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The city of Surat needs no introduction. It is a famous yet small timeless town in the centre of Gujarat. Surat entertains tourists from all walks of life and every background. This is a testament to the welcoming Gujarati culture. This culturally laden city is also known as the “diamond city” of India. If you want a complete trip package to experience the most fun trails and legendary views, Surat should be your top pick. It is the perfect place for both the experienced and the beginners. Come along with us on a trip to find the best trails to be found while trekking near Surat.

Famous Spots For Trekking Near Surat

If you are out for some adventure while hiking near Sunapee and looking for exciting trekking places near Surat, we have the perfect list of options for one day trekking near Surat. Here it goes:

1. Saputara

Relish panoramic views of Saputara Hills while considering trekking near Surat.

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Hidden under the lush greenery and forest shade of the Dang forest, the Saputara trail leads to a beautiful hill station. Trekkers go to Saputara to experience the astounding beauty of Gujarat. Its trails lead through dense forests, green valleys, and some of the most mesmerising views of the mighty Western Ghats.

The trek starts with a thrilling journey to Governor’s Hill. Then, you will do a calm walk around Lake Saputara. Every trail in Saputara is laden with the beauty of nature; thus, it is a must-visit site for trekkers and nature lovers.

Distance from Surat: Approximately 164 kilometres
Length of the Trek: Varies based on the trail chosen
Duration: 1 to 2 days
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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2. Wilson Hills

Marvel at the sweeping vistas of the Wilson Hills, while trekking near Surat.

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Wilson Hills is a secret spot you can find only by climbing 2500 feet up the Sahyadri Range. The trails to Wilson Hills go through forests of eucalyptus and pine, which together build a surreal surrounding around this trekking trail. You might not realise it instantly, but the beauty of this trek leaves an imprint on you for a long time.

Hikers can set out to various viewpoints, like Sunset Point and Sunrise Point, to see the amazing views of the green valleys below. With its cool climate and peaceful environment, Wilson Hills has become the perfect trek for a refreshing experience.

Distance from Surat: Around 127 kilometres
Length of the Trek: Flexible, depending on the chosen route
Duration: Half to a full day
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

3. Malsamot Waterfall Trek

Explore the stunning Malsamot Waterfall, while planning your trekking near Surat itinerary.

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The Dang district still has more to offer. The Malsamot Waterfall is another trek bound to leave you speechless. Falling in the deep jungles of the Dang district, this tall waterfall can be found if you are an enthusiastic trekker. The path to finding Malsamot Waterfall takes you through narrow trails with vibrant green trees and some of the most unusual flora and fauna native to the region.

As you approach the waterfall, the sound of falling water becomes louder, giving you a sense of excitement and rush. The massive fall then reveals itself from behind the first cover. The magnificence and calmness of Malsamot Waterfall make it one of the best trekking places near Surat and an ideal place for a once-in-a-lifetime trekking experience.

Distance from Surat: Approximately 200 kilometres
Length of the Trek: Short trek to reach the waterfall
Duration: Few hours
Difficulty Level: Easy

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4. Don Hill Trek

Soak yourself in the amazing views of Don Hill, one of the best spots for trekking near Surat.

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If you are not looking for a challenge and want to walk in nature while walking through the beautiful countryside calmly, the Don Hill trek might be the one for you. It is a perfect trek for a calm trek in the peaceful weather of South Gujarat. The hike to Don Hill is with moderate slopes, greenery, and amazing views of the surrounding countryside.

Climbing up the hill, you will be welcomed by the cool wind and the melodious chirping of birds. Don Hill is a wonderful place to go trekking with its beautiful scenery and calm atmosphere. It is the ideal place to have a memorable trekking experience with nature’s richness.

Distance from Surat: Approximately 120 kilometres
Length of the Trek: Short to moderate
Duration: Half to a full day
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

5. Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, a must-visit destination while trekking near Surat

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The Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is another haven for nature and adventure lovers. Twisting and turning through a dense forest, then some rocky landscape, and finally a rolling slope of a hill, the Barda Hills are a prime example of a complete trekking experience. You will also find exotic flora and fauna native to Gujrat. The pristine natural beauty and the rich biodiversity of this trek is sure to leave a lasting impact on you as a nature lover.

Distance from Surat: Around 90 kilometres
Length of the Trek: Varies based on the chosen trails
Duration: Half to a full day
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

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6. Tips For Trekking

Pack all the essentials and equipment while trekking near Surat.

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Stay Hydrated: Carry ample water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the trek.
Wear Appropriate Footwear: To effortlessly navigate varied terrain, opt for sturdy and comfortable trekking shoes. It would be better if your shoes were waterproof as well.
Pack Light: In a lightweight backpack, pack only the essentials, such as snacks, a first-aid kit, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Always keep an extra pair of shirts and pants for emergency situations.
Follow Trail Markers: Stay on the trail and keep following the markings and signboards. Leave marks and maintain a log if you plan to wander deeper into the forest.
Respect Nature: Leave no garbage behind, and respect the environment by avoiding littering and disturbing wildlife habitats.

What to Pack

Lightweight clothing suitable for trekking
Sturdy trekking shoes with good grip
Backpack with essentials: water, snacks, first-aid kit
Sunscreen and insect repellent
Hat or cap for sun protection
Portable charger/power bank for electronic devices

Best Time For Trekking

Youngsters doing trekking.

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If there is one time of the year that is the best time for trekking in Surat, it is during the winter from October to March. This is because the weather is pleasant enough for outdoor activities. It is recommended not to go trekking during monsoon rains because the way may be zigzagging and slippery.
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How To Reach Surat

The picturesque view of Surat.

Surat is well-connected by road, rail, and air transport. Here’s how you can reach Surat:

By Air: Surat is accessible via Surat Airport (STV). Regular domestic flights from this airport are available from and to every major city.

By Train: You can catch a train from or to the Surat Junction. It is a major railway station in Gujarat with daily trains connecting it to various destinations nationwide.

By Road: Gujarat is known for its brilliant highway network. Moreover, state-run buses and private taxis offer convenient transportation. From neighbouring states, you can take NH48 and NH53 to Surat.

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Plan your expedition for trekking near Surat. You will find that every spot is a different mixture of scenic hill stations and fast-flowing rivers that will certainly pump your adrenaline. Trekking camp near Surat and its environs provide various trekking opportunities for nature lovers and adventure seekers, whether you are trekking amid the nature web or enjoying the peaceful landscape. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for the ultimate trip to Gujarat trip to Gujarat and experience India’s finest tourism experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Near Surat

Can I find beginner-friendly trekking near Surat?

Yes, there are many hiking trails near Surat which are for beginners at appropriate levels of difficulty with amazing sights around.

How can you remain safe when trekking near Surat?

Make sure you stay hydrated, follow the paths precisely, carry the required items with you and check the weather condition before going for a trek near Surat. In addition, it's also suggested that you hike with a guide or experienced trekker, especially in regions you do not know well.

What are some other activities I can try while trekking near Surat?

Apart from trekking, you can visit sightseeing attractions, relish authentic Gujarati cuisine, and enjoy shopping for locally handcrafted products.

Is there any wildlife sanctuary near Surat which is suitable for trekking?

Certainly, Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, near Surat does provide for trekking amidst untouched green environment providing people ample time to appreciate and learn about its varied flora and fauna.

Is it allowed to camp while I hike to Surat or not?

It depends on each location, but there are some places close to Surat that offer camping opportunities in picturesque sceneries making it a special wilderness experience.

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