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Often known as ‘Queen of the Hills’, Mussoorie is one of India’s most famous hill stations. The majestic grandeur of this place is what makes it unique. Situated amidst the spectacular Garhwal Himalayan Ranges, this city offers breathtakingly beautiful views all year round. Mussoorie gives off a very colonial vibe because of its British architecture. The city has visitors who are on the lookout for a vibrant yet laid-back town. If you are planning a trip to Mussoorie, include some offbeat places in Mussoorie to learn more about its history.

8 Wonderful Offbeat Places In Mussoorie

Be it the peaceful vibes of Happy Valley or shopping at Mall Road, Mussoorie presents a unique experience to all its visitors. Here are some of the offbeat places in Mussoorie to include in your itinerary:

1. Landour

Lush greenery covered mountains in Landour, one of the offbeat places in Mussoorie

Image Credit: Paul Hamilton for Wikimedia Commons

Landour owes most of its popularity to being home to Ruskin Bond, a famous writer. Situated near Mussoorie, this place is well-known for its vintage charm and pioneer architecture. Here, you will also find the prominent Landour Clock Tower, constructed back in 1839 and yet continues to be a stub of the British era. Furthermore, during your leisure hours, walk through the town’s straight streets, encircled by attractive shops and aged cottages. You must visit the oldest church in the city, St Paul’s Church. Moreover, colonial-style cafes and pretty houses across the city will surely be engraved in your memories for a long time.

Location: 5.4 Km from Mussoorie
Timings: N/A
Entry Fee: N/A

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2. Happy Valley

Several multi-coloured prayer flags surround deodar trees in Happy Valley.

Image Credit: Markus Koljonen for Wikimedia Commons

Happy Valley is a serene and peaceful place inhabited by Tibetan people and is one of Mussoorie’s offbeat places. A temple named Shedup Choepelling remains decorated with multi-coloured prayer flags throughout the year. Furthermore, you will also find a marvellous gold statue of Buddha in this temple. Several deodar and oak trees surround this place, adding to its peaceful vibe. Many visitors come here to learn about the Tibetan culture, and some also practice meditation. Also, Once you are here, you must visit Lal Tibba Scenic Point, Kempty Falls and George Everest House. Moreover, this place is known as mini-Tibet as it has sheltered nearly 5000 Tibetan refugees. Happy Valley has to be included in the list of unique places in Mussoorie.

Location: 2.8 KM from Mussoorie
Timing: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Entry fee: Free

3. Cloud’s End

A sunset view from Cloud’s end, one of the best offbeat places in Mussoorie

Image Credit: Pixel.la for Wikimedia Commons

When in Mussoorie, you have to visit this amazing place called Cloud’s End. This desolate area would give you a blissful view of the nearby valleys and hills. Located in the middle of voluminous forests, Cloud’s End is known to be the place which marks the end of Mussoorie. Furthermore, it is a significant spot for people who enjoy nature and adventure lovers. Not just amazing views, but this place is ideal for birdwatching and trekking as well. Visitors can discover the footpaths passing through the dense forests covered with deodar trees. Moreover, once you dive into the forest, you will catch glimpses of different species of wildlife and birds. Major spots of tourist attractions near Cloud’s End are Jwala Devi Temple, Lake Mist and Gun Hill.

Location: 7 KM from Mussoorie
Timings: Before Sunset
Entry Fee: N/A

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4. Kanatal

A view of Kantal’s mountain amidst clouds

Image Source: Shutterstock

Kanatal is a compact village situated in the beautiful backdrop of the Garhwal Himalayas in the Tehri Garhwal district, which makes for an offbeat place in Mussoorie. This village is the best place for a weekend retreat, full of amazing views and cosiness. The spot is also famous for snowfall, and some other tourist attractions around this place are Tehri Dam, Dhanaulti Eco Park and Surkanda Devi Temple. Furthermore, if your idea of a vacation is exploring forest walkways, dining near the river and running after mountain goats throughout grasslands, you must come to Kanatal. It is the most famous name in the list of Mussoorie offbeat places and offers visitors a chance to stay close to the natural habitat. Moreover, this beautiful hill station is encircled by apple orchards, and multiple homestays offer homemade food and a view of village life.

