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Whenever it comes to the Scandinavian countries, Norway always comes first for the surreal beauty of the country. Scandinavia is not only popular because of the Vikings today, but to the world, this part is known for its glaciers, beautiful valleys, steep mountain ranges, colorful villages, and obviously the unique Scandinavian cuisine. Once you are in Norway, you not only experience the natural splendor, but also the exquisite recipes that may not be available elsewhere. To know more about the special cuisine, you need to taste the famous Norwegian street food. Usually, the street food is the local cuisine that is prepared by following the traditional recipes. In restaurants, the dishes may be curved and structured to show the excellence of the chef, but, the street food is prepared without disturbing the authenticity of the preparation and taste.

Food always plays an essential role in displaying the culture and tradition of a country. So, if you want to take the best of Norway memories with you back to your home, you must taste the awesome street food in Norway.

10 Best Street Foods In Norway

So, below’s a list of the best street food in Norway and here are some of the best of them that you must try while you are in the country on your next trip. Take a look!

1. Brown Cheese Ice-cream

Brown Cheese Ice-cream

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Yes, we know dessert must come at the end, but we couldn’t resist ourselves from placing this amazing tasty item on the top. Actually, this brown cheese is the secret ingredient of ice-creams in Norway. It is not cheese at all. Rather, it is produced from whey by boiling it for long hours. Finally, it becomes a salty and fudgy caramelized product. This salty taste compliments the sweetness of ice cream in a wonderful way. This is definitely the best Norwegian sweet food.

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2. Pickled Herring

Pickled Herring

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Fish is love for the Norwegians and they have it different ways. From poached to smoked, grilled to fried, they love to have it all. But, these preparations are common. Have you ever tasted pickled herring? Yes, this is something that is only available in Norway. Pickled herring often served with rye bread and it is prepared with tomato, sherry, and mustard.

3. Norwegian Waffles

Norwegian Waffles

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If you are in love and traveling with your soulmate, these heart-shaped Norwegian waffles will definitely add an extra oomph factor to your relationship. Norwegian waffles are served anywhere, throughout the country. Try them out with ice-cream or maple syrup or honey and you will forget the taste of Belgian waffles.

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4. Potato Lefse

Potato Lefse

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If you are looking for the most popular Norwegian snacks items, this will be one of the tops. These crispy potato pancakes taste awesome and they can boost up your festive spirit during Christmas. These pancakes are readily available at any food corners, supermarkets, and coffee shops. Have them as evening snacks or you can take it as breakfast with butter and sugar or jam.

5. Polse


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If you are a hot dog lover, you will love the Norwegian version too. Polse is basically the famous Norwegian fast food that is available in grocery shops, gas stations, food stalls on streets and all. You can have Polse in regular hot-dog style that is served with a bun. Else, the sausage is also served with soups, stew, fried up and it is a famous part of full-course Christmas dinner.

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6. Lutefisk


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As you know Norwegians love to fish, they prepare it in a different way. Lutefisk is a preparation that goes back before the age of refrigeration. The cod fish is soaked in lye to avoid fermentation and it is eaten with beer. During the Christmas, lutefisk is served in the street corners and the beer houses. You have to have a strong heart to withstand the strong aroma of the preparation.

7. Fiskeboller


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You can call it the ‘fish balls’ in regular terms. This is one of the most popular fish items that is eaten in every house of Norway and also readily available at any street food stalls. Here, any kind of white fish, especially cod is coated with milk, flour, and eggs and shaped into balls. There are various recipes that you can try at the food stalls for fiskeboller.

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8. Pinnekjott


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While talking about the best street foods of Norway, you should not miss tasting this amazing dish, prepared with an air-dried and salted rib of sheep. Usually, this dish is available during the Christmas season, specifically on Christmas Eve. The dish is really full of flavors as it is served with mashed kohlrabi. The salty taste of the meat compliments the sweetness of kohlrabi in a great way.

9. Svele


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This is the Norwegian version of pancakes that can be eaten in the afternoon with coffee. These pancakes have a salty and sweet flavor and you can top it with jam, honey or the famous cloudberries of Norway. Svele also tastes great while served with butter.

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10. Kvaefjordkake


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The cake is not anything difficult like its name to pronounce! You just have a bite of that delicious layers of sponge, whipped cream and meringue and it will melt in your mouth within a moment, leaving a great feeling of smoothness on your palette. Norwegians claim this is the best cake in the world. Once you have it, you may not disagree with the idea.

Best Places To Try Norwegian Street Food

Best Places To Try Norwegian Street Food

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There are luxurious hotels and restaurants in the country. But, if you want to stay in budget and still want to taste good foods, these are the places to make the food lovers have the greatest fun.

1. Any Forest- when you are in Norway, you will definitely go hiking, camping or skiing at any forest. Don’t miss to check out the food stalls!
2. Traditional Restaurants- To try the traditional foods in Norway, you can head towards the old and gold restaurants. You will be welcome warmly there.
3. Fish Markets- Norway is the place where you can try the best dishes of fish around. And to try ready-to-eat fish recipes and seafood, these are the best places.
4. The Food Trucks- Yes, this is another interesting place to try lip-smacking Norwegian street foods. Once you are in Viappa Oslo, you will find numerous food stands that offer different types of cuisine, including authentic Norwegian-style foods.
5. The Food Festivals- Finally, these are the main destinations for the food lovers who never hesitate to try different cuisines and recipes. To taste the best quality Norwegian foods, whether street or direct from the chef’s kitchen, food festivals are always the best idea. If you want to taste the best quality rakfisk, you should be in the Norwegian Rakfisk Festival.

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So, these are the best options for trying the top-notch street food in Norway that you shouldn’t miss once you are in the country. While enjoying the nature at its full bloom, you can have such delicacies that can make your international trip with TravelTriangle even more fun and exciting. There are lots of other dishes that you can try over there. Just be an explorer and let your taste buds do the experiment the way they want.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Norwegian Street food

What is the most famous Norwegian street food in the world?

Several items in Norway are pretty popular in the world. The street food items are especially famous. Some of them are Pickled Herring, Potato lefse, Polse, Lutefisk, Pinnekjott, and many more.

What are some of the fish snacks that are popular in Norway?

Norway is blessed with a new production of fishes. Hence most of the items over there are made of fish. Some of them are Fishkeboller, Lutefisk, Pickled Herring, and many more.

Where can one find the famous street food in Norway?

You will find street food items in several parts of Norway. But some of the most popular places that are famous for street food dishes are fish markets, food trucks, food festivals, forests and many more.

Where can one find Fiskeboller in Norway?

Fiskeboller is not only a popular food item in Norway but also in the entire world. This item is made of codfish, milk, and portions of pasta. You can taste it in any food stall in Norway.

What are some of the Norwegian street food items that are sweet?

Norway is quite famous for its desserts. Some of the popular dessert items in Norway are Brown cheese ice-cream, Norwegian waffles, Svele, and many more.

When is the perfect time to visit Norway?

Norway has fantastic weather all year round. But the right time to go there is between May and June. You will be able to explore the place quite comfortably.

How many days are enough for exploring Norway?

You can explore the entirety of Norway within five days. If you do not have much time, you can even cover the place within three days.

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