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New York, the ‘city that never sleeps’, startles the visitors with its bustling city life and the blinding lights and chaos. But once you get past this, you’ll notice that there are many other things in New York worth exploring. One of the many reasons why people love visiting this state is due is their mountains. New York is home to many ancient and magnificent mountains.

The state itself is surrounded by mountain ranges, which attracts a lot of hikers and campers every year. These mountains in New York offer unique and challenging goals for the hikers. Trails like the Appalachian Trail and Long Path are a must see for all the avid hikers. There are numerous mountains, big and small scattered al throughout the state of New York. So, get the best hiker boots and get set for the most thrilling hike of your life!

10 Best Mountains In New York

The state of New York comprises of many mountains, which are worth visiting. To make your search easier, we have gathered a list of mountains in New York. These are some of the best mountains in New York which you will really love once you visit.

1. Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack Mountains

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The Adirondack Mountains lie in the northeastern part of New York State, extending southwards from St. Lawrence River valley up to Mohawk River. The mountain region is outlined in a circular fashion giving it a dome like appearance. The mountain range comprises of numerous peaks, over 40 summits and many foothills. Covered in forests of hemlock, spruces and pines, these forests are home to wildlife like white-tailed deer and black bears. Within these mountains lie various beautiful lakes, gorges, waterfalls, ponds and swamps. If you wish to visit these mountains, then there are many resorts and camping sites that offer accommodations.

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2. Mount Marcy

Mount Marcy in New York

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Mount Marcy is the tallest in New York. Mount Marcy has four summit trails and although the hike to the summit is not a challenging one, there are many varied terrains that you need to be mindful of. The Mountain vegetation comprises of some rare Alpine vegetation and the summit boasts of some stunning views of north eastern region of New York. Although, to reach the summit, you might have to hike for 15 miles, but the views from the top are truly remarkable and worth the effort.

3. Whiteface Mountains

Whiteface Mountains view

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This 1483 m high mountain is very popular in New York State and is located about ten miles away from Placid Lake. Reaching the summit is also pretty easy. You can almost drive to the top of this mountain, or take an elevator that will drop you at the summit. If you happen to visit this place on a clear, sunny day, then you will be able to see parts of Adirondacks, Vermont and Canada. The mountain is among one of the highest in New York and the top of the mountains offers some of the amazing views and a perfect spot for an Instagram worthy picture.

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4. Catskill Mountains

Green Mountains

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Catskills Mountains serves as the perfect mountain getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.at Catskills Mountains you will find numerous outdoor adventure opportunities. Be it dipping in a stream or a hiking adventure, Catskill Mountains offers everything. Located in between Albany region and New York City, this mountain offers some of the best natural attractions and breathtaking views of waterfalls and picturesque vistas. Not only this, if you are looking for mountain biking in New York, then head to the Catskills Mountains. In the summer months, many resorts in Catskills region offer opportunities for adrenaline pumping activities like zip lining, hiking and mountain biking.

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5. Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf in New York

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Sugarloaf Mountains is located in Greene County region of New York. The summit height of this mountain is around 1158 m and you can reach the top via the Pecoy Notch Trail or the Mink Hollow Trail. Both the path are quite steep and not the best hike for beginners. The hike to the summit requires a class 2 hiking level. Nonetheless, the hike to the top offers some stunning views and the hikers are permitted to camp in the Mink Hollow Lean-To or the Roaring Brook Trailhead.

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6. Black Head

Black Head in New York

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Blackhead Mountains is the fourth highest peak. The summit lies at an elevation of 1063m and is the highest part of the Escarpment trail, which is one of the first hiking trails marked in American history. Although, there are not many views at the mountain itself, but the surrounding outcrops offers some of the most spectacular views of the adjoin mountain ranges. You can access this mountain through two trails, the Big Hollow Trail and Barnum Road. Campers are allowed to stay in the Batavia Kill Lean-To and back country as long as they stay 150 feet away from the trails.

7. Crane Mountain

Crane Mountain in New York

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Crane Mountain is another of the famous mountains in New York. This mountain offers some of the best and unique hiking experience. From picking blueberries to relaxing near ponds, hiking in Crane Mountains is a fun experience. The hike to the top of the summit offers some amazing views. The summit, with a lovely pool stocked with fish serves as a perfect camping site too. There are many ways that you can reach to the summit, the prominent ones being a short albeit steep hike including scrambled rock fields and a ladder and the other through the Putnam Trail.

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8. Cornell


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Cornell Mountains at an elevation of 1176m is another among the tallest peaks in the Catskills ranges and it is also a very popular hike. This mountain is situated between two other peaks, Slide and Wittenberg. The summit offers some spectacular views of these adjoining mountains. These three peaks are set quite close enough that sometimes hikers summit two or all three of these peaks at a time. The hiking trail to this mountain follows through the Burroughs Rough Trail and is a 9.75 miles hike or 14 miles if you go on a loop hike.

9. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain in New York

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Blue Mountains, in the Adirondacks range offers a beautiful hiking experience. The summit is at an elevation of 1146 m and is situated very close to the Adirondacks Museum. The trail to the summit is quite perfect for beginners, making it quite popular among the people, this trail is used frequently by visitors and it is so heavily frequented by people, the trail has eroded in some places, so you need to be watchful of that when you go hiking in this mountain. The mountain allows backcountry camping as long the campers stay at least 150 feet away from the hiking trail. Although there is no risk, but campers are still recommended to use bear canisters while camping in this area.

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10. Breakneck Ridge

Mountain and lake view

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Situated in the Hudson Highland area, Breakneck Ridge is made of many man made rocky ledges and outcroppings. As you hike higher and higher towards the summit, the mountains become quite solitary. Although the climb to the summit is quite difficult, but the hike is relatively short and once you reach the top, the views of Storm King and Mount Taurus is quite breathtaking.

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The State of New York, is full of beautiful mountain ranges that you can go hiking in and enjoy the breathtaking views of nature from the summits of these spectacular mountains. Get packed and book your trip to New York right away!

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