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Mussoorie is often called ‘Queen of the Hills’ and for all the right reasons. This destination sits at an altitude of 7000 meters above the ground. With the backdrop of Shivalik Ranges and the panoramic views of the doon valley, Mussoorie is like a postcard-perfect scenery. The remnants from the British era are another jaw-dropping reasons behind the popularity of this jewel of Uttarakhand.

This town of colonial-era is nestled amidst some alluring destinations. While Mussorie in itself has plenty to offer, the destinations surrounding this hill station are equally remarkable. This town is often one of the major getaways for many, but how about going off the track once in a while? There are innumerable weekend getaways from Mussoorie that never fail to impress.

All the locations sitting in the proximity of Mussoorie exhibits magnificent landscapes. Lush greens, waterfalls, and calmness make the escape totally worthwhile. We have compiled a fine list of all the short trips that you can take right after Mussoorie!

Top 5 Weekend Getaways From Mussoorie Within 100 km

There are great opportunities for you to indulge in weekend getaways around Mussoorie. Here are a few places to visit near Mussoorie within 100 km that are quite easily accessible and well connected with the hill station:

  • Kalsi – 58 km from Mussoorie 
  • Dhanaulti – 59 km from Mussoorie
  • Chamba – 60 km from Mussoorie
  • Rishikesh – 77 km from Mussoorie
  • Chakrata – 84 km from Mussoorie

1. Kalsi – 58 km from Mussoorie 


Kalsi might not be the most heard about weekend getaways near Mussoorie but it does not mean that it’s not a great place. In fact, the unpopularity is a fair reason for Kalsi still being in a pristine condition. The rivers, Yamuna and Tons meet here to make a serene valley where you can go for camping as well as hiking activities. In fact, the landscape makes it very feasible for picnic spots dotted throughout the region.

Places to visit: Dak Pathar, Vikasnagar, Katta Pathar, Ashokan Rock Edict

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2. Dhanaulti – 59 km from Mussoorie


Image Credits: Alok Prasad for Wikimedia

Dhanaulti is an escape for leisure lovers. Sitting at a height of 2286 meters, Dhanaulti is among the most picturesque weekend getaways from Mussoorie within 100km. This town is known for its serenity and quiet ambiance. Sitting in the proximity of Mussoorie, Dhanaulti is a destination like no other. For those who wish to just enjoy a calm and relaxing holiday, away from any sort of workload can consider Dhanaulti for a getaway. Parks, forts, and farms combine to form the sightseeing experiences of Dhanaulti. If you wish to engage in a little thrill here and there, there are various nature-related adventure sports to indulge into. For instance, river crossing, trekking, hiking, and many more similar ones.

Places To Visit: Deogarh Fort, Eco Park, Chanderi Town, Potato Farm, Dashavatar Temple, Kanatal Adventure Camp

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3. Chamba – 60 km from Mussoorie


Image Credits: Wikimedia

Chamba is a paradise on earth. This destination is located in the Tehri Garhwal and is famed for its untouched natural beauty. Chamba is home to thick pine and deodar jungles that adds to the stunning landscape. The luxuriant greens of this destination are what make it a perfect respite. One of the most amazing weekend getaways from Mussoorie, Chamba blankets hundreds of apple and apricot orchards. You can also get a chance to witness the beauty that rhododendrons possess. Offering an array of photogenic attractions, visiting this town is definitely worth every penny.

Places To Visit: Tehri Dam, Tehri Dam Reservoir, Kunjapuri Temple Mount, Tehri Dam View Point

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4. Rishikesh – 77 km from Mussoorie

yoga at riverside

Image Credits: Pixabay

Rishikesh is not just any other destination. It’s a perfect blend of soothing vibes with a hint of thrill. It is a magnet that attracts those who seek spirituality. Rishikesh got its fame back in the ‘60s when a famous band named the Beatles paid a visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In today’s time, it has become the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’. Rishikesh is among the best weekend getaways from Mussoorie because apart from the peace that it oozes out, it is also a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. The aarti that takes place every evening by the ghats is another major highlight of this wonderful destination.

Places To Visit: Laxman Jhula, Neer Garh Waterfall, Triveni Ghat, Beatles Ashram, Rishi Kund

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5. Chakrata – 84 km from Mussoorie

A Green Valley

The misty and beautiful cantonment town of Chakrata is perched at  an altitude of 7000 ft. above the sea level. The hill station is famous for offering some of the best adventure sports in Uttarakhand like skiing and mountain climbing. The forest area around Chakrata is habitat to rich flora and fauna, which is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

Places to visit: Tiger Falls, Vyas Shikhar, Ramtal Garden

6 Weekend Getaways From Mussoorie Within 200 km

Don’t worry about the distance, they only get serene as you progress. Here goes the list of places to visit near Mussoorie within 200 km from the town:

