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Siliguri is a picturesque beauty in North Bengal known for its amazing views of the Himalayan ranges and for providing dreamy experiences to visitors. Some places near Siliguri have similar charm but have yet to be explored as much. These offbeat places near Siliguri range from showcasing the best of nature’s blessings to filling your soul with all the serenity you need. You can find various offbeat places for a solo trip or a couple’s weekend getaway.

Top 10 Offbeat Places Near Siliguri You Must Explore

From the land of the white orchids to the historical town of Takdah, check out the top 10 offbeat places near Siliguri that you must explore

1. Kurseong

Often referred to as the land of the white orchids, Kurseong is among the top offbeat places near Siliguri you must visit

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The ‘land of the white orchids’ is an unexplored gem and one of the offbeat places near Siliguri suitable for couples and solo travellers. Located near Darjeeling, this hill town boasts spectacular flowers, a rich history, a pleasant climate throughout the year, and mesmerising lush green views. You can go to Balason River to unwind and relax or enjoy the museums galore. There is so much in here for everyone, making it a great offbeat location. The tea gardens and temples are also enchanting places to visit in Kurseong.

Distance from Siliguri: 33 km
Attractions/Activities: Forest Museum, Deer Park, Himalayan Railway Museum, Eagle’s Craig, tea gardens, waterfalls, temples
Best time to travel: March to June, September to December

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2. Jaldapara National Park

Situated near the eastern Himalayas, Jaldapara National Park is among the best offbeat places near Siliguri for tourists

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Counted among the best offbeat places near Siliguri, this park is situated near the Eastern Himalayas, where the Torsa River flows nearby. Its highlight is housing rare one-horned rhinos as it has the second largest population after Kaziranga National Park. It is spread across 217 square km of grassland alongside riverine forests and is known for having a rich variety of flora and fauna. You can spot various animals such as deer, Royal Bengal Tiger, bison, elephants, sambhar, hog-badger, and more.

Distance from Siliguri: 120 km
Attractions/Activities: One-horned rhino, birdwatching, jeep safari, elephant safari, nature walks views from watch towers
Best time to travel: September to June, November to February

1. Murti

Murti is a fantastic tourist destination that is definitely worth checking and one of the best places near Siliguri

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Murti is a fantastic place among the list of offbeat places near Siliguri. It is named after the river that flows here, the Murti River. The pristine waters of the river are simply enchanting. If you want a break from all the noise of big cities, Murti is it. The sound of nature beckons you to explore and look away from your phone, making it an idyllic location to rejuvenate. You can enjoy picnicking, trekking, walking, and relaxing. The wildlife sanctuaries and the tribal communities offer an unforgettable experience for travellers wanting more.

Distance from Siliguri: 80 km
Attractions/Activities: Murti River, Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuaries, tribal culture, tea gardens
Best time to travel: Mid-October to mid-March

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1. Jhalong

Alt text: Jhalong is often mentioned among the lesser-known yet best offbeat places near Siliguri that are worth visiting by tourists

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Jhalong is one offbeat place near Siliguri that is great when you want to chill. It is only 10 minutes away from Bindu which tourists frequent. You will feel cradled in nature’s lap when you visit Jhalong because there are no crowds. There is only nature that always surrounds you. You are greeted by the sweet songs of the birds and the roaring flowing river which soothes and relaxes you. You will get a fantastic view of the river from the top of Gauribas which is nearby. You can enjoy camping and trekking here too.

Distance from Siliguri: 100 km
Attractions/Activities: Birdwatching, views of the river, Bindu Dam
Best time to travel: October and November

2. Bara Mangwa

 Often mentioned among the top offbeat places near Siliguri, Bara Mangwa is one of the most beautiful places in West Bengal

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Among the top offbeat places near Siliguri for couples, Bara Mangwa is in Darjeeling. From streams to waterfalls, tea gardens to landscape views to keep you on your toes, you will find them all at Bara Mangwa. You can hike in the forest to spot rare birds and animals. The Chota Mangwa village offers a deep dive into how the locals live, their lifestyle, and their cuisine. A little away from Bara Mangwa is Suntalekhola, a valley that requires just a few hours. To make the most of it, you can go camping here to capture the essence of Darjeeling.

Distance from Siliguri: 57 km
Attractions/Activities: Chota Mangwa village, Suntalekhola, picturesque views, camping
Best time to travel: November and December

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3. Chakung

Located in West Sikkim, Chakung is among the most beautiful offbeat places near Siliguri for tourists to explore

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Located in West Sikkim, Chakung is a land that has not been explored fully making it one of the top offbeat places near Siliguri. Just stand in Chakung village and let the cool winds from Kanchenjunga embrace you. You can enjoy a range of activities here, such as mountain biking, paragliding, hiking, and camping, to get the best experience of the place. It is also a birdwatching heaven because you can spot a range of birds here. Gaze into the sky and see beautiful stars light up the sky brilliantly at Chakung. You have to check out the naturally formed rock deck Aganay Dara here.

