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Although Singapore is physically small, it is an economic giant. It is the most modern city in Southeast Asia for more than a century. The city unites Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions. The unique ethnic tapestry offers visitors a variety of culinary and tourist opportunities. A calendar of traditional festivities throughout the year adds to its melting pot of a culture.

In addition, Singapore offers luxury hotels, delicious food, and excellent shopping. The island city-nation of Singapore is located one degree north of the equator in South Asia. The country includes the islands in its waters. Singapore, with its determined and efficient government, is a prosperous country, shaped by trade and tourism, and a model for developing countries. It is verified by the numerous museums in the area. There are a number of museums near  Artscience Museum. The capital, also known as Singapore, covers approximately one third of the main area of ​​the island.

Singapore’s tropical climate at the tip of the Malay Peninsula welcomes business travelers and tourists throughout the year. The excellent infrastructure of the republic of the island allows visitors to enjoy the many sights and attractions in a safe, clean and green environment. The award-winning Changi Airport offers air links to the major cities of Earth. The train and metro systems are clean and efficient. In addition, its advanced cruise terminal has made Singapore one of the main centers of Southeast Asia and an exciting cruise port on all routes in Asia.

No cars are needed in the city. Public transport is excellent and you can explore the city on foot. All the main attractions can also be visited by bus. As the city is only 100 km from Ecuador, tropical temperatures hardly change. The rain is quite regular throughout the year. No matter when you decide to visit, the warm weather will be abundant. The visitor is immediately impressed by the abundance of parks, nature reserves and the exuberant tropical vegetation of Singapore.

Museums Near Artscience Museum

Visitors will discover a number of historical monuments, items and treasures from the past, the beauty of ancient buildings, the values ​​and traditions that have undergone profound social and geographical changes.

1. The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum


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One important aspect of the Chinese Garden is the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum. A museum of its kind, this place has numerous breeds of turtles and tortoises collected from various parts of the world. From snake-headed turtles and Matamata to Golden Terrapin and the six-legged tortoise, the place has an array of collections. Many people consider turtles as lucky charms and visit this wonderland to seek their fortune and blessings. The Sulcata Tortoise is believed to impart luck, while Thailand’s Golden Temple Turtle iconizes wealth and fortune.

Location: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795
Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm
Entrance charges: INR 257/- per person

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2. Kranji War Memorial


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One of the notable and free places to visit in & around Yishun in Singapore is the worth visiting Kranji War Memorial that makes your tour momentous. This memorial honors men and women from the Commonwealth who had died during the World War II, while doing their duties. It is a peaceful and scenic place, where you can go and sit for hours without any interruptions. You can plan your trip with family and friends to see the 4,400 white gravestones lined up in rows here.

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3. Learn The Sports History Of Singapore


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If you ever come to Kallang, make sure you get to know more about the sporting history of Singapore, as Kallang is its birthplace. It shelters a Singapore sports museum where you can head over to know about the lives of sports heroes like Ang Peng Siong and footballer Fandi Ahmad, who have been felicitated with the Hall of Fame in the past.

You get to see the artifacts of old Malaysia Cup tickets and Ang’s swimming trunks. You can also participate in the interactive displays and watch old footage of matches. So, whenever you come to Kallang, make sure that you visit the sport museum because this is exactly what Kallang is known for- its rich sports culture!

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4. The Intan


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One of the many intriguing things to do in Geylang, Singapore is to plan a visit to the Peranakan museum called The Intan. The most interesting aspect of this place is that this place is a home-cum-museum started by its owner Alvin Yapp. The amazing place will give you a complete insight about the life and times of the Peranakans, scions of immigrants from China who married the Malay women. It’s a treat to spend some time learning about the rich heritage, tradition, culture and lifestyle of the community and that too straight from a fellow Peranakan. A 90 minute tour is concluded by a tea and snacks session which is a complete traditional affair and the culinary delights are prepared by the owner’s mother herself.

Location: Joo Chiat Terrace, geylang, Singapore
Timings: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Entry Fees: INR 3000 per person

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5. Police Heritage Centre


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The PHC logo is a feather quill to symbolize the connection between the present and the past in order to plan the future and maintain the legacy of the SPF. The PHC has put up for display exhibits that allow a peek into how the SPF was founded and their systems developed since the 1800s. It sheds light on the trust that exists between the public and the police as a result of the corrupt-free rule of lar and carrying out of justice.

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To get to the ArtScience Museum, you can take the MRT to Marina Bay. Get off at the train station and go to the museum. Before your visit, you find what all exhibits are present in the museums near the Artscience Museum and plan your trip accordingly. You may think it would be easy to travel and explore a small country the size of an average city, but Singapore specializes in meeting ambitious expectations. Singapore, the world’s largest airport and an example of the most impressive architecture in Asia, has excellent restaurants inspired by the culinary traditions of its neighbors. Visit these places to better understand the country’s history and traditions and experience more excitement in Singapore.

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