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Many of us are excited about travelling in a plane and peep out of the window but once the journey ends, we throw away our boarding passes, treating them just like a mere piece of paper.

But here I give a list of 4 things after which you will never toss your boarding passes into the bin ever. Find out why.

1. Messing up with your personal details

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Your boarding pass particularly consists of the identified information namely, the name of the passenger, date of travelling, seat number and flight number. Now just imagine, if someone wants to play a trick on you, he can provide all your personal information to the airline department and easily change your date of travelling, cancel your flight or change your desired seat. Shocking hm?

2. Decoding the barcode

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Curious about knowing what that barcode on your boarding pass holds? Not a tough job now! There is a website that can decode all the data stored in barcodes. Usually, it contains:

  • Date of birth
  • Billing address information
  • Frequent Flyer number
  • Arrival and departure destination
  • Elite status
  • Class of travel

After extracting the above from the barcode, someone can pull up the information and misuse it against you.

3. Resetting the pin of the frequent flyer number

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It is a unique number assigned by an airline to the user who is enrolled in the frequent flyer program to collect points which can later be redeemed for an air travel or to earn rewards. To access the account, you have to enter the pin, and just in case you have forgotten your pin, answer a secret question whose answer can be found in your social media account like on facebook and twitter. A not so nice person can reset the pin of your flyer’s account, leaving you stranded somewhere.

4. Take up the picture from social media

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Before you show your excitement by posting the picture of your boarding pass on social media, be aware of the danger coming towards you as a wicked person can mishandle your personal details.

So, the next time you think of trashing your boarding pass, keeping it in a magazine or putting it in front of your seat, feed in your conscious mind the repercussions coming your way with it. And maybe, you can collect all your boarding passes that will bring you back into the good old times when your look at them in future.

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