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A road trip from Mumbai to Rajasthan is an odyssey through vibrant cultures, architectural marvels, and landscapes. The state is packed with many gems from bustling metropolises to serene lakes and stark deserts. As you plan your Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip, the journey through the urban life and Bollywood-esque Mumbai to the calming rhythm of Rajasthani folk music. The road trip contributes to an exuberant experience, one that exposes you to the breathtaking panorama of the Thar Desert. This meticulously planned guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate this unforgettable adventure from Mumbai to Rajasthan.

Best Time To Plan A Mumbai To Rajasthan Road Trip

Rabari people in Rajasthan, that you can meet after your Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip

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The ideal time to embark on a Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip is during the winter months, from October to March. Many individuals will depict that the summer months unveil the beauty of Rajasthan but the scorching heat during the daytime will leave you drenched in sweat and physically exhausted. One of the reasons why you need to skip the summer months and directly switch to the winter or autumn months for the road trip is comfort. The heat makes the road trip and further travel uncomfortable and strenuous.

With clear skies and pleasant weather, the winter months offer a respite from the heat, making it conducive to long drives and exploration once you reach Rajasthan. Furthermore, a lot of the cultural festivities and events in Rajasthan happen during the peak winter months, thereby making it an ideal time to visit and explore.

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Route For Your Mumbai To Rajasthan Road Trip

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, is a must-visit place during the Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip.

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Mumbai to Rajasthan distance is roughly around 1,140 km. So, even without stopovers, it would take you roughly around 18-20 hours to make it to Rajasthan. However, when you are on a road trip and that too such a long one, chances are that you want to explore the places and popular spots along the way. Hence, the first step to simplifying your road trip is to know about the best route to follow:

Mumbai to Vadodara – around 400 km

The first stretch of the journey is where you leave from Mumbai and get onto NH48, otherwise known as the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. You can explore spots like Thane that fall in the way. You can also make a detour and visit Valsad and try the local delicacies there. However, you do continue towards Vadodara to continue with the road trip.

Vadodara to Udaipur – around 260 km

By this phase, you are already in Rajasthan. Udaipur, or the City of Lakes, is your first stop. You’d reach Udaipur via NH48 and NH27. The route takes you through remote and rural parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan, providing glimpses into the natural fields and the scenic views.

Udaipur to Ajmer – around 260 km

Continuing the journey, you can head northeast towards Ajmer via NH58 and NH58A. The route takes you through the Aravalli range, offering panoramic views of the rugged terrains. However, as you step into Ajmer, the history and spirituality of this place pull you in.

Ajmer to Jaipur – around 130 km

The last phase of your road trip will take you to the capital city of Rajasthan, which is Jaipur. Known as the Pink City, this place doesn’t disappoint any of the travellers. The vibrant culture and architectural wonders are surely going to blow your mind.Once you reach Jaipur, you can plan to end your road trip there or go ahead and explore Jodhpur, which is the last spot in Rajasthan that you should explore.

Must-Visit Places Route Mumbai To Rajasthan Road Trip

Given how detailed the Mumbai to Rajasthan trip are, you must be curious to know about the popular spots to stop and explore. To be fair, there are way too many to count on the fingers. So, to help you figure out an ideal itinerary, the following are a few of the stopovers that need to be part of your Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip without any questions.

1. Vadodara

A mesmerising view of Vadodara

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Given that the first stretch of your road trip takes you to Vadodara, you can’t miss out on stopping and exploring what the city has to offer. One of the must-visit spots there is the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The intricately carved Jain temples of Pavagadh are a sight to behold as well.

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2. Ahmedabad

An enchanting view of Ahmedabad, visit during Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip

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While we are already road-tripping through Gujarat, make Ahmedabad your next stopover. You can consider exploring the streets and main city centre to look through the shops and try some local street food. Besides that, head over to Sabarmati Ashram, followed by Adalaj ki Vav. The latter is an underrated tourist spot but one that you won’t regret adding to your itinerary.

