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The 990-kilometre journey from Mumbai or the City of Dreams to Bangalore or the Garden City is a microcosm of India itself. Planning your Mumbai to Bangalore road trip takes you through some of the most scenic views along the way. Winding through the Western Ghats, skirting past historic towns, and traversing fertile plateaus, this road trip offers a kaleidoscope of landscapes, cultures, and experiences. While the starting and end points of the journey are metropolitan cities, the experience in between is offbeat, unique, and positively jarring.

Best Time To Plan Road Trip from Mumbai To Bangalore

Bangalore race course, a place to visit after Mumbai to Bangalore road trip

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When planning road trips across India, winter is the ideal time. The weather is pleasant, the skies are clear, and the road trip experience is comfortable and fun. The period from October to February is conducive to planning your road trip experiences, making them conducive to the long journey. You won’t have to worry about heat waves, constant sweats and the discomfort that comes with driving for such prolonged periods.

June to September usually accounts for the monsoon season, which isn’t considered safe for road trips, especially one that traverses through a 900 km distance. As for the summer months from March to May, the weather is too hot and not ideal for longer road trips at all.

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Route For Mumbai To Bangalore Road Trip

Bangalore nightlife to explore after Mumbai to Bangalore road trip

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The most popular route for the Mumbai to Bangalore road trip encompasses the National Highway 48 (NH48) and National Highway 4 (NH4), offering a seamless connection between these two bustling metropolises.

Depending on your itinerary, you’d have to finalise your Mumbai to Bangalore route and then set out on the journey from there. Usually, if you are travelling for leisure, there are quite a few different spots near Mumbai and around Maharashtra that make for an enriching experience for your vacation. So, the key is to identify the top attractions along the route of Mumbai and Bangalore and then adjust the road trip experience accordingly.

From Mumbai, begin your journey on NH48, passing through Pune, Satara, and Kolhapur in Maharashtra. This stretch offers picturesque views of the Western Ghats and ample opportunities to sample local delicacies.

Upon reaching Belagavi (formerly Belgaum) in Karnataka, transition to NH4, which will lead you through Dharwad, Hubli, and Tumkur before finally arriving in Bangalore. The well-maintained highways and convenient facilities along the way ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

In hindsight, the breakdown of this journey might be confusing. So, stop at some spots, spend the night at the hotel, and then continue the road trip the next day. Usually, low visibility can be unsafe for driving. Hence, it is better to avoid night driving altogether.

Must-Visit Places Enroute Road Trip From Mumbai To Bangalore

As you plan to traverse through the Mumbai to Bangalore distance, the last thing you want is to miss out on certain experiences along the way. Some of these places involve a slight detour while a few others fall in the route of your road trip. Irrespective of the situation, you will not regret adding these popular sightseeing spots to your road trip itinerary:

1. Lonavala

View of Lonavala, a hill station to explore during the Mumbai to Bangalore road trip

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Situated amidst the picturesque Sahyadri Mountains, Lonavala offers a welcome respite from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Take a break to savour the delectable chikki (peanut candy), a local speciality, and sip on freshly brewed coffee at a quaint cafe. For a taste of adventure, embrace the thrill of rappelling down a rocky cliff face or paraglide over the serene landscape, soaking in panoramic views of the valley below. Lonavala is also a shopper’s paradise, famous for its traditional Maharashtrian handicrafts, leather goods, and delectable chocolates.

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2. Wai

Temple on Krishna Ghat, Wai.

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As you begin your road trip on NH 48, a slight detour takes you to Wai. It is located in the Satara district in Maharashtra. Wai is a charming town steeped in history, nestled on the banks of the Krishna River. Founded by the Peshwas, the rulers of the Maratha Empire in the 18th century, Wai served as an important administrative centre. Today, the town exudes a timeless charm with its quaint temples, cobbled streets, and traditional Maharashtrian houses. Besides forts and historical spots, the Wai is home to various temples.

3. Mahabaleshwar

Temple on Krishna Ghat, Wai.

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Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, Mahabaleshwar boasts breathtaking viewpoints like Arthur’s Seat, which offers a panoramic vista of the surrounding valleys and plains, and Echo Point, where natural rock formations create a fascinating echo effect. Enjoy a scenic boat ride on Venna Lake, surrounded by lush greenery, or relish a taste of the region’s famous strawberries.

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4. Belgaum

The view of Belgaum Fort.

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Another spot worth adding to your itinerary from Mumbai to Bangalore is Belgaum. Explore the majestic Belgaum Fort, a 12th-century marvel built by the Rattarayas dynasty, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich past. Admire the intricate architectural detailing of the Jain basadis (temples), particularly the 12th-century Kamal Basadi, known for its lotus-shaped design. Belgaum is also famous for its delectable sweet dish, “Belgaum Kheer,” made with rice, milk, and dry fruits.

5. Hampi

The scenic vista of Virupaksha Temple, Hampi.

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A detour off the main route, Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an archaeological marvel, once the vibrant capital of the Vijayanagara Empire (1336-1646 CE). Explore the magnificent ruins of temples, palaces, and gates, each a testament to the empire’s architectural brilliance. Witness the imposing Vittala Temple, famous for its stone chariot, and the Hazara Rama Temple, adorned with intricate sculptures depicting scenes from the Ramayana epic.

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6. Hospet

The landscape of Tungabhadra Dam.

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Last but not least before you reach Bangalore, stop and explore Hospet. It is a modern city bordering Hampi and houses some of the most significant places worth exploring. You can start with the Government Museum to explore the history and culture of Vijayanagara. Catch a coracle ride on the Tungabhadra River for a unique perspective of the ruins across the water.

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The Mumbai to Bangalore road trip unveils India’s vibrant tapestry. From bustling metropolises to serene hill stations and historic towns to architectural marvels, this route offers a treasure trove of experiences. With careful planning and these handy tips, plan your next trip to Bangalore for an unforgettable adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mumbai To Bangalore Road Trip

Which route is faster, NH 48 or NH 66?

For your Mumbai to Bangalore road trip, NH 48 offers a more direct route without unnecessary diversions. It is also a common road trip, so you wouldn’t have to worry about navigation as well.

What are the best times to visit Mumbai and Bangalore?

October to March is usually considered the best time to visit these metropolises. However, everyone has personal preferences and objectives behind their travel plans, so you’d have to plan accordingly.

What are some unique experiences one can have on this road trip?

Depending on the places you add to your road trip, one can go for various adventure activities at Lonavala or try strawberries at the local farm in Mahabaleshwar, explore historical places, etc.

Can this road trip be done on a motorcycle?

It is quite possible to plan the road trip from Mumbai to Bangalore on a bike. However, it might not be the most comfortable experience to embark on.

Solo travel vs group travel: What's best for this trip?

This is a personal preference and depends on what works better for you. If you like travelling by yourself, this is a good route. If you want to travel in a group, that’s a great choice too.

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