Distance from Siliguri: 94 km
Attractions/Activities: Camping, Aganay Dara, hiking, star gazing, birdwatching, paragliding, mountain biking
Best time to travel: September to April

4. Takdah

 Filled with British bungalows and a rich history, one of the best offbeat places near Siliguri for couples is Takdah

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Takdah is a town located in Darjeeling that is historically relevant. You can visit British bungalows and Takdah Palace which offer a glimpse of history. You will find tea gardens where you can watch how tea is processed. The Takdah Orchid Centre houses rare orchids among other plants. Another interesting place to visit is the Dokan Dara where you can understand the local culture and meet locals as they buy and sell local products. The Takdah Monastery will give you the spiritual push you need, while walking down the Barbetey Bridge will excite you like nothing else. Do travel to this gem among the offbeat places near Siliguri for couples.

Distance from Siliguri: 59 km
Attractions/Activities: British bungalows, Dokan Dara, Takdah Palace, tea gardens, Barbetey Bridge, Takdah Orchid Centre, Takdah Monastery
Best time to travel: March to June

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5. Dawaipani

Providing a stunning view of the mighty Himalayas, Dawaipani is undoubtedly one of the best offbeat places near Siliguri

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A great addition to the list of best offbeat places near Siliguri is Dawaipani. When you arrive here, you will first see the Khola River flowing close to you. You can spot the Himalayan peaks from here while also enjoying the many tea gardens in the area. If you are a tea lover, the tea gardens are going to give you a taste of the best teas you have ever had the pleasure of sipping! You can opt for the Chardham pilgrimage close to Dawaipani and go for birdwatching. For adventure buffs, you can go for a hike, trek, or go on a farm visit.

Distance from Siliguri: 71 km
Attractions/Activities: Trekking, birdwatching, farm visit, hiking, traditional dance
Best time to travel: September to June

6. Rangaroon

Rangaroon is one of the best offbeat places near Siliguri, ideal for mountaineers and adventurers looking for a fun time

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Rangaroon should be on your list of offbeat places near Siliguri for mountaineering. Want to take it up a notch? Then take out your hiking boots and hike to Darjeeling! While Rangaroon is the epitome of quiet and scenic views, you can travel to Tiger Hill for one of the best sunrise views. Half an hour’s drive will take you to the Ghoom Monastery built in 1850. With the Himalayan backdrop, you will just feel your soul filled with peace. Batasia Loop and Gorkha War Memorial are also close to this place.

Distance from Siliguri: 80 km
Attractions/Activities: Mountaineering, hiking, panoramic views, birdwatching,
Best time to travel: April to mid-May

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7. Rinchenpong

Rinchenpong is surrounded by dense green forests and often mentioned among lists of best offbeat places near Siliguri

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When you want a place with a bit of everything, Rinchenpong is the answer. It is among the top offbeat places near Siliguri, full of dense green forests. You can go to the orchid sanctuary there to learn about orchids. Visiting the monasteries of Rinchenpong and Resum will instil good thoughts and a clear mind in you because of the peacefulness of the place. You can go to the Pang Lhabsol ground during festival season (held annually) to immerse yourself in the performances and cuisine. Nature walks, sunrise and sunset views, birdwatching, and homestays are also recommended here.

Distance from Siliguri: 119 km
Attractions/Activities: Resum Monastery, Rinchenpong Monastery, walks, birdwatching, views of sunrise and sunset, Ribdi Suspension Bridge
Best time to travel: March to May, September to November

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Now that you are aware of all the incredible offbeat places near Siliguri, it is time to plan and book a trip to Siliguri trip to Siliguri. You can revel in the best panoramic sceneries you will ever see while participating in trekking, hiking, and more activities. Each offbeat place is connected to other locations, mesmerising you and offering you something memorable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places Near Siliguri

Which unconventional hill station is closest to Siliguri?

Kurseong is a good alternative as it is 14 km from Siliguri. This is a perfect solution when you don’t want to travel a long distance.

Which offbeat place offers a good view of Kanchenjunga?

You can get a fantastic view from Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. This is close to the offbeat location of Rangaroon.

Can I view Kanchenjunga from Kurseong?

Yes, you can see the mountain from Kurseong; one of the best offbeat places near Siliguri.

Is Darjeeling better than Siliguri in terms of weather?

Darjeeling has cooler temperatures so if you love such a climate, it is better for you. If you enjoy a pleasant climate, then Siliguri is a great place for you to visit.

How many days are needed to travel to offbeat places?

Depending on where you reside, you can require anywhere between a day to a week to visit all the attractions.

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