  • Uttarkashi – 115 km from Mussoorie
  • Mori – 132 km from Mussoorie 
  • Devprayag – 146 km from Mussoorie
  • Pauri – 184 km from Mussoorie
  • Khirsu – 185 km from Mussoorie
  • Lansdowne – 187 km from Mussoorie

6. Uttarkashi – 115 km from Mussoorie


Image Credits: Atara for Wikimedia

Uttarkashi is one of the major weekend getaways from Mussoorie. This town of Uttarakhand is also named as ‘Devbhumi’ which literally translates to the ‘Land of the Gods’. Uttarkashi has religious significance latched to itself. This town acts as a magnet for hundreds and thousands of pilgrims throughout the year. Home to countless temples and shrines, Uttarkashi has a different vibe altogether. It is one of the most vibrant ones where numerous aartis take place in the evening and the town gets surrounded by yellow shimmers all around. The most popular pilgrim spot that covers the floor of Uttarkashi is Gangotri.

Places To Visit: Vishwanath Temple, Dodital Lake, Gaumukh, Kedar Tal, Harsil, Yamunotri

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7. Mori – 132 km from Mussoorie 

Mori In Uttarakhand

Image Credits: Wikimedia

Ever heard of Mori? We bet you haven’t. It can safely be considered as one of the best weekend getaways near Mussoorie and why not – the scenic village and sleepy town makes it the best. What more are you looking for from your weekend other than a quiet place that doesn’t honk, isn’t in a race and looks at the world from a different perspective. And perspective is what you’ll gain while heading to this town and staying for at least 2 full days.  

Places to visit: Duryodhana Temple, Netwar, Lunagad Creek

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8. Devprayag – 146 km from Mussoorie

places to visit in Devprayag

Devprayag is part of the panch prayags and being a holy destination houses some of the finest temples in Uttarakhand. The blessed confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers giving rise to the river Ganga makes for a sight to behold. This is one of those tourist places near Mussoorie that offers sanctity, peace, and a lot of adventure. It’s a small town but the excess concentration of temples will keep your spiritual energy sky high, just like the adventure sports will keep your spirits high. 

Places to visit: Chandrabadani Devi, Raghunathji Temple, Nageshwar temple, Devprayag Sangam

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9. Pauri – 184 km from Mussoorie 


Perched at an altitude of 3000 metre above the sea level, Pauri is often surrounded by snow-clad mountains on all sides. The town has vast meadows, river streams and breathtaking landscape giving rise to some of the most scenic valleys in Uttarakhand. Several mountains that are clear from the town are Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Trisul Satopanth, and Hathiparvat. With plenty of attractions to roam around, Pauri is one of the finest tourist places near Mussoorie.

Places to visit: Chaukhamba Viewpoint, Kandoliya, Darwan Singh Regimental Museum, Kaleshwar Temple

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10. Khirsu – 185 km from Mussoorie 

Snowclad mountains of the gorgeous Khirsu

The scenic hill station of Khirsu lies at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. It is definitely one of the most offbeat places in Uttarakhand dotted heavily with oak, deodar forests and apple orchards. Do plan for a private camp trip or trekking expedition in the hills and try to go either on a solo trip or as a couple. The melodies of nature will be surprising and welcoming in the morning when you realize you have entered a dream of a place.

Places to visit: Buda Bharsaar Temple, Lakshman Temple, Adwani, Ulkha Giri

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11. Lansdowne – 187 km from Mussoorie


Image Credits: Priyambada Nath for Wikimedia

Lansdowne is a relatively new addition to the list of popular weekend getaways from Mussoorie. This is a cantonment town that offers great opportunities for one to engage in landscape photography. The hill station was found by Lord Lansdowne, the then Viceroy of India back in 1887. In the initial days of the town, it was used as a training center by the British and then a hub for most freedom fighters. Lansdowne has witnessed a remarkable shift in the evolution of this country. Now a popular choice among tourists, this destination is popular for its oak and pine forests, picturesque sceneries, and the refreshing aura.

Places To Visit: Regiment Museum, Tiffin Top, Bhulla Tal, Durga Devi Temple

6 Weekend Getaways From Mussoorie Within 300 km

Do you think they are far away? We’d ask you to reconsider due to the absolute joy of exploring these lovely weekend getaways from Mussoorie within 300 km: 

  • Kasauli – 210 km from Mussoorie
  • Rudraprayag – 212 km from Mussoorie
  • Gangotri – 215 km from Mussoorie
  • Harsil – 222 km from Mussoorie 
  • Kufri – 271 km from Mussoorie
  • Nainital – 298 km from Mussoorie

12. Kasauli – 210 km from Mussoorie

Kasauli Jungle Hike

A cantonment town in Himachal, Kasauli serves as the perfect weekend getaway from Mussoorie with colonial-era houses, orchards and churches. A peaceful place with a pleasant environment throughout the year, Kasauli is full surrounded by dense forests, mountains and amazing nature trails perfect for nature walks or hiking. What adds Kasauli to the list of tourist places near Mussoorie is the fact that the beautiful town attracts a lot of family tourists throughout the year making it perfect for your next vacation spot.

