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    A Perfect Indonesian Getaway

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    Just a like a peck on the expansive turquoise ocean all around and just a bit of a land under the sun is what makes the Nikoi Island. The island measures up to 15 hectares and lies just 8 kilometers apart from the east coast of Bintan in Indonesia. Its other neighbor is the southeastern part of Singapore which is just at a distance of 85 kilometers. The private island was purchased by an Australian couple named Andrew and Julia Dixon who developed it into a beautiful resort island with the help of some financers.

    The Nikoi Island opened officially for the tourists in the year 2007 and by 2010, it had fifteen odd beach houses catering to the tourists. Marked with granite boulders and coral reefs on the beach and a stretch of Banyan forest covering two third of the land mass, Nikoi Island is home to some endemic bird species and turtles.

    Best Time To Visit Nikoi Island

    ideal for water sports

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    The best time to visit Nikoi Island is between March and November. The calm waters make it ideal for water sports such as diving, snorkeling and kayaking. It is advisable to avoid the months between December to February as the winds are stronger and the undercurrents in the sea makes it difficult to enjoy any other water sort apart from windsurfing.

    Things To Do At Nikoi Island

    The resort island is mindfully designed to give the true oriental feel and experience to the tourists. It is not like other small islands that calls for just a day trip. This is a place where you can stay and enjoy the entire island just like one big resort. It is complete with all the amenities are such as accommodation, dining options and well designed adventure sports for the tourists. Nikoi Island is primarily known to the world as a completely relaxing and refreshing resort island. However, it offers a handful of adventure sports to enhance the experience of the tourists. So let us take a look at some of the enthralling activities that add a spark to the apparently laid back demeanor of the resort island.

    1. Stay at a beach villa

    beautiful beach villas

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    The beautiful beach villas are built luxuriously with all the locally collected materials such as driftwood and alang alang grass. From single storied to three storied, these beach houses are complete with all the modern amenities and provide a cozy nook in this resort island. Each one of these houses provides clear view of the sea. The beach is just a few steps apart from these beach houses while it is enveloped by the rainforest from the other side. This is the best place for relaxing and feeling the true vibes of nature. It offers an absolute organic nook that offers you the beauty of nature in the most blissful manner.

    2. Enjoy the local cuisine

    local cuisine

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    Experience the flavors of the local cuisine through the delectable barbequed sea food and other dishes. Nikoi island also provides the best of the fresh produces available locally. You can opt to dine in the restaurants or on the beach as per your discretion. Watching the sunset while enjoying a freshly stirred local delicacy teamed with some cocktails will make it an experience of a lifetime.

    3. Indulge in land activities

    land activities

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    The resort island offers plenty of activities for adults as well as kids. At the beginner’s level, these activities along with the equipments are offered free. Charges are levied for the equipments for a little advanced level activities such as rock climbing and diving. You will also find experienced trainers in Nikoi Island who will be happy to assist the tourist in these activities.
    The island offers innumerable trails for biker, rock climbers and trekkers to explore the island. You can even explore the vivid flora and fauna on the island. Take guided walk around the rock pools. Find the turtle nests on the beach and enjoy the bliss of nature.

    4. Enjoy water adventures

    various water sport

    Image Source

    The sprawling turquoise water the encircle the Nikoi Island offers excellent opportunities for various water sport such as sailing, fishing, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. Most of these activities are offered free of cost and you can also expect experienced trainers to help you in these activities. However, there is no dive course available for beginners. Owing to the varied visibility of the water this island is not suited for beginners to get introduced to diving. Advanced level divers who can dive independently can enjoy the experience.

    Diving gives you an opportunity to explore the enchanting and vibrant marine life. The stretch between March to November is considered to be the best time for diving as the visibility is best during this time. The strong undercurrents make it possible for the qualified and experienced divers to scale the depth of water at Nikoi Island. And one you are down, you will be welcomed by the most vibrant fish species and water animals, corals and wrecks. The breathtaking view is sure to provide an enthralling experience that will remain with you for your entire lifetime.

    How To Get There

    several route to reach the island

    Image Source

    There are several route to reach the resort island. There are ferries plying from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore to the Nikoi island which takes about two and a half hours. Then you can reach there from Bintan via jetty through launch. Regular ferries ply between Singapore to Bintan at least five times a day. You can also reach there from Jakarta via Bintan where you have to reach Bintan by flight and then take a car ride to Kawal and a boat trip of half an hour from Kawal to Nikoi.

    Nikoi Island is a bit of everything that makes a complete package for an ideal Indonesian trip. The right amount of leisure blended with excellent feel of nature, the picturesque landscapes, the activities and the food, everything combines and compliments each other so well that you are bound to feel pampered, rejuvenated and enthralled all at the same time.

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