Location: 48.7 KM from Mussoorie
Timings: 9 AM- 5 PM (April- October is the best time to visit)
Entry Fee: Rs 20/-

5. Wishing Well

A wishing well in Mussoorie, one of the amazing offbeat places in Mussoorie

Image Credit: Philippe Alès for Wikimedia Commons

You wouldn’t find this place on a map but it is one of the best offbeat places to visit in Mussoorie. It is located en route to the house of George Everest. Furthermore, it might appear similar to the rest of the wishing wells, but people believe that an aged colonel in Mussoorie followed the beautiful voice of a lady singing from there. He could locate the woman, but she was too shy to talk to him. She then took the horse and fled from that place. Also, the next day, the colonel visited the lady’s house and asked her father if he could marry her. The father showed approval but on the condition that the colonel would need to live in Mussoorie for the rest of his life. Moreover, the wishing well is considered lucky as it is where both of them meet for the first time.

Location: 5.8 KM from Mussoorie
Timings: N/A
Entry Fee: N/A

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6. Mall Road

Crowd in Mall Road in Mussoorie

Image Credit: Tanweer Morshed for Wikimedia Commons

The Mall Road is the midpoint of Mussoorie, and it remains bustling throughout the day and night. Considered one of the unique places in Mussoorie, this place has many shops and cafes across the side of narrow streets on this road. Furthermore, you can also walk along this road in the evening, and come across a round space that gives off a very colourful vibe. Also, you will find a wide variety of winter essential clothing, such as socks, caps, mufflers, scarves, and hand gloves, sold at affordable prices. It is a connecting point of the town’s famous markets namely the Library and Kulri. Moreover, the British-developed Mall Road looks unique, with vintage-style lamp posts and benches on either side of the road. Stay around here as offbeat places to stay in Mussoorie.

Location: Nearly 2 KM from Kulri
Timings: All day
Entry Fees: N/A

7. Sainji Corn Village

A bunch of corn hanging, one of the offbeat places in Mussoorie

Image Credit: timquijano for Wikimedia Commons

Sainji Corn Village is a traditional village that still follows the ancient practice of hanging corn shells in front of the house. These corn shells are considered to be a sign of wealth and fortune. Mostly, all the staple meal services in this village are made up of corn, and people believe that a large amount of corn in the homes signifies that the household members wouldn’t go to bed hungry and there would be enough to meet the guests’ hunger. Additionally, a larger quantity of corn also symbolises that the woman is married into a good household. Most of the houses in this village were reconstructed with cement. However, there’s still an old house made of wood that was not broken, and this house belongs to Mr. Sanjay Narang, the owner of the Rokeby Manor.

Location: 18.3 KM from Mussoorie
Timings: N/A
Entry Fee: N/A

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8. Jabarkhet Nature Walk

A serene walking trail in Jabarkhet Nature Walk, one of the offbeat places in Mussoorie

Image Credit: Mx. Granger for Wikimedia Commons

Jabarkhet Nature Walk is a serene space just 15 minutes away from the busy city of Mussoorie. This place is no less than a paradise that is also home to many flora and fauna. Furthermore, the trek here is quite easy, and you must walk through downslopes and inclines. You must take breaks at frequent intervals to enjoy the scenic view of the place and indulge yourself in the experience while visiting Mussoorie’s offbeat places. Moreover, there are many rearing spots constructed out of stone in between the forest and a specific spot amidst the trek precisely dedicated to the Tibetan flags tied to trees offering an amazing view of the snow-covered mountains.

Location: 6.7 KM from Mussoorie
Timing: 7:00 AM-4:00 PM
Entry fee: INR 600 onwards

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Mussoorie’s offbeat places bestow a mesmerising view of the city alongside serenity and peace. These places must be covered if you plan a trip to Mussoorie this holiday season. Every place mentioned in this list promises a blissful view and relaxing experience that will give you memories for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places In Mussoorie

What makes Mussoorie so famous?

Mussoorie is famous for its quaint life, nature’s heaven, and beautiful views.

Which is the best time to visit Mussoorie?

The winter season October to February is the best time to visit Mussoorie as there is snowfall and it reaches the peak of its beauty.

Which is the coldest month in Mussoorie?

January is the coldest month in Mussoorie.

Does Mussoorie get snowfall?

Yes, Mussoorie gets snowfall during the winter season (mid-December to February).

Is Mussoorie an ideal destination for a family trip?

Mussoorie is an ideal destination for family trips as there are several family-friendly places of attraction located across the city.

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