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Russia has given great importance to tourism after the Soviet period. It is not only famous for its historical wars but also for its tourist places and beautiful island as well. Olkhon island is the largest lake island and one of the top tourist spots of Russia with less population and beautiful nature.

About Olkhon Island


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Olkhon Island is the third-largest lake island in the world. The island consists of steep mountains in which mount Zimba is the highest point of the island with 818 m above the water level of Lake Baikal. The island is famous for its natural sights that attract tourists the most. The population of this island is low. It consists of only several settlements and 5 villages and people there believe the island to be a spiritual place as well.

The island is famous for its beautiful beaches, dense forests, rocks and much more. Here are some interesting facts about the island. Scroll down to have a look.

1. The population of the island is only 1500 which mostly consists of Buryats, the native people.

2. Most of the people are farmers, fisherman or cattle ranchers. Tourism has also become an important part of the economy.

3. The Russian explorers first visited the island in the 17th century.

4. The island consists of 5 villages out of which Khuzhir is the capital of the island and a shelter for 1200 residents.

5. The island has a bit humid yet a pleasant climate in summer and Olkhon Island in winter is the best time to see ice caves and frozen waterfalls and lakes.

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Places To Visit In Olkhon Island

Have a look at the top places that you can visit on your Olkhon Island tour. Take note of them because you might need them for your Russian tour.

1. Khuzhir Village


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Due to an increase in tourism, the town has developed many hotels and resorts for its tourists to live in. Out of 1500 residents, 1200 people are staying in this village. Khuzhir village also boasts of its museum that shows the ancient history and culture of the island. The place is famously known for its holiday camps and hotel complexes. You can have sports equipment for rent, markets, shops, beauty salon, etc.

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2. Cape Burkhan


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The main attraction of the island is Cape Burkhan and it is considered as a beautiful place in Asia. The two-headed rock of Shamanka and prayer pillars are located in this village. Shaminists lived on this island from ancient and still some part of the population do worship the spirits and nature here. Climbing the rocks are considered to be unsafe s you may fall and also not good in terms of spirituality.

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3. The National History Museum Of Revyakin N.M


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Khuzhir consists of a collection of histories and cultures items in the museum. It also consists of stone arrowheads, badges of Mongolian soldiers, and materials used in cremation rituals. You can also discover the political history of the island during the Soviet era.

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4. Cape Khoboy


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It is the northernmost part of the island. The rock, according to the Buryats beliefs, was a girl who was punished because of her evil nature. You can have a beautiful view of the sunrise from the point.

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5. Sagaan Khushun Cape


Also called three-brother rock, Sagan Khushun Cape is one of the most popular tourist spots on OIkhon Island. According to the Buryat legends, it is said that the three rocks were brothers and they were cursed by their father for not fulfilling the promise. The three rocks are standing in a row facing lake Baikal.
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