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The people who are fond of the serene and calm things, would definitely love being by themselves and enjoying the nature at its best near the lakes in Egypt! With the calm waters and the chirping birds, nature does offer one great solitude. Indeed, it is a great place to rejuvenate and search yourself, while you enjoy the scenic beauty.

7 Beautiful Lakes In Egypt

Lakes in Egypt have numerous stories related to them. Yet, there is much more to them, a rich history and folk tales like no other place. When in Egypt, you must enjoy its splendid lakes and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city!

1. Lake Timsah

Lake Timsah

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Being in the province and authority of Ismailia governorate, this one is the most common attractions of the place. The isthmus between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea is filled by this lake, or normally we can say that this lake covers that area and popularly this place is known as the ‘Crocodile Lake’ as well. Apart from the many beliefs prevalent about this lake, one prominent thing to notice is that the place is very much engaged to bring about much of the peace and satisfaction to heart when one likes to sit and just gaze about the beauty of this magnificent lake.

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2. Lake Burullus

Lake Burullus

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The lake is also known as the second largest lake in Egypt. Being located and coming under the authority of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, this lake is a brackish water lake. The area which is known as the protected area is covering about 460 square kilometers of the area. It has become one of the environmental hot spots where people can come and get along to have a look of the salt swamps along with the sand plains. This place is also known for the great insight on the historical settlement which has the Paralus, a historical settlement, lying underneath its water but above waterbed as compared to many of the lakes in Egypt.

3. Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser

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This lake has the pride and honor to be categorized as the lake, which has been built by man. The lake is situated in Aswan. The lake is built or it can be said that it is an outcome of the construction of the famous dam, known as the Aswan High Dam. The Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was the second president of Egypt, also was the one who initiated the construction of this dam and the founder or thinker of the whole project. The lake being the mesmerizing delight for the visitors has been very successful in attracting the people from across the globe and fetch good tourism as compared to the lakes in Egypt.

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4. Lake Moeris

Lake Moeris

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The lake Moeris has a historical or an older version name and was earlier called the Lake Qarun. There is no definite distinction, that people don’t call lake Moeris, with the same name nowadays, but the thing that makes this place more famous and happening is the monuments and the historical buildings that one can find here. The place is also attracting not only the local visitors but also the tourists from all over the world as well. The most basic yet very fascinating fact is that the lake came into existence when the Nile river faced the situation of overflowing accidentally!

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5. Wadi Al Rayan Lake

Wadi Al Rayan Lake

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This lake has been featured by the Fayoum Oasis. It is one of the two freshwater lakes that are found in the Egypt area. The Wadi Al Rayan is an attractive lake which attracts more tourists and is known as the most happening and busiest place of the region! This lake is also compared to the Magic lake, which is one of the busiest and the most sought after place by people. The scenic value increases by the beautiful and mesmerizing sandy landscape and the wide sand dunes. All of this together makes it a best and amazing deal to come and spend some of your leisure moments here.

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6. Magic Lake

Magic Lake

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As mentioned above, this lake is also one of the best and well known freshwater lakes. As per the facts and details, this lake is also ranking well in the list of the busiest and sought after places in this region. This place has been regarded as the most amazing and beautiful places by the Fayoum studies and declarations! The stunning fact behind the choice of name is due to the fact that the lake keeps changing colors. This process continues throughout, the day. The various activities like sand boarding, camping, desert safaris, and the horseback riding, has added more fun to the list when one considers visiting this place.

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7. Siwa Salt Lake

Siwa Salt Lake

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The place has been enlisted in the oasis list, which is no doubt a mesmerizing and beautiful place which is lying in the location entitled as the Western Desert. The visitors can see a lot of hot springs along with beautiful landscapes which come together with exciting, thrilling, and fun-filled desert activities, altogether adding up to the fun quotient at the lake. The place is surely a great deal to be opted for and can provide you a lot, while letting you just be among the palm trees and enjoy the scenic views of the place. The calmness and the beauty of this place is a sure deal and completely a total gain in return for your money!

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We really hope this article on famous lakes in Egypt would be very helpful in letting you know about the Egyptian landscape and planning your detailed itinerary. Book your trip now to Egypt with TravelTriangle and enjoy some peace and solitude. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

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