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Kurseong is a foothill near the Himalayas in West Bengal. It is at a height of 1500 meters and its name is a modification of the Lepcha language ‘Kharsang’ which translates to the ‘land of the white orchids’. The lush green trees, whimsical views, serene surroundings, and top-notch air quality make Kurseong a must-visit destination. The areas surrounding this place are extensions of Kurseong. These offbeat places near Kurseong are untouched and so they remain true to their natural evolution.

5 Offbeat Places Near Kurseong You Must Visit

1. Ambotia

Perched between tea gardens, Ambotia is one of the best offbeat places near Kurseong you must check out

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Ambotia is among the best offbeat places near Kurseong for family. It is beautifully perched between tea gardens giving you the view of tea plantations. The smell of tea leaves and the view of workers plucking leaves will leave you spellbound. The tranquillity of the place along with the nearby mountains will give you the calm that city life cannot offer. Ambootia Shiva Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a must-see place. It is best if you travel during Mahashivratri when the place comes alive with devotees of Shiva and rhododendrons in full bloom.

Distance from Kurseong: 8 km

Best known for: Ambootia Shiva Temple, Ambootia tea garden

Best time to visit: March to May, September to December, festival season (to visit Shiva temple)

Where to stay: Cochrane Place Hotel, Mukhiya Homestay, Himalayan Homestay, Hill Grove Homestay, Traditional Homestay, Aama Homestay

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2. Chimney

Built for the British during the First World War, Chimney is a picturesque forest village that is worth a visit

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Chimney is a forest village close to Kurseong. It got its name from a chimney that was part of a dak-bungalow built for the British to reside during the First World War. The chimney is 24 feet long and it is the major attraction of the village even today. You can catch phenomenal views of the Kanchenjunga peaks from Chimney and the widespread tea estates that provide lush to the place. Breathing in the fresh air and spotting some rare birds makes this one of the best offbeat places near Kurseong. It is ideal for solo travellers who want to connect with nature and love history.

Distance from Kurseong: 1 km

Best known for: Its history, forest village, birdwatching, and view of Kanchenjunga peaks

Where to stay: Chimney Farmstay, Family Homestay, Hillside Homestay, Meghamala Himalayan Homestay, Pine Tree Homestay, Gorkhali Homestay

Best time to visit: October to May

3. Sittong

 Divided into 3 villages, Sittong is often mentioned among the top offbeat places near Kurseong for friends

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Sittong is one of the offbeat places near Kurseong for friends as it offers lots of activities. Sittong is a group of villages; Sittong-I, Sittong-II, and Sittong-III. Sittong-I is the upper Sittong area known for tea gardens, dense forests, and sightseeing. Sittong-II sits at 6,000 feet, which is the highest point among the three groups. Sittong-III is the second-highest point in Sittong at 4,200 feet. When you combine a trip to the three, you and your friends will realise adventure awaits you as there is something to do in every area.

You must set aside a few days or more to travel to every nook and corner of Sittong. The Lepcha Monastery is over 3 centuries old and has all the historical artefacts of the place. You can revel in the sight of Jogighat Bridge which gives you a view of the famous Riyang River. The Jogikhola Rock Climbing Spot has a waterfall that flows with force over a bed of rocks. This is best visible after monsoon. If you want to see more waterfalls, you can head to Lepcha Falls, where you can see all the waterfalls in a pool. This is why it is among the top offbeat places near Kurseong for friends.

Distance from Kurseong: 24 km

Best known for: Riyang River, Mahaldiram Tea Garden, Cinchona Plantations, Lepcha Monastery, Jogikhola Rock Climbing Spot, Lepcha Falls, Rabindra Bhavan, Jogighat Bridge

Best time to visit: March to June, October and November, November to January (for oranges)

Where to stay: Sittong Valley Homestay, Rishaan Cottages Homestay, Bishesh Homestay, Sunrise Homestay, Kamal’s Homestay

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4. Ahal Dara

Ahal Dara is among the unique offbeat places near Kurseong

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Ahal Dara is situated on Shelpu Hill and is popularly known for its orange orchards. If you want to enjoy a picnic day with your friends or family, this can easily become your favourite of all the offbeat places near Kurseong. A place to forget about your worries and tension, this is the best weekend spot for many. You can enjoy the hiking trail of Ahal Dara to rejuvenate your senses and visit the tea plantations known for their aromatic perfection. You are in for a charming, gorgeous, and appealing visual fest at this place.

