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Araku Valley is an unexplored gem in Visakhapatnam cuddled in the Eastern Ghats. Surrounded by lush greenery, a perfect climate, rich tribal culture, and breathtaking views, Araku Valley is a hill station you must visit at least once. Araku Valley gives you a haven to relax, unwind, rejuvenate, and get a fresh lease on life away from the usual hustle-bustle. The best way to enjoy this stunning region is by taking a Vizag to Araku road trip to soak it all in.

7 Essential Things To Know Before You Go On An Enchanting And Rejuvenating Trip

From majestic caves to coffee museums, the Vizag to Araku road trip is something that you must do at least once. Given below are 7 things you should know before you embark on this breathtaking adventure.

1. Best Time To Plan a Vizag to Araku Road Trip

If you are planning to embark on the famous Vizag to Araku Road Trip, winters are generally considered to be the ideal time.

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The best time to visit Araku is between November to February as the weather becomes very pleasant. During winters, the temperature of the valley can go as low as five degrees Celsius. If you want to experience the cold without the extreme snowy weather, Araku is the best destination to meet your goals. Travelling on a Vizag to Araku road trip will make you enjoy nature even more so because you will see every inch of the valley’s beauty.

The hottest months are between July to October and it is considered an off-season by many. You can find better discounts at hotels and resorts. You can also expect rainfall which can make driving dangerous due to the slippery roads. Landslides can occur in the region which can cause road blockages and heavy traffic along with rerouting. You can expect the temperature to be anywhere from 22 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius and above.

Best time to travel by road: November to February
Avoid going on a road trip: July to October

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2. Vizag to Araku Road Route

Full of twists and turns, the famous Vizag to Araku road trip is one of the most beautiful and adventurous road trips in India

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Suppose you are starting at RTC Complex, Dwaraka Nagar, in Visakhapatnam. You can take either of the following Vizag to Araku road route when travelling by car. Araku is located in the Alluri Sitaram Raju district of Andhra Pradesh.

Vizag to Araku Via Araku-Visakhapatnam Road

This route will be approximately 113 km and can take up to 3 and a half hours. You need to head in the west direction on the Waltair Station Approach Road going to the RTC Complex inner road. Then turn right when you see Babu Rao Paan onto the Thatichettelapalem Road. You need to go around a roundabout and then you will see Hive and Honey Co. on your right. Then turn left at Thatichettalapalem onto the Chennai – Kolkata highway or the Vizag – Srikakulam Highway.

Keep going left until you see a roundabout where you need to take the second exit. Then take the Araku – Visakhapatnam Road or the Pendurthi-NAD BRTS Expressway. Keep going until you reach Araku Valley. This route is comparatively faster than the second one below. There is generally less traffic on this route.

Vizag to Araku Via NH 516E

This route will be around 137 km and it will take you over 3 hours 45 minutes. You will need to take the Rama Talkies Rd and Resapuvanipalem Road to the Chennai – Kolkata Highway or the Vizag – Srikakulam Highway. The distance is around 7 km. Then you need to follow the Chennai – Kolkata highway or the Vizag – Srikakulam Highway and NH26 to NH516E until you reach Araku Valley. This route may have heavier traffic so it is best to start early if you wish to go by this route.

3. Vizag to Araku Road Trip Distance

The total distance from Vizag to Araku can range anywhere between 113 km to 137 km and a road trip can take up to 4 hours

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The distance from Vizag to Arakut trip by road can be anywhere between 113 km to 137 km depending on which route you take when you are traveling by road. The entire journey can easily take anywhere between 3 and a half hours to 4 hours. Of course, if you take a break, the time taken will be longer. However, it is worth stopping now and then to take a moment to relax and take in the best that nature has to offer when you are en route to Araku.

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4. Bus/cab travel for Vizag to Araku Road Trip

Want to relax and enjoy the views of this amazing road trip? You can travel with a bus and relax the entire way.

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If you are travelling by the APSRTC bus, the pickup point is the RTC complex at 5:00 am and NAD junction at 5:15 am in Visakhapatnam. The second pickup point is not available on all days. It is recommended you choose and book the bus seats in advance for a hassle-free experience especially if you are travelling with your family. The cost of the bus ticket starts at around Rs. 150 for non-AC buses. Senior citizens can enjoy a 25% discount on their bus tickets provided they carry a government-approved ID card.

