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Dehradun is a scenic city nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas, in the state of Uttarakhand and is home to picturesque locales and mesmerising tourist spots. Apart from its mainstream attractions of vibrant markets, lush green parks and gushing waterfalls, there is no dearth of offbeat places in Dehradun. Each unique place within the city is stunning in its own right and allures explorers with its enchanting stories. With its medicinal waterfalls, mysterious caves and jungle safaris, Dehradun ensures a fulfilling adventure for its visitors. These unconventional locations offer a unique perspective, combining the beauty of nature, spiritual splendour and history for an unforgettable experience which can be explored with family and friends.

5 Offbeat Places In Dehradun: Must-Visit Attractions

Enjoy the panoramic view of nature while exploring offbeat places in Dehradun.

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Alt text: Enjoy the panoramic view of nature while exploring offbeat places in Dehradun.
Offbeat destinations in Dehradun are magical spots in their untouched beauty, a treat for the eyes of nature lovers. These unique locations bring with them an enticing story, making it a memorable trip with near and dear ones.

1. Maldevta

Experience the serenity of Maldevta, a hidden treasure and of the most visited offbeat places in Dehradun.

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Maldevta is a quaint, unexplored town in the Raipur area of Dehradun and is a treat for nature lovers, especially due to its riverine. This place is also famous for its fun activities such as swimming, bird-watching, camping and biking. Set up a picnic amid the tranquil atmosphere by the crystal clear waters of River Song. Seek blessings from Lord Shiva in Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple and indulge in photography to capture the beauty of the picturesque scenery. Explore this place by hiking through lush green trails, camping after a blissful day and waking up to the wondrous sounds of nature.

How to reach: Maldevta is accessible by road from Dehradun Clock Tower ( 17 km). The total travel time is 36 min.
Timings: All days, 10 am to 6 pm.
Entry fee: No fee.

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2. Walterre

Walterre, a charming hilltop retreat is one of the famous offbeat places of Dehradun for a peaceful vacation.

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Located at the edge of Dehradun en route to Mussoorie, is Walterre, a gorgeous home stay at the heart of a mesmerising garden. The house of Mr. Bikram Grewal, a renowned ornithologist was converted into this homestay. The approach from the parking to the main house feels straight from a storybook, with steps surrounded by vines and vibrant flowers entwining to create a natural arch. It is a perfect place to unwind away from the hustle- and bustle of the city, listening to the bird songs and taking in the resplendent view. Hike down to the Tons River or catch a glimpse of the picturesque villages by taking a stroll near the homestay.

Bird-watching enthusiasts can hope to spot at least 50 different bird species just by sitting on the house’s terrace. Indulge in freshly prepared meals and then embark on a short trek in the surrounding areas to glimpse the breathtaking mountains. The unique beauty of this place makes it one of the best offbeat places to stay in Dehradun. You can also take a short trip to Sahastradhara, a medicinal water spring, located 11km from the resort.

How to reach: It is advisable to reach this property by private vehicle from Dehradun(20-minute drive). You can also hire a taxi from Dehradun.
Timings: Both the check-in and check-out timings are 12 pm.
Pricing: Varies depending on the season and the room type.

3. Guchhu Pani

Discover the beauty of nature at Robber's Cave, one of the adventurous offbeat places in Dehradun.

Image Credit: Daniel Romanson for Wikimedia Commons

Also known as the Robber’s Cave, this is a popular offbeat destination in Dehradun. Located 8km from Dehradun, it is believed that during British times, this 600 m-long cave was a hideout for robbers.The limestone rocks form a narrow gorge, and a river flows inside it, giving it a mysterious feel. This is a must-visit spot for adventure lovers, as the cave is interspersed with small waterfalls and underground springs.

A mysterious fact is that the water in the cave appears at one spot and then abruptly disappears, followed by its reappearance at another spot. After exploring the cave, you can visit the Tibetan Buddhist temple or Dehradun Zoo, both of which are located 2-4 km from Guchhu Pani.

How to reach: You can travel by car or take a bus to Vijaypur from Dehradun railway station and a 1km trek to Anarwala village to reach the cave.
Timings: 7 am to 6 pm
Duration: 2-3 hours.
Entry fee: Rs. 35 per person.

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4. Sahastradhara – Sulphur Water Pools

Exploring majestic waterfalls at Sahastradhara is recommended while exploring offbeat places in Dehradun.

Image Credit: SnehaSuman for Wikimedia Commons

Also referred to as the ‘Thousand fold Springs’, it gets its name from the magnificent waterfalls that originate from the top with several small cascades along the way. The water of these limestone stalactites cascades is rich in sulphur and is known to cure skin ailments due to its medicinal properties. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes and catch a glimpse of the steppe farms below by travelling in the Sahastradhara ropeway to reach the site of the waterfall. Take your family and visit the Joyland Water and Amusement Park in the area, let the children enjoy themselves amid the resplendent scenery.

How to reach: It is located 14 km from Dehradun railway station and 36 km from Jolly Grant Airport. The best way to reach it is by bus or car.
Timings: 9:30 am (10 am for Waterpark) to 6 pm.
Entry Fee: None

5. Tiger View Jungle Camp

Tiger View Jungle Camp is one of the popular offbeat places in Dehradun for a unique experience.

Image Credit: goldentakin for Wikimedia Commons

Nestled in the secluded village of Goolar Khalla, the Tiger View Jungle Camp is a great place to spot the majestic tiger in its natural habitat. Get a chance to camp in the jungle and go on a safari to glimpse India’s national animal. The camp also arranges nature walks, bird-watching sessions and bonfire nights providing nature lovers with a memorable experience amid the jungle. Get a chance to revel in nature’s serenity and embark on a jungle safari with your family to spot a variety of flora and fauna.

How to reach: Travel by car to reach this location 20 km outside Dehradun.
Timings: All days, 9 am to 5 pm.
Entry fee: No fee. Avail paid adventure tour services.

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Start planning a trip with family and friends to soak Dehradun’s unique charm. Set up a picnic by the gushing medicinal waters or relax and unwind in beautiful homestays with stunning backdrops. Dehradun offers a tapestry of experiences beyond the ordinary, allowing avid travellers to experience natural beauty and indulge in cultural richness. Start planning your trip to Dehradun and journey to unearth the city’s secrets while creating memorable experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places In Dehradun

When is the best time to visit Robber’s cave?

It is best to visit the cave during the summers from March to June and in winters from October to February. It is advisable to wear footwear that offers a good grip while moving through the water.

What are the essential items to pack for the Tiger View Jungle Camp?

Pack appropriate clothing for camping- lightweight breathable clothes for daytime excursions and warmer layers for nights. Do carry essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, sturdy walking shoes, a hat and a refillable water bottle.

Which is the best time to visit offbeat places in Dehradun?

Offbeat places in Dehradun can be thoroughly explored between September to June, when the weather is pleasant. Avoid visiting these places during the monsoon ( July to August) as the city experiences heavy rainfall.

Why are offbeat places in Dehradun so famous?

Offbeat places in Dehradun offer tranquil and secluded environments to relax amidst nature and explore some stunning locations including caves, temples, waterfalls, and more.

Which are the unique places to visit in Dehradun with family?

Tapkeshwar Temple, Sahastradhara, and Robber's Cave (Guchhupani) are some of the unique places to visit in Dehradun with family.

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