving. The Relax Resort Villa is a luxury accommodation that provides guests with a wonderful experience in a tropical environment.

4. Taj Bentota Resort & Spa

the Taj Bentota Resort & Spa is located on the breathtaking Bentota beach,

Image Credit: Taj Bentota Resort & Spa for Facebook

Nestled between the warm golden sand of the Indian Ocean, the Taj Bentota Resort & Spa is located on the breathtaking Bentota beach, just a short stroll from Moragalla Beach. With spacious, clean rooms and stylish decors, superb amenities and facilities accompanied by well-furnished rooms and balconies are offered with astonishing sea views. Savour gourmet food in some of the extraordinary restaurants in the resort or pamper yourself with therapies at the Ayurvedic centre. Some leisure activities guests can enjoy are sunbathing at the magnificent infinity pool, strolling in the vast green spaces, and water sporting activities at the magnificent oceanfront, all within privacy and quality services.

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Water Sports At Moragalla Beach

Water sports and activities are one of the major attractions at Moragalla Beach since there is something for everyone out there ranging from basking on the beach to quite a complex water sport. The beach’s shallow waters and coral reefs make it an ideal spot for:

1. Windsurfing

Windsurfer skillfully navigates the waves at Moragalla Beach.

Image Credit: benjgibbs – ADSCF0081 for Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the adrenaline surge of windsurfing at the beach located in Moragalla, which features clean aqua blue water. Take advantage of the wind, which allows you to control the boat by balancing it with the gentle waves of the water. Being a naturally beautiful beach with a fairly steady wind blowing across, perfect for windsurfing, Moragalla Beach is widely popular among novice as well as professional windsurfers to enjoy this thrilling water sport.

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2. Snorkelling

Snorkeler exploring vibrant marine life

Image Credit: Royonx for Wikimedia Commons

Take a Scuba dive and get nearer to the exciting underwater life surrounding Moragalla Beach. Visit the underwater colourful coral gardens, the home of numerous species of marine creatures like tropical fish, turtles, etc. This pristine beach, where the waters are always clear and the sea is rather shallow, is ideal for snorkelling, regardless of the age and experience of the snorkeller.

3. Swimming

The calm waters of Moragalla Beach are best for swimming.

Image Credit: V.Thagshana for Wikimedia Commons

Take a little swim in the warm water of Moragalla Beach and experience the boom of a revitalised bath. Feel the touch of the waves gliding through the deep blue sea as you see the glide of palm trees and grains of sand. Moragalla Beach is suitable for swimming lovers, who can have a calm swim or an exhilarating workout.

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4. Scuba Diving

A scuba diver explores the underwater wonders

Image Credit: astro_matt for Wikimedia Commons

There is nothing like exploring the underwater world. The beauty of Moragalla Beach can be best seen when you dive. Nowhere else in the world can divers swim through stunning coral reefs and dive with various sea creatures. The transparent water and the variety of seabed structures offer an exciting scuba experience to those who visit Moragalla Beach, whether they are first-time divers or professionals.

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Any trip to Sri Lanka will not be complete if one does not include the Moragalla Beach in Beruwala in its itinerary. This place is a shelter from noisy cities. One can lay on the sand, swim in the warm water, rent a windsurfing board, and go snorkelling or scuba diving. Thanks to its white sand and softly swaying palms, buffeting sea breeze, and relaxed ambience, Moragalla Beach is good to go. The Bentota River, Bentota Beach, and the Yala National Park will provide a memorable experience when choosing Sri Lanka for your dream vacation. With Sri Lanka being a beautiful island, plan your trip to Sri Lanka there and be surprised by what Moragalla Beach has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moragalla Beach

Is Moragalla Beach family-friendly for young kids and children?

Yes, Moragalla Beach is family-friendly, with calm waters and plenty of space for children to play.

Which are the ideal restaurants or food joints close to Moragalla Beach?

There are a couple of rustic beach barbeque stalls, but for a more authentic menu and variety Beruwala town a few kilometres down the coast offers some good seafood restaurants and Sri Lanka local food outlets.

Are there any cultural or historic attractions near Moragalla Beach?

Galapota Raja Maha Vihara, Beruwala Lighthouse, Kechimalai Mosque, and the Kande Vihara Temple are few cultural or historic hotspots near the beach.

How do I reach Moragalla Beach?

Moragalla Beach can be reached by car or bus from Colombo, which is approximately 60 kilometres away.

Are there any guided tours or activities that can be arranged from Beach?

There are local operators who provide different types of tours and what you can do at Moragalla Beach includes boat tours for fishing, and even for whale watching.

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