Places to visit: Sunset Point, Monkey Point, Mall Road, Gilbert Trail, Christ Church, Kuthar Palace, Pine Hills Eco Camp

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13. Rudraprayag – 212 km from Mussoorie


Image Credits: Fowler&Fowler for Wikimedia

This is a quaint town, hiding from any sort of commercialization. Idyllic for short weekend getaways from Mussoorie, Rudraprayag is named after an incarnation of Lord Shiva. This town has always been of religious importance to the Hindus. It is believed that a saint named Narad Muni was actually blessed by the Lord himself here. There are three districts that can be found here named Tehri, Chamoli, and Pauri. There are innumerable shrines and temples that cover the floors of this destination. These places of worship only add to the beauty of this peaceful destination.

Places To Visit: Rudraprayag Temple, Augustmuni Temple, Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, Deoria Tal

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14. Gangotri – 215 km from Mussoorie

Gangotri Lake

If you have heard of Gangotri, we know it’s due to the fact that it is one of the most important religious places in India. Situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi, which is basically the origin of the river, Gangotri invites mostly pilgrims. It’s not always necessary to move around mountains on weekends, spiritual rejuvenation is also key to holidays. However, the vividness of Gangotri is such that Gaumukh, located close, becomes a base camp for multiple trekking expeditions!

Places to visit: Gangotri Temple, Surya Kund, Bhagirath Shila

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15. Harsil – 222 km from Mussoorie 


One the serene banks of Bhagirathi river, perched at altitude of 2620 meter above sea level, lies a paradise and hidden gem of Uttarakhand. The village of Harsil attracts only those few looking to go for offbeat holidays. Several awesome valleys surround Harsil, the snow-clad mountains, winding river and green meadows makes it one of the best places near Mussoorie for holiday. You can clearly spot the Kailash, Srikanth Peak and Bandarpunch mountains from Harsil.

Places to visit: Wilson Cottage, Dharali, Gangnani

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16. Kufri – 271 km from Mussoorie

Og Image

Kufri is a very small town in Himachal Pradesh and one of the finest hill stations. Lose yourself in the lap of nature, unspoilt locations that span the entire area, and adventure spots that clearly attract an adventurer. The dense cedar woods and vibrant flower gardens make for lovely strolls in the evening. Needless to say, Kufri is ideal for a weekend getaway if you are an adventure seeker or a couple. 

Places to visit: Himalayan Nature Park, Mahasu Peak, Green Valley, Kufri Zoo

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17. Nainital – 298 km from Mussoorie

boats in lake

Image Credits: Shuvadip for Wikimedia

Till day, Nainital is one of the popular ones in Uttarakhand, especially among families during the summer holidays. Nainital is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and is also referred to as ‘Tri-Rishi-Sarovar’. This is because it is believed that three sages that were named Pulaha, Atri, and Pulastya took a stop to quench their thirst. But failing to find any water body, they dug a hole and filled it with the water from Lake Mansarovar. Another interesting legend that the locals of Nainital recite is that of the Hindu Goddess Sati. She was the wife of Lord Shiva and it is believed that she fell into a lake and formed the Nainital lake. These legends combined with the serene atmosphere makes Nainital one of the perfect family weekend getaways from Mussoorie.

Places To Visit: Jim Corbett National Park, Naukuchiatal, Sattal, Bhimtal Lake, The Mall Road, Raj Bhawan

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Mussoorie is one of the popular destinations for many of those who seek a refreshing vacation. This is the destination where one can simply forget about their busy and fast-running lives. The best part about this hill station is that it is nestled among some impeccable other towns. These towns give one a chance to enjoy the weekend getaways from Mussoorie, even if a long-planned vacation is not feasible. So when you plan your trip to Uttarakhand, you know what all destinations to cover!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Weekend Getaways From Mussoorie

What are the top weekend getaways from Mussoorie?

Mussoorie is surrounded by some of the most stunning places that one can take a trip to. The top weekend getaways are Uttarkashi, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Lansdowne, and Dhanaulti.

How far is Nainital from Mussorie?

Nainital is located around 310 km from Mussoorie. There is numerous public transport that one can use to cover the distance. There are regular buses and taxis that one can board or hire respectively.

What are the places to visit in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is a destination like no other. Some of the most outstanding places to visit in Rishikesh are Laxman Jhula, Neer Garh Waterfall, Triveni Ghat, Beatles Ashram, and Rishi Kund.

What is the best time to visit Mussoorie?

The best time to pay a visit to Mussoorie is during the summer months. The months from April to June are considered the most ideal ones to do the same.

What can one do in Lansdowne?

There is an extensive number of things that one can do in Lansdowne such as camping, trekking, boating, birdwatching, strolling around the Tiger Reserve, and much more.

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