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North Bengal is the northern area of West Bengal, which falls on the eastern end of India.North Bengal is a perfect destination for tourists, offering tranquil beauty, diverse landscapes, and a rich heritage. Offbeat travel has been growing steadily in the tourism industry, providing genuine travelling experiences to tourists wanting to connect with nature. An escape from the daily hustle and bustle of city life, from the rippling tea gardens spread towards the horizon to the snow-dusted ranges, some of the best offbeat places in North Bengal are unexplored by many and worth visiting.

Top 5 Offbeat Destinations in North Bengal

From the serene tea gardens of Chisang to the heavenly abode of the wildlife in Buxa Tiger Reserve, check out these top 5 offbeat places in North Bengal that you must visit.

1. Chisang

Chisang is a small, beautiful village that is situated in Kalimpong and is one of the best offbeat places in North Bengal

Image Source: Rodrigo.Argenton for wikimedia commons

Chisang is a small yet picturesque hamlet in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal. The place offers an awe-inspiring view of the Nathula Range and Bhutan’s Tendu Valley. The actual essence of Chisang lies in its unique heritage and natural beauty. It is also known for its medicinal herbs and world-famous production of organic cardamom.

One of the village’s highlights is its tea gardens. The area is a renowned place for growing the highest quality of tea and the visitors of the place get a chance to visit the lush gardens and learn about the entire tea-making process. Chisang, therefore, is a hidden gem of North Bengal and a must-visit for travellers looking for adventure and to experience the serene lifestyle of the rural area.

Best known for: Tea gardens, cardamom manufacturing, homestay, trekking trails
Best time to visit: September to April and December to February

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2. Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as the Kulik Bird Sanctuary, Raiganh Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in North Bengal

Image Source: Apurbasen for wikimedia commons

The Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary, also popularly known as the Kulik Bird Sanctuary, is located near Raiganj, in Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal. The sanctuary’s terrain provides a marvellous backdrop for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers. The sanctuary’s core area covers approximately 0.14 square kilometres, as well as its adjoining buffer zones, which provide numerous opportunities for tourists to observe the wildlife and partake in photography. From enigmatic night herons, little egrets, and magnificent open-bill storks to nimble cormorants, the sanctuary’s diverse population of birds, is a main attraction consisting of over 164 species of birds. Moreover, the wildlife sanctuary also attracts an assorted range of migratory birds from the countries of South Asia, adding to the rich tapestry of avian life.

The Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary, overall, is one of the best locations for tourists looking for a prospect of connecting with nature in a peaceful setting.

Best known for: Birdwatching, Wildlife Observation, Picnic Spots
Best time to visit: November to March

3. Rimbik

Situated in the Darjeeling district, Rimbik is the perfect escape into the core of the mighty Eastern Himalayan mountains

Image Source: Santanu Chandra for wikimedia commons

Huddled in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, Rimbik provides an escape into the core of the Eastern Himalayas. This quaint yet delightful Himalayan hamlet is located at an altitude of around 6,400 square feet above sea level, hence, providing an absolutely beautiful backdrop of stunning mountains, lush flora and panoramic views. One of the most visited tourist spots in the region is the Rimbik monastery, an important religious and cultural centre for the local communities of Tibet and Nepal. The visitors get a chance to see the rich heritage of the Himalayas and also get to witness the artefacts, elaborate murals and praying rituals of the monastery.

Singalila National Park, known for its varied wildlife and scenic hiking trails is another prominent attraction near the area. The Singalila Ridge Trek is one of the central events of the national park. Adventurers from all around the world gather to witness the exquisite views of the Himalayan Peaks as well as the infamous Kanchenjunga.

Best known for: Singalila National Park, Rimbik Monastery, Rimbik Bazaar
Best time to visit: March to November

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4. Dalgaon

Surrounded by lush greenery, Dalgaon is a picturesque village that is located in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal

Image Source: Shutterstock

Dalgaon is a whimsical village located around the lusciousness of the Dooars region, in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, offering tourists a serene retreat in the Eastern Himalayas. Exquisite wooden houses surround the area, offering panoramic views that encompass beautiful flowers, sheltered with pine trees, making this area one of the most beautiful settlements in the Dooars region. Dalgaon View Point is one of the main attractions of the region where some of Bhutan as well as the vast and beautiful landscape of the Dooars Valley and river is visible.

Visitors can take leisurely walks through town, inhaling the pure mountain air and admiring the outstanding views of the surroundings. The town’s central position makes it an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts and photographers looking to capture the splendour of the Himalayan foothills.

Best known for: Dalgaon View Point, River Jaldhaka, Neora Valley National Park, Cinchona Plantation Farm
Best time to visit: October to March

5. Buxa Tiger Reserve

Located in Alipurduar, the Buxa Tiger Reserve is one of the best offbeat places in North Bengal you must visit

Image Source: Vanisri874 for wikimedia commons

Buxa Tiger Reserve is located in the Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. The population of Bengal tigers that roam freely around the area, is the primary attraction of the Tiger Reserve. It is a haven that is exclusive to not just tigers but a wide range of animals such as Asian elephants, Indian bison, leopards, wild boars, and deer. The reserve’s flourishing subtropical forests offer an exciting experience for nature lovers and wildlife watchers.

Not just this, but tourists, especially the adventurers would be pleased to know that Buxa Tiger Reserve provides ample possibilities for trekking and hiking. Various trekking paths wind through the area which allows the visitors to take in stunning views of nature, its waterfalls, and historic ruins. The trek to Buxa Fort is extremely popular among tourists as the ancient fort allows spectacular views of the surrounding forests and land. It is also an abode to several archaeological sites and remains, dating back to the Gupta period. It provides excellent insights into the region’s rich history and cultural legacy.

Best known for: Biodiversity Park, Trekking, Hiking, Archaeological Sites
Best time to visit: October to March

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Make a trip to West Bengal and visit these top 5 offbeat destinations that offer a treasure full of beautiful memories and a peaceful getaway for travellers wanting to escape the monotony of a daily routine. A visit to these places will give tourists a chance to reconnect with nature and an overall immersive experience of the region’s rich cultural heritage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places in North Bengal

What is the best tourist season to visit North Bengal?

The best time to visit North Bengal is between October and March when the temperature is more on the cooler and pleasant side.

How to reach North Bengal?

North Bengal is connected well to the rest of India by road, air as well as rail. New Jalpaiguri is the closest railway station and the airport closest to North Bengal is the one in Bagdogra.

What is the best season to visit North Bengal?

Generally, winter is considered to be the best season for visiting and exploring some of the best offbeat places in North Bengal.

What are the must-visit places in North Bengal?

Some of the most prominent places to visit in North Bengal are Darjeeling, Lepchajagat, Gangtok and Coochbehar. These are offbeat places in North Bengal within 200 km.

What clothes to carry in North Bengal?

Though it depends on the season one is visiting the region in, it is recommended for the tourists to pack lightweight and breathable clothing for daytime as it is significantly warmer at that time. It is also advised to carry light jackets, sweaters and shawls for the substantially cooler nighttime.

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