Distance from Kurseong: 38 km
Best known for: Shelpu Hill, views of valleys nearby, orange orchards, birdwatching, Namthing Pokhari, hiking trail
Best time to visit: March to May (perfect weather and flower season), June to September (greenery), November to February (clear views of snow-capped mountains and clear sky)
Where to stay: Humro Home, Sunrise View Point Homestay, Blessing Homestay, Himal Luxury Homestay, Ahaldara Ritzy Velly Homestay

5. Beltar

Offbeat places near Kurseong for family fun

Image Source: Rangan Datta Wiki for wikimedia commons

Beltar Eco Resort has brought the spotlight to this location which was often overlooked in the past. It offers a luxurious stay with a camping option whereby you can stay in a tent. It has a large swimming pool in the centre that takes up the aesthetics of the place even further. Margaret’s Deck is an outstanding tourist attraction; you can view the sunset and sunrise here. Beltar is one of the top serene offbeat places near Kurseong for family. Your family will enjoy the sound of nature and spending quality time with one another will make the experience even better.

Distance from Kurseong: 12 km
Best known for: Margaret’s Deck, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Museum, tea gardens, eco-tourism, hiking
Best time to visit: March end to May, August end to October
Where to stay: Beltar Resort, Beltar Riverside Homestay, La Das Treetops, Ecopulse, Namgyal Homestay, Pahauna Ghar Homestay

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Tips When Travelling To Offbeat Places Near Kurseong

  • Stay at a homestay as you can better understand the culture through their homemade food and way of living.
  • Decide the activities and attractions you wish to visit because there is a best time to enjoy them.
  • Check the weather in advance and choose appropriate clothes and shoes. This is particularly important if you have kids.
  • Avoid travelling to these offbeat places during monsoons, as it can hamper your plans to cover more places simultaneously. Moreover, you can expect landslides which cause road blockages.
  • Respect locals and ask for their permission before taking their photographs. Offbeat destinations are less accessible, so you must rely on them for information and help.
  • Bundle travelling to many places in one go so you can cover more in one trip rather than choose a single location.

How To Reach Offbeat Places Near Kurseong

Offbeat places near Kurseong can be reached by bike or car

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The nearest airport to these offbeat places near Kurseong is Bagdogra Airport, and the nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Station. You can hire a cab to the offbeat destination directly as they are available near the airport and railway station. If you live nearby, you can travel by car or bike. Remember that certain roads may be narrow, so you need to be prepared to adjust accordingly.

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Are the offbeat places near Kurseong beckoning the curious explorer in you? Then it is time to book a trip to Kurseong. You can go to any of these places alone, with your friends or family. Offbeat locations are great to calm your ever-thinking mind and press the refresh button simply. If you feel like the city chaos is getting on your nerves, it is time to go to a place full of nature’s best creations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places Near Kurseong

Is Kurseong more beautiful than Kalimpong?

Kurseong and Kalimpong are both great. While Kurseong is great for relaxing, unwinding, and panoramic views, history buffs will love Kalimpong more due to its historical sites.

Why is Kurseong famous?

Apart from being a scenic paradise, Kurseong is known for having a range of religious sites, natural areas, and museums making it ideal for a solo or family trip. You can find many offbeat places near Kurseong that make it a worthwhile visit!

When is the best time to visit offbeat places near Kurseong?

The best time depends on the place you wish to visit and the activities you are interested in. For instance, clear views are best seen before summer while

Can you see Kanchenjunga from Kurseong and nearby areas?

Kanchenjunga is visible from Kurseong when the weather is clear without any clouds. It is a mesmerising sight to behold.

When is the best time to visit Kurseong?

The best time is March to May; before the onset of summer and after winter. Avoid going there during monsoon as travelling becomes a big hassle.

Is Kurseong close to Siliguri?

Kurseong is just 34 km away from Siliguri and you can hire a taxi that will cost you anywhere from Rs. 1,000 upwards.

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