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Who doesn’t love a little getaway every once in a while away from the bustle of the city? Jalpaiguri is located in West Bengal, in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. Also, many offbeat places near Jalpaiguri might be your perfect getaway. Jalpaiguri, predominantly known for its agriculture, has many tea gardens. It is also known as the ‘three T’s’ because it is very popular for tea, timber, and tourism. It’s the perfect spot for tourists because of its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes with diverse flora and fauna. Now, let’s look at some of these gems, which are a must-visit if you are planning a trip to Jalpaiguri or looking for the perfect blissful and secluded vacation spot.

Offbeat Places Near Jalpaiguri For The Weekend

From its scenic landscapes and breathtaking views to its rich cultural heritage, Jalpaiguri has got it all. These 6 offbeat places near Jalpaiguri range from temples to wildlife sanctuaries. Let’s take a look at them:-

1. Gorumara National Park

Exploring the Gorumara Forest in North Bengal, an Offbeat Place Near Jalpaiguri

Image Source: Shutterstock

Situated in the Dooars region of the Himalayan foothills, it covers an area of 80 square kilometres. With its beautiful landscape and lush green forest, it offers rich biodiversity to wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. There are many watchtowers, such as Jatraprasad Watch Tower, Rhino Observation Point: Chandrachur Watch Tower (Old Khunia Watch Tower), and Chukchuki Bird-Watching Point.

It is home to over 50 species of mammals, 194 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, 7 species of turtles, and 27 species of fish. The fauna and flora—the picturesque tropical orchids, bamboo groves, terai grassland vegetation, tropical riverine reeds, and many more delightful sights—promise an enjoyable safari experience.

Timings: 6 am to 5 pm
Best time to visit: November to March (Closed from June 16 to September 15 due to monsoon)
Distance from Jalpaiguri: Approximately 37 km

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2. Samsing

Samsing Tea Garden, West Bengal, India

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you, too, love a sunset and want to plan the most serene end to the day, Samsing is the perfect place to be. Situated at an elevation of 3000 ft, at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas of the Doorars region, Samsing is a small hill village with a view that is hard to leave once you look at it – ordained with many tea gardens and the most scenic landscape, it is still one of the hidden secrets of India, kept far away from the city noise.

The drive to Samsing takes you through some of the most stunning tea gardens, offering just a glimpse of the view of the soaring mountains that await you in Samsing. For mountain lovers, Samsing is perfect for thrill seekers and those who just want a few days of calm away from the chaos. Camp stays, river trekking at the River Neora Valley National Park, and Rhododendron forest treks are just activities tourists enjoy when in Samsing.

Timings: NA
Best time to visit: October to February
Distance from Jalpaiguri: Approximately 65 km

3. Buxa Tiger Reserve

Jungle scenes during a safari at Buxa Tiger Reserve, one of the best offbeat places near Jalpaiguri

Image Source: Shutterstock

It is situated in the Alipurduar Sub-division of Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal, and covers an area of 745 square kilometers. There, one can spot rare orchids and even plants with medicinal properties. The reserve is home not only to the Bengal Tiger but also to a wide variety of leopards, Asian elephants, wild buffalo, mongooses, hog deer, and various other species. The Buxa Tiger Reserve Safari is one of the most famous tourist activities there.

Some other places in the Buxa National Park one can sightsee are Buxa Fort, one of the oldest forts in Eastern India, where many Indian freedom fighters were detained by the British; Jayanti, which you can reach by driving through the dense Buxa Tiger Reserve; and the Mahakal Cave, a cave dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Timings: NA
Best time to visit – October to March
Distance from Jalpaiguri – 114.3 km

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4. Jalpesh Temple

Jalpesh Temple in Japlaiguri, West Bengal

Image Credit: Tirtha.aec09 for Wikimedia Commons

Jalpaiguri is also known for its cultural and religious unanimity. Even though Jalpaiguri comprises mainly people who practice Hinduism, there are people of other religious groups as well such as Muslims, Christians, and Jains. The temples here are also famous tourist sites. One is the Jalpesh temple, where Lord Shiva, or Jalpeshwara, is worshipped.

Mahashivratri is the main festival celebrated by the devotees of Lord Shiva and is celebrated in this temple on a large scale. There is a Jalpesh Mela Fair that takes place in February-March. Pilgrims come to this temple to worship Lord Shiva, and people from Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh attend the fairs and visit their deity.

Timings: 6 am to 8 pm
Best time to visit – February-March, July-August
Distance from Jalpaiguri – 24km

5. Jhalong

A beautiful sunset at Jhalong, one of the best offbeat places in Jalpaiguri

Image Source: Shutterstock

Jhalong is situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and on the river side of Jhaldhaka, a very small village in the Dooars region and one of the hidden gems not visited by many. As they say, hidden gems shine the brightest; it is a scenic beauty ordained with lush green mountains and meandering rivers, where, away from the chaos, one can find tranquillity in its purest form.

For all those who love to go on long walks and enjoy the gorgeous views, Jhalong provides the best backdrops and paths to go on endless walks. Camping by the riverside is another tourist attraction, perfect for this placid village, especially for all the stargazers and photographers. It is a delight for all the bird watchers, as they can spot various bird species, such as the Eurasian Wryneck, Crested Kingfisher, Little Forktail, and many more. Some of the must-see sights in Jhalong are the Jhaldaka River and the Bindu Dam. Both of these are such gorgeous sights that one can just savour them by picnicking by the riverside or taking a stroll and enjoying the view, and the upside is that they are located in Jhalong, which is one of the offbeat places near Jalpaiguri within 100 km.

Timings: NA
Best Time to Visit – Winter Season (November to March)
How to Reach from Jalpaiguri– Approximately 81km from Jalpaiguri, one can travel by taxi, train, or bus.

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6. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

The Entrance to the Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary near Gorumara National Park, Doorars

Image Credit: Sharadindu Bhattacharya for Wikimedia Commons

Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary is located very close to Gorumara National Park in the Doorars, which was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1998. It is home to a large population of tigers and other wild animals such as gaur, sambar, barking deer, and many more. The tourists can take delight in the beautiful flora and fauna by going on a jungle safari.

Timings: NA
Best time to visit – Anytime except the monsoon (closed from June to September)
Distance from Jalpaiguri – Approximately 30 km

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We hope these offbeat places near Jalpaiguri make you take some days off and take a trip to Jalpaiguri. Consider this a hint from the universe, and book the tickets as soon as possible for the perfect getaway from the monotonous city life. These are some of the must-visit offbeat places near Jalpaiguri within 100 kms. Book a stay so you can lay or sway, up to your will, all day!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Offbeat Places Near Jalpaiguri (FAQs)

Which language is mostly spoken in Jalpaiguri?

The most commonly spoken language there is Bengali. Some people also speak a bit of Hindi.

What are the most common tourist spots near Jalpaiguri?

Buxa Tiger Reserve, Maynaguri, Samsing, Jalpaiguri Rajbari, Gorumara National Park, and Jalpesh Temple are some of the most common attractions for tourists.

Why is Jalpaiguri famous?

Jalpaiguri is famous for its tea gardens, cultural heritage, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Which is the famous temple of Jalpaiguri?

The famous temple in Jalpaiguri is the Jalpesh temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Where can I stay in Jalpaiguri?

Some of the hotels where you can stay in Jalpaiguri are Sinclairs Retreat Dooars, Chalsa Hollong Tourist Lodge, WBTDC Murti Tourist Resort, Manabari Greens, and the Murti Tourist Lodge.

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