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Perched at a staggering 6,800 feet, Pelling is a heavenly abode for those looking for an ideal place to unwind and relax. The second most-visited destination after Gangtok in Sikkim, Pelling pulls crowds due to its proximity to other nearby attractions that are breathtakingly spectacular. Rather than visit the tourist favourites, going to offbeat places near Pelling will give you a new purpose and beautiful experiences. Plus, there is guaranteed to be less crowd! These places are packed with serene surroundings and have their own story. So, gear up, prepare an ultimate itinerary, and explore Pelling like never before.

10 Offbeat Places Near Pelling

From Skywalk to Mirik, there are myriads of offbeat places near Pelling that await your exploration. Let’s uncover the serene charm of these places and add an extraordinary travel experience to your diary. Here are these gems:

1. Skywalk

Skywalk is among the offbeat places near Pelling for thrill-seekers

Image Source: Shutterstock
One of the top offbeat places near Pelling is Skywalk. Standing at a towering 7,200 feet, this skywalk is India’s first and is made of glass next to the Chenrezig statue (over 130 feet tall). While it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it offers a spine-chilling and ultimately thrilling experience for those who dare. You can get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding mountains and feel on top of the world. Monasteries, waterfalls, forests, rivers, and more can be seen from this mammoth structure. The best time to visit it is from March to May.

Distance from Pelling: 10 km
Timings: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday
Entry fee: INR 20 (Indian citizens), INR 50 (Foreigners)

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2. Sewaro Rock Garden

A thrilling view of Sewaro Rock Garden

Image Source: Shutterstock
The Sewaro Rock Garden is replete with stones and rocks. Be it the footpaths or the fountains, you will find everything is made of stones. The way the stones have been well put together will make you wonder how much creativity went into building the various structures in the garden. It is an excellent picnic spot and among the best offbeat places near Pelling for family. The pristine crystal-clear water adds to the charm of this magnificent place.

Distance from Pelling: 19 km
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

3. Sandakphu Peak

Image Source: Shutterstock
This is West Bengal’s highest peak at a majestic height of 11,941 feet. The fantastic views you can see from here are beyond imagination. You can easily view four of the world’s highest peaks with Mt. Kanchendzonga coming in full panoramic view. Trekking enthusiasts can trek to Sandhakphu Peak, while others can opt for a car to reach it. Either way, the spectacular view is worth a visit. You can visit the nearby Singalila National Park which houses over 100 bird species and numerous rare animals.

Distance from Pelling: 38 km
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

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4. Singshore Bridge

A stunning view of Singshore Bridge

Image Source:Pallab De for Wikimedia Commons

Credited as the second-highest bridge in Asia and the highest bridge in Sikkim, it is 100 meters high and connects two gorges in Sikkim’s west region. Walking on the bridge will give you phenomenal views. You will see supreme waterfalls with fresh, cool water and landscapes that will make your heart sing. The serenity and ravishing nature will enthral you beyond words, making it one of the best offbeat places near Pelling. Walk to Alpine Cheese Factory to sample Gouda cheese.

Distance from Pelling: 28 km
Timings: 6 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday (Closed in July and August)
Entry fee: free

5. Dooars

Dooars is among the offbeat places near Pelling for family

Image Source: Shutterstock
Have a longing for a small vacation? Go to Dooars where you have so many activities to do that your entire family will be busy exploring and enjoying themselves. It is one of the finest offbeat places near Pelling for family because you have a cluster of tourist-friendly regions in it. You will be welcomed to the best places you have ever set foot in from Siliguri to Jalpaiguri. The nearby places to visit are Samsing and Suntalekhola, Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary, and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary.

Distance from Pelling: 147 km
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

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6. Sukhia Pokhari

 A majestic view of Sukhia Pokhari

Image Source: Shutterstock

This is a place to go when you want to unwind and decompress from a long hectic week. This is what makes it among the offbeat places near Pelling for solo travellers. Mounted at over 7,000 feet, it is recommended to go during spring when rhododendrons cover the town with their mesmerising vision. You can also capture the beauty of magnolia, silver fir, and hemlock as the hills are in full bloom. Visit the Gurashey Forest Resort, where you can view Kanchenjunga Range.

Distance from Pelling: 86 km
Timings: NA
Entry fee: INR 20

7. Ramdhura

Ramdhura is among the top offbeat places near Pelling

Image Source: Shutterstock
Ramdhura is close to Kalimpong, and it is best for incredible views of nature. You can get a good look at the Kanchenjunga peaks from here. The Cinchona plantations, Teesta River, and dense pine forests offer a stellar ambience. Staying at a homestay is the best way to enjoy the local culture. Birdwatchers can spot many species of birds and vibrant butterflies here. You can find many short trek trails here, making it one of the offbeat places near Pelling.

Distance from Pelling: 97 km
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

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8. Kurseong

A delightful view of Kurseong

Image Source: Kunalkrishna008 for Wikimedia Commons

The ‘land of the white orchids’ is among the top offbeat places near Pelling for family. You can enjoy the aromatic and lush green tea gardens or visit the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Museum for historical facts. Kurseong is known for housing lovely temples such as the Ambotia Shiva Mandir, gushing waterfalls, and peaceful Buddhist gompas that will refresh you from the core. There is no dearth of what you can do at Kurseong.

Distance from Pelling: 98 km
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

9. Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri Lake is among the best offbeat places near Pelling

Image Source: Yoghya for Wikimedia Commons
The lake is located near the Tsozo village at 5,600 feet. Its original name was Kha-Chot-Palri; the locals call it Sho Dzo Sho. It is significant to Hindus and Buddhists who believe the lake can fulfil any wish. Some tourists call it the ‘wishing lake’ for this reason. It is estimated that the lake was formed 3500 years ago and its emerald waters are still as fascinating as before. The lake is in the shape of a foot and is one of the best offbeat places near Pelling.

Distance from Pelling: 33 km
Timings: 6 am to 6 pm
Entry fee: INR 10

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10. Mirik

A mesmerising view of Mirik

Image Source: Shubh.ch1994 for Wikimedia Commons
Mirik is perched along a lake amidst the Himalayan Valley. It is one of the offbeat places near Pelling that offers a variety of experiences. From boating in clear waters to a spiritual sojourn by visiting its ancient temples, Mirik is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. The lush and alluring gardens make the place tantalising while the orchids add to the appeal. Be sure to visit Pashupati Nagar, Mirik Lake, and Orange Orchards.

Distance from Pelling: 107 km
Timings: NA
Entry fee: Free

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Do not forget to include these offbeat places near Pelling in your trip to Sikkim. These unconventional locations will give you a new high that you have never experienced before. Travel aficionados will love the thrill of adventure and the surprise element of the unknown.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places Near Pelling

Which River flows through Pelling?

The Rimbi River is a famous waterbody that flows through Pelling.

Which places to visit when traveling from Gangtok to Pelling?

Temi Tea Garden, Khangcehndzonga National Park, Nathula, Delo Park, Flower Exhibition Centre, Lava, and Tsongmo Lake are some places you can visit.

When to visit Pelling?

You can visit Pelling throughout the year except for the monsoon between July and September.

Which is better; Gangtok or Pelling?

Gangtok is for adventure enthusiasts while Pelling is better for relaxing and rejuvenating.

How many days do you need to travel to Pelling and its nearby regions?

You need about 4 to 7 days to explore Pelling and the surrounding areas fully.

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