3. Mount Abu

A breathtaking view of Mount Abu

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Located 4 hours from Ahmedabad, stop to explore Mount Abu during your road trip to Rajasthan from Mumbai. It’s one of those quaint hill stations that lure people with its charming greenery and historical significance. The Dilwara temple is a must-visit, renowned for its exquisite marble carvings, these Jain temples are a masterpiece of intricate architecture.

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4. Udaipur

A mesmerising view of Udaipur, visit during Mumbai to Udaipur road trip

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Up next on the list of places to visit and explore during your road trip from Mumbai to Rajasthan is Udaipur. The City of Lakes offers a breathtaking sight with its grand palaces and lakes. Start by exploring the City Palace and then head to Lake Pichola. There are boat rides available that let you soak in the beauty of the surroundings and admire the majestic palaces in close vicinity.

5. Ranakpur

 A stunning view of Ranakpur

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Another offbeat place that needs to be part of your Mumbai to Rajasthan itinerary is Ranakpur. Make a quick stop at the Ranakpur Jain temple known for its 1444 intricately carved marble pillars. The architectural intricacies are well worth the visit.

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6. Kumbhalgarh Fort

A wonderful view of Kumbhalgarh Fort, visit during Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip

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What’s a trip to Rajasthan if you don’t visit and witness a fort in real time? The Kumbhalgarh Fort is surrounded by the Great Wall of Mewar, which is the second-longest wall in the world, after the Great Wall of China, and offers stunning panoramic views of the Aravalli Hills.
These are a few of the stunning places that you need to add to your itinerary for your road trip from Mumbai to Rajasthan.

Tips To Keep In Mind During A Mumbai To Rajasthan Road Trip

For a smooth and successful road trip from Mumbai to Rajasthan, make sure to prioritise safety and follow these practical tips:

Plan Your Itinerary

Plan your itinerary when travelling from Mumbai to Rajasthan by road. List the places to visit, stops to make, and practices to follow for a smooth journey. A proper plan ensures a hassle-free road trip and a memorable experience.

Carry Sufficient Supplies

When travelling through remote areas, stock up on water, snacks, and emergency supplies. Research the routes beforehand to identify rest stops and purchase essentials to avoid running out of supplies in crucial situations.

Check Vehicle Condition

Is the vehicle in good condition? When was the last time you got it serviced? When you drive for almost 1200+ km on the road, you want the car to be pristine. So, get the car serviced before the road trip to avoid issues later.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated during your Rajasthan trip, especially in dry seasons. Carry enough water bottles with you, even when driving.

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A road trip from Mumbai to Rajasthan is an enriching experience that unveils the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, history, and landscapes. With meticulous planning and the knowledge gleaned from this guide, you can embark on an unforgettable adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your next trip to Rajasthan can be filled with adventure, fun and many unique experiences from the road trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mumbai to Rajasthan Road Trip

What is the estimated cost of a Mumbai to Rajasthan road trip?

There is no standard cost for the road trip and depends on your itinerary, the stops and the experiences that you are indulging in along the way.

Are there any festivals during the recommended travel season (October to March)?

The vibrant Diwali festival of lights typically falls in October or November. Rajasthan also celebrates the Mewar Festival in March/April, showcasing Rajasthani culture through music, dance, and processions.

Are there any off-beat destinations worth exploring?

There are various offbeat locations worth visiting in Rajasthan including Bishnoi villages near Jodhpur, Mandawa, etc.

What souvenirs can one buy in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is a treasure trove of handicrafts. Look for colourful textiles, hand-painted miniatures, intricately carved wooden artefacts, and exquisite silver jewellery.

Do I need to pack any specific clothing?

The weather in Rajasthan is usually comfortable during the peak season. The days are warm while the nights are cool. So, pack some light, cotton clothes and a few jackets or warm clothing to keep yourself toasty during the night.

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