Hiring a cab to travel from Vizag to Araku road trip will be much more expensive in comparison. Most cabs start from Rs. 2,500 for one side travel up to Araku. The benefit of hiring a cab is you can stop it when you need to. You will also be able to enjoy the picturesque views without worrying about driving as an experienced driver will navigate the roads. It is economical if you are travelling in a group.

5. Places To Visit Near Araku Valley

To experience Araku Valley to the fullest, it is highly recommended to check out the almost majestic caves near Araku.

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You can make the most of your Vizag to Araku road trip by going to the following places that are near Araku Valley. The following places will give you a sense of excitement as you learn more about the history of the region and enjoy scenic views.

  • Borra caves
  • Araku Tribal Museum
  • Ananthagiri Hills
  • Chaparai Waterfalls
  • Tyda Nature Camp
  • Padmapuram Botanical Garden
  • Coffee Museum
  • Katiki waterfalls
  • Galikonda View Point

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6. What And Where To Eat At Araku Valley

For non-vegetarian lovers, the delicious adivasi Bamboo chicken is one of the best dishes served in the area and a must try

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For a non-vegetarian, the Adivasi Bamboo chicken or the bongulo chicken is a must-try as it is prepared without oil and water. It is prepared by stuffing the chicken inside the bamboo and letting it cook on an open fire. It is served in most of the restaurants at Araku Valley. Other restaurants you should try are as follows.

  • Amantran Bengali Restaurant
  • Star Annapurna Restaurant
  • Vasundhara Restaurant

7. Best Hotels To Stay On Vizag to Araku Road Trip

There are several hotels and resorts that are available when you go on a Vizag to Araku road trip

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Araku Valley and the surrounding areas have many hotels and resorts that make the perfect stay. Whether you want the best hotels or a budget-friendly place to stay, you will find accommodation of various types if you decide to stay at Araku Valley. Here are some good hotels and resorts to consider.

  • Balaji Hotel
  • Ananthagiri Haritha Hill Resort
  • Haritha Valley Resort
  • Green Valley Inn
  • Punnami Yatri Niwas
  • Itsy By Treebo – Abhitej Inn
  • Casa Holiday Resorts

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Araku Valley is a popular destination for those who have dared to explore beyond the usual tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh. The valley has the right mix of everything. Whether it is the coffee plantations or the preserved tribal culture nearby, you will find it all so calming that you will crave to stay there for longer. And there is no need for you to take a whole week off! You can tour Araku Valley in a short span and get everything covered by going on a Vizag to Araku road trip. Do not forget to add this mesmerising region to your trip to Andhra Pradesh.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vizag to Araku Road Trip

How can you go from Vizag to Araku by road?

You have many options to go to Araku because it is well-connected to Vizag. You can take a government or private bus, hire a cab, drive a bike/scooter, or go by your four-wheeler.

How much time does it take to reach Araku from Vizag?

It can easily take 3 and a half hours to 4 hours if you are driving without stopping. It takes around the same time when you travel by bus or hire a cab.

Is 1 day enough to cover Araku Valley and other nearby destinations?

If you want to experience all the best things that nature has to offer at Araku Valley and nearby places, you need more than one day. Eventually, it all boils down to the places you want to visit close to the valley and when you are planning to visit.

Can I go to Araku at night?

While it is generally safe to travel at night, it is still not recommended that you drive because of visibility problems. There is a higher chance of being involved in an accident so it is better avoided if possible.

Does the road to Araku have steep curves?

Yes. You will find about eight steep curves on your way to Araku. It is best if you have experience in driving in similar terrains to avoid any mishap from taking place.

Which mode of transport is best to travel from Vizag to Araku?

If you want more flexibility and go according to your times, take your vehicle. Otherwise, take the bus if the times are suitable for you. There will not be any breaks when you travel by bus. You can also book a cab but this is the most expensive option of the three.

Does it snow in Araku?

It does not snow in Araku Valley but the temperatures can dip up to 5 degrees Celsius and below during the peak winter season.

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