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Meghalaya, literally the Abode of Clouds, was carved out from the state of Assam and borders Bangladesh. The state boasts virgin forests, hills, and living root bridges, in rural wonders like the Mawlynnong village, one of the Offbeat Places In Meghalaya.
Meghalaya is famous for its lakes, caves, sacred groves, eco-friendly villages, and biodiversity-rich forests. The multiplicity of traditions of various communities, like Khasi, Jaintia, Garo, etc., make it an inclusive democracy thriving on diversity. Historically, the society is one of the largest matrilineal societies in the world. Apart from the Double Decker Bridge, Cherrapunji, and Kaziranga National Park, here are the best offbeat places in Meghalaya that the explorer in you will delight in.

5 Offbeat places In Meghalaya That You Must Visit

From the canyons of Wari Chora to the gorgeous Northwest Village, check out these top 5 offbeat places in Meghalaya that you must visit.

1. Phe Phe Falls

A view of the Phe Phe falls in the Shkentalang village.

Image Source: Jmhullot for wikimedia commons

Be it a trip to the best offbeat places in Meghalaya, or the top offbeat places in Meghalaya for the weekend, this place is a must for all travellers out there. The Phe Phe or the Phea Phea Falls are two-step falls with mesmerising teal-coloured pools below, which you can swim in.

The Phe Phe falls in the Shkentalang village by the Jowai-Dawki Road, about 80 km from Shillong and takes about 2.5 hours to reach. Nearby lies the Paradise Adventure Camp, the perfect spot for sports enthusiasts to enjoy swimming, kayaking, and even scuba diving and snorkelling. After camping, one needs to take a short 30-minute round trek to reach the majestic falls, with the aid of a local guide.

Where to Stay: Paradise Adventure Camp offers 3 housing options, each tailored to your budget and comfort. The camp also offers the unique opportunity to sleep in tents.
Time Required: Around 3 to 5 hours, depending on your fitness level.
Best Time to Visit: December.
Connectivity: An excellent phone network is available, but it may fluctuate near the falls.

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2. Mawryngkhang or Bamboo Trail

Mawryngkhang or Bamboo Trail
Image Source: Satty Singh for Pexels

Opened to the public in 2016, the bamboo trail was popular due to the hard work of people from the Wahkhen village. The villagers constructed multiple bridges of bamboo and wooden ladders using mainly cane ropes. The trail is not for the faint-hearted, with bamboo bridges built at dizzying heights, winding rivers underneath, suspended over cliffs. The trail offers breathtaking views amongst the mountains that greet you. The trek requires an entrance fee.

The name Mawryngkhang means the “King of Stones” and has an interesting Khasi legend attached to it. In a battle between stones, Mawryngkhang emerged as the winner.

Total Distance: 3.54 kilometres (round trip).
Entrance Fees: INR 50 per adult and INR 20 per child.
Time Required: Around 3 to 5 hours, depending on your fitness level.
Best Time to Visit: Winter, from late October to early April.

3.Nohwet Village

Single Decker living root bridge at Nohwet Village

Image Source: Caan for Pexels

Located about 160 kilometres from Guwahati City, the city is an hour’s walk from the Riwai Single Living root bridge, a 30-metre-long natural wonder made completely by the weaving of tree roots by the Khasi Tribe. Dotted with natural streams and waterfalls, it makes for one of the cleanest villages in Meghalaya, and one of the best offbeat places in Meghalaya to visit.

An amazing bamboo viewpoint called the Bamboo Kingdom was constructed by a single man, Drongwell, who took two years to complete it. It’s called the Bamboo Kingdom, where you can see awestruck views of the nearby valleys. You can spend a wonderful day here discovering hidden trails, guaranteeing a magical experience.

Location: The village is 32 km from Pynursla, 81 km from Shillong, and about 4 km from Mawlynnong.
Ticket Charge: 10 INR.
Best Season to Visit: Monsoon, during early morning.
Tip: Dress for comfort with sports shoes, as the walk down to the bridge is long.

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4. Shnongpdeng

The Umngot River with its crystal clear waters.

Image Source: ANKAN for wikimedia commons

Shnongpdeng symbolises beauty, and serenity and is one of the best offbeat places in Meghalaya for the weekend. It’s a tranquil place and a perfect getaway for families and solo travellers alike.

You can indulge in activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and cliff jumping here. You can also take a ride in a country boat on the crystal clear waters of the Umngot River. Just 1.5 hours away from the village lies the Nongbareh village, famed for its hidden caves with water pools inside, perfect for stunning photography.

How to Reach: NH 206, (82 km from Shillong), nearest town: Dawki Village.
Best Season to visit: Monsoon, Post-monsoon for waterfalls, and Winter for clear waters.
Stay: Numerous tents and a few homestays are available.

5. Wari Chora

A view of the Garo hills, with the river running through the valley.

Image Source: Sujan Bandyopadhyay Welch for wikimedia commons

A hidden gem, Wari Chora is one of the best offbeat places in Meghalaya, located in the forests of South Garo Hill. Wari Chora is a small canyon with a mountain river between the huge towering gorges. Reachable via an hour-long trek, the hidden beauty was discovered only a few years ago. The last part of the trek is risky, and it may require a few to crouch, crawl, and even rappel at some point. It’s recommended that you travel with a local guide.

The canoe ride is filled with a kaleidoscope of colours and waterfalls, a meal for the eyes. With the afternoon sunlight dappling through the canyon walls, you can see multiple rainbows on your way!

How to reach: The nearest major town is Baghmara, 285 km from Shillong and 250 km from Guwahati, from where you travel to Emangre. Local transport can’t be relied on.
Where to Stay: There are several homestays at Emangre and Dabalgre village.
Best Time to Visit Wari Chora: November to February.

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Now that you have a list of the best offbeat places in Meghalaya, plan your visit to some of these fabulous spots for the experience of a lifetime. On your next trip to Meghalaya stray from the beaten path and check out some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!

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Cover Image Source: Akash Mahanta for wikimedia commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places In Meghalaya

What to wear on a trip to Meghalaya?

It’s recommended to carry several sweaters and warm clothes, as it gets cold. Offbeat places in Meghalaya don’t have as many facilities, and homestays are accommodated according to local experiences. Comfortable, waterproof shoes are a must as a lot of trekking is involved at every location.

Which is the best season to travel to Meghalaya?

The perfect time to visit the best offbeat places in Meghalaya is between October and April when the weather is dry and cold. Facilities are more easily available as well.

What are some places I can visit in Meghalaya?

The Laitlum canyons, Mawlynnong, and Tura in Garo Hills make for some fantastic vacation spots for both, offbeat places in Meghalaya for the weekend, as well as places with fewer tourists, preserving the beauty of nature.

Is a trip to Meghalaya safe?

Meghalaya is safe for tourists travelling in groups, as well as solo travellers, the crime rate is low as compared to several other parts of the country. It’s recommended not to travel during monsoon, as the harsh climatic and geographic conditions may make it hard to navigate.

Is registration required to visit Offbeat Places in Meghalaya?

While most places, like the double-decker bridges, waterfalls, etc. don’t require any permit, certain offbeat places in Meghalaya require tourists to register on the Meghalaya Tourism App and generate an E-Invite/ E-Pass.

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