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Israel is one of the most popular Mediterranean tourist destinations in the world. It is packed with beautiful monuments, ancient ruins, national parks, beaches, nightclubs, luxurious resorts, and the mighty mountains. A trip to Israel is an enriching experience in terms of culture as well as history. But there’s more to Israel than meets the eye! There are several national parks in Israel for people who wish to explore beyond the historical attractions and cultural centers of this beautiful country.

The Best Israel National Parks

The wildlife and flora of a country tell a lot about that place, which is why we bring you a list of the best national parks in Israel that you must visit:

1. Makhtesh Ramon National Park

Makhtesh Ramon National Park

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Moving South in the Negev Desert area, you will come across one of the most beautiful national parks in Israel named Makhtesh Ramon. The national park is situated inside a crater which formed after the ocean water started to recede. Currently, the area of Makhtesh Ramon is 40 kilometers. The park is famous for various species of rare vultures as well as reptiles. You can book a jeep safari, hire cycles or just go for hikes. If you like spending time in national parks, you could also book an overnight stay with one of the camping agencies.

Location: Mitspe Ramon
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 1,482 onwards per person

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2. Beit Shean National Park

Beit Shean National Park

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This national park is famous for its untouched beauty, wildlife and the night shows. The best time to visit the park is during the early hours as the place gets very hot during the afternoon. If you are looking for a good time at the park, you must book an overnight tour. During the summer months, the park hosts an audio-visual show every night. The show enables people to enjoy the beauty of the park.

Location: Beit She’an
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 1,482 onwards per person

3. Mount Carmel National Park


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Mount Carmel National Park is famous for the towering pine trees and over a hundred different plant species. In a country like Israel, this is the only park which is evergreen. You can visit Mount Carmel throughout the year. It is a great spot for people who just want to go for long treks. They also have camping packages available at very reasonable prices. The forest was devastated after the wildfire in 2010, but the rehabilitation project has made significant progress.

Location: Route 4 via Oren Interchange, Haifa
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 684 with private car tours

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4. Gan Hashlosha National Park

Gan Hashlosha National Park

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One of the most beautiful national parks in Israel, Gan Hashlosha National Park is also known as Sachne. According to some legends, this park is the site of the famous Garden of Eden. The park has a cascading waterfall, spring water lake, thick green grass, and tall trees to boast of. Apart from this, it has a stockade, museum, and tower. If you are looking to sunbathe or have a nice picnic, then this is a place that you must visit in Israel.

Location: Nir David
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (summers), 8 AM – 4 PM (winters)
Entry fee: INR 722 (adults), INR 437 (children), INR 361 (senior citizens)

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5. Achziv National Park

Achziv National Park

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Achziv is a well-known nature reserve in Israel. It is the best place to relax by the shore and learn about the history of Israel. The park is located between the cities of Acre and Lebanon. It is a hub of historical artifacts dating back to the second millennium. The place looks absolutely stunning as the sun goes down and the skies turn into various shades of pink, red and orange. If you are a nature lover, then you must visit Achziv National Park.

Location: Achziv
Timings: Open throughout the day
Entry fee: Free

6. Agamon Hahula Park

Agamon Hahula Park

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All the people who love watching birds, Agamon Hahula is the place to be! It is one of the few Israel national parks which are home to a wide variety of bird species. It is located between the bridge of Africa and Asia. Every year, during spring and autumn over 500 million bird species cross this park while migrating across the world. You can opt for guided safaris, walk, cycle, or roam around in golf carts in the park. If you opt for a night safari, you can spot some owl, bats and the nocturnal cats.

Location: Hula Valley
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 380 onwards per person

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7. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

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Apart from the various Israel national parks, this place attracts hundreds of tourists. It is located on the west shore of the Dead Sea. It is popular for the two spring water pools, extensive flora and the several species of wildlife. At this reserve, you can spot ibex herds and leopards. The reserve was used in the olden times for cultivation of dates and making perfumes. You can also visit the remains of those agricultural areas and the buildings.

Location: Ein Gedi, South District
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 1,482 onwards per person

8. Gamla National Park

Gamla National Park View

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Another noted tourist site in Israel is Gamla National park. The park is famous for four, very different reasons. Firstly, it is home to one of the largest vulture populations in the world. Second, the hike to Mount Gamla and the waterfall is worth every drop of sweat. Lastly, the park boasts of various antiquities from the centuries-old ruins. It promises an action-packed day for you and your family or friends.

Location: Golan Heights
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (summers), 8 AM – 4 PM (winters)
Entry fee: INR 475 (adults), INR 247 (children), INR 238 (senior citizens)

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9. Qumran National Park

Qumran National Park

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One of the oldest national parks in Israel, Qumran has been mentioned in biblical manuscripts as well. Most of the manuscripts were moved to the museum at Jerusalem. However, there are some well-preserved manuscripts at the park which tell the story about the Qumran National Park. The area was once the hermitage site for a particular sect which had cut it off from the worldly matters. It is a major attraction for the people who are interested in world history.

Location: North on Route 90, Dead Sea
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (summers), 8 AM – 4 PM (winters); the park is closed on Saturdays
Entry fee: INR 532 (adults), 285 (children)

10. Korazim National Park

Korazim National Park

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This Park was once home to a civilization from the era of Second Temple. The total area of the park is about 25 acres. According to the New Testament, Korazim was a city cursed by Jesus. The ruins in this park are made of black rocks with some very intricate designs. You must visit the synagogue which dates back to the fourth century and the ancient bath area used for rituals.

Location: Route 8277, between Korazim and Almagro
Timings: 8 am to 5 pm (summers), 8 am to 4 pm (winters)
Entry fee: INR 418 (adults), INR 171 (children)

The best way to grab great deals for a trip to Israel is to book a trip during the winter season. The temperature in Israel does not go below 13 degrees Celsius. You can skip the heat and the hot winds at the national parks if you visit during winters. Also, the hotel and flight bookings are comparatively cheaper between November and February.

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A trip to Israel is incomplete without exploring the nature reserves and national parks in Israel. If you loved exploring the cultural and historical aspect of the city, you’ll definitely love exploring its natural side as well. Book your trip right away and skip the hassles of navigating through confusing Israel national parks map or guides.

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