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India is a culturally rich and diverse country with yoga and spirituality in its roots. However, India has much more to offer that often gets precluded. The offbeat places in India are unexplored and promise a sense of serenity and astonishment. These places are replete with beautiful landscapes, lush mountains, and historical monuments that fill one’s heart with wonder and joy. These places are a must-visit to experience India a little differently.

Offbeat Places In India That You Should Visit

From Arunachal Pradesh to Andhra Pradesh, here are 8 offbeat places that must be on everyone’s travel list.

1. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the breathtaking land of Himachal Pradesh and if often considered to be one of the best offbeat places in India

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Khajjiar is a hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh that is often known as the mini Switzerland. It flaunts picturesque views with unmarred mountains, surrounded by pine and deodar trees. Notable places to visit in Khajjiar are the Khajji Nag temple that is dedicated to the Serpent god. The temple is one of the oldest and most revered. It is well-connected by land, air, and rail.

Due to its limited popularity, Khajjiar is less known to tourists, and therefore, is less crowded than the other hill stations. It also offers adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, and camping. Khajjiar, thus, is a fun-filled destination, perfect as a rejuvenating yet fun getaway.

Best time to visit: April to June
Things to do: Paragliding, Trekking, visit Khajji Nag temple

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2. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Situated in Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Apatani cultural landscape

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North-east India has some of the most scenic places that are bound to take your breath away, but, unfortunately, the seven sisters remain unexplored and underrated. Similarly, the beautiful town of Ziro remains unexplored.Nestled in one of the seven sisters, Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Apatani cultural landscape. It is home to the Apatani tribe, which organises an eco-friendly music festival that promotes indigenous tribes and artists from North-East India. It is also one of the oldest towns in Arunachal Pradesh and flaunts panoramic views of mountains and lush fields. It is also famous for rare orchids and the climate makes it cordial for the flowers to flourish. It is known for its beauty and its vast expanse of paddy fields. Ziro has a wildlife sanctuary, an orchid research centre, and a fish farm. Ziro makes for one of the most offbeat places in India.

Best time to visit: April to June
Things to do: Ziro music festival, Visit the Paddy fields

3. Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra Valley is located in the union territory of Ladakh and offers picturesque and serene views of gigantic mountains

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Nubra Valley, located in the union territory of Ladakh, lies along the ancient trade route, the Silk Road. It boasts arid mountains, monasteries, Shyok and Nubra rivers, and a statue of lord Buddha. It is a blend of natural beauty and culture.Nubra Valley offers picturesque and serene views. Along with the scenic natural beauty, tourists also enjoy camel rides. Other activities that tourists engage in include stargazing, trekking, camping, etc. It is connected by air and by road. Another notable thing about Nubra Valley is its proximity to the Siachen base. The Valley is under military supervision. Additionally, the delectable Ladakhi cuisine is a must-try that tourists can savour in eateries. The scenic beauty of Nubra Valley makes it one of the best offbeat places in India.

Best time to visit: April-June, September- October
Things to do: Try Ladakhi cuisine, Camel ride, stargazing

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4. Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is a town in Karnataka that is not only a pilgrimage destination for Hindus but also known for its pristine beaches

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Gokarna, a town in Karnataka is popular as a pilgrimage destination for Hindus. It is known for sites like Mahabaleshwar temple. However, Gokarna remains offbeat and underrated for its beaches. Gokarna is a temple town on the Arabian Sea and promises a stay that is both spiritual as well as fun.

The beaches of Gokarna are clean, pristine, and crowd-free. The atmosphere is relaxed and rejuvenating. There are options for hiring a motorbike and exploring the town. The best time to visit the town of Gokarna is from October to March. The food, people and atmosphere of Gokarna make it one of the most offbeat places in India, you must visit.

Best time to visit: October to March
Things to do: Bike ride, Beach

5. Patan, Gujarat

With a rich history, Patan is often considered to be one of the best offbeat places in India that is worth visiting

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Patan has historical roots, being the capital of two ancient dynasties, namely Chavda and Chalukya. It was established by Chavda king Vanaraja and was a flourishing trading city, located on the banks of the ancient Saraswati river. Places that are worthy of visiting include an intricately designed stepwell known as Rani ki Vav. This stepwell is the deepest and oldest among the many stepwells of Gujarat. The Rani ki Vav has religious connotations attached to it.

Another attraction includes Sahasralinga Tank which is an artificial water tank constructed during Chalukya rule. Due to its historical significance, Patan has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it one of the best offbeat places in India to visit.

Best time to visit: October to March
Things to do: Rani ki Vav, Sahasralinga Tank

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6. Devprayag, Uttarakhand

Known for being the place where Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet, Devprayag is one of the best offbeat places in India

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Devprayag, located in Uttarakhand, is a place where two sacred rivers, named Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet. This confluence of two sacred rivers resulted in the formation of the revered river Ganga. River Ganga is one of the most revered and sacred rivers in India. Places that are worthy of a visit include Raghunath Ji Temple, Dhaneshwar Temple, and the Danda Nagaraja Temple. The place offers a serene and sacred atmosphere. For adventure lovers, Devprayag offers white-river rafting, rock climbing, trekking, etc.Devprayag not only offers a tranquil experience but also becomes perfect for adventure lovers who are seeking a spiritually rejuvenating yet adventure-filled experience.

Best time to visit: March to June, September to October
Things to do: Visit temples

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India is a diverse land that has been blessed with beautiful and panoramic landscapes and luscious waterfalls and rivers. The country is bound to make one awe-struck and filled with wonder. India is a must-visit for people of all ages, so on your next trip to India, make sure to include these fantastic offbeat places in your travel list and explore India like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Offbeat Places in India

What is an offbeat place?

An Offbeat place is any place that is usually undiscovered and away from the crowd of tourists. They are lesser known to the people visiting and offer a very pleasant experience to the tourists.

Why travel to an Offbeat place?

Travelling to an offbeat place offers an opportunity to discover the undiscovered. These places usually are less known to visitors, thus, the beauty of these places remains intact. These are often less crowded which guarantees a fun filled experience without the hassle of dealing with too many tourists. Travelling to an offbeat place, therefore, becomes a must.

Which state in India is the most underrated?

The most underrated state in India is the state of Meghalaya. It is a haven for nature lovers, but despite all the scenic beauty Meghalaya has to offer, it remains one of the most underrated states in India.

Which is the paradise of tourists in India?

The breathtaking Valleys of Kashmir boast of views that would make anyone fall in love with it at first sight. The snow-capped mountains, the Dal Lake, the Shikaras, the food, all make Kashmir a paradise for tourists from all around the world.

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