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    Bear dancing in Romania

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    Yep, right here on this page you’ll find the weirdest New Year traditions around the world. Buckle up because these are beyond your imagination.

    From balls of fire to mass kissing, these new year traditions around the world will leave you astonished!

    Let the weirdness begin!

    1. Turkey: Sport some red hot lingerie underneath your party dress to bring good luck in the coming year

    red lingerie in Turkey

    Image Source
    Witness the markets in Turkey overflowing with bright red lingerie appearing over the festive period and boy, do they sell out like hot cakes!

    2. Venice: A mass kissing in the piazza

    mass kissing in Venice

    Image Source
    At the St Mark’s Square in Venice you can not only witness a big firework display but indulge in a saccharine display of love and promises with your loved one.

    3. Ecuador- Take an empty suitcase for a stroll to make your holiday dreams come true

    Ecuador: Guy walking with a suitcase

    If you’ve been dreaming of a holiday for a long time and not have been able to take one, follow this custom in Ecuador. Weird much?

    4. Romania: Bear dance, yep not bare- Do the bear dance!

    Bear dancing in Romania

    Image Source
    People in Romania put on bear costumes and take to the streets in cheers and jubilations. This is done to keep evil at bay. That’s one furry affair!

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    5. Spain: Stuff your mouths with to 12 grapes with the countdown

    grape eating in Spain

    Image Source
    Revellers are seen with their mouths full trying to stuff 12 grapes- one for each chime of the clock during the countdown. Do this and you are guaranteed with 12 months of good luck!

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    6. UK: Swim in the chilly waters to kill New Year’s Eve hangover!

    ice swimming in UK

    Image Source
    Nearly 2,000 people braved the icy water last year in Saundersfoot, Wales, to raise money in a charity swim. Similar swims also takes place in Scotland.

    7. Chile: Camping at the graveyard!

    graveyard camping in Chile

    Image Source
    Locals in Talca, central Chile, like to see in the new year in the company of their dead relatives. Can’t figure out if sweet or scary?!

    8. South Africa: Throw away your old furniture to welcome the new year!

    pile of old furniture in South Africa

    Image Source
    Residents of Johannesburg has this queer way of starting the new year afresh. Sounds like a good idea for OLX ad campaign. (Do you hear us, OLX guys?)

    9. Scotland: Swing them balls of fire!

    swinging balls of in scotland

    Image Source

    Them hot blooded vikings has this custom to parade with swinging blazing balls of fire! Phew!

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