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Russia pulls in numerous travelers because of its seasons – in spring it’s crisp and radiant with festivities to check the finish of winter, in summer it is warm and green. While the harvest time is cooler, nature swings to wonderful shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Obviously, winter in Russia is frigid and chilly – which is what attracts a number of individuals to Russia. If you love snow and winters, Russia is one of the best places on earth to visit during the winter season. You can take part in winter activities and visit the famous attractions that look splendid in snow.

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2. Reasons To Visit Russia In Winter
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4. Best Time To Visit Russia
5. Facts About Winter In Russia

Winter In Russia: Highlights

Russia in Winter

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• Experience the excellence of Russia’s really well-known milestones and chronicled structures, for example, the Red Square, the Hermitage and Catherine’s Winter Palace In Russia, under a relatively mystical fresh white cover of snow. Reward: Fewer travelers amid the winter mean littler groups and shorter lines!
• Try your hand at some activities in Russia in winter, for example, ice skating over the stunning Lake Baikal, imposing sledding through the backwoods of Kamchatka, and joining a snowmobile safari experience to the Viluchinsky cascade
• Hunt for the Northern Lights, a standout amongst the most shocking normal wonder on Earth and an unmistakable travel involvement with the highest point of each traveler’s container list, at the Kola Peninsula in Russia’s Arctic
• Immerse yourself in the way of life of antiquated itinerant Russian clans, for example, the indigenous Nenets of Yamal and the shamanistic Yakuts of Yakutia.
• Venture to the coldest occupied territory on Earth for an experience like no other, known as Oymyakon, where Russia temperature in winter normal – 50 º C winter

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Reasons To Visit Russia In Winter

In a fix whether you should take a trip to Russia in winter or not? Find some irresistible reasons below that will make you want to take a vacation here and it will make you forget about the cold weather that you might have not experienced before. Are you ready? Then, scroll down!

  • There Are Less Overseas Guests
  • There’s A Festive Atmosphere
  • Russia Looks Even Better In The Snow
  • Gorge On Russian Specialties To Warm Yourself Up
  • It’s Time For Russian Souvenirs

1. There Are Less Overseas Guests

Reason 1

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As of late, Russia in winter tourism has seen an ascent in visit package visiting in summer. In spite of the fact that this won’t hinder your trek in the late spring months, it means you may need to hold up in line somewhat longer than you regularly would for some of Moscow and St Petersburg’s purposes of intrigue. In winter will probably have similar sights completely to you, when they’re regularly shrouded in snow.

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2. There’s A Festive Atmosphere

Reason 2

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Citizens walk the boulevards stifled in hides; iced windows uncover showcases of customary Cossack caps. Snowfall adds a sprinkling of white to castles, statues, and houses of worship, or some of the time wraps itself like thick icing over housetops. Prospects and retail chains are trimmed in surges of twinkling white lights reminiscent of Paris’ Champs Elysées — Peter the Great’s diagram for his eponymous city. You’ll go through lit up passages and down passerby just boulevards with a focal line of lit-up trees.

If you can, think about visiting on New Year’s Eve. Its Russia’s greatest night of the year and the environment is constantly electric. Native’s gathering and drink in the city — think happy fun, instead of smashed unruliness — as everybody accumulates to hear the president’s live communicated at midnight.

3. Russia Looks Even Better In The Snow

Reason 3

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For whatever length of time that you’re very much wrapped up, Russian winter temperatures can be conquered. I’ve discovered that inns and different insides are kept warm and cozy, and there’s dependably a retail chain or historical center to plunge into if the snow truly begins to fall thick.

As a standout amongst the most delightful winter goals on the planet, Russia in winter tours owes its notoriety to the unimaginable view and the glorious spots it brings to the table. Here is a rundown of just a couple of them.

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4. Gorge On Russian Specialties To Warm Yourself Up

russian cuisine

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You might have heard about Russian specialties that taste and work even better in the winter months. After a walk in the cold weather, who can say no to a hot soup that can warm you up to the core? No one, right? So, while looking for options for lunch, you can pick a hearty bowl of Russian borsch or relish Pelmeni which is nothing but meat dumplings. Along with this, you can have a cup of hot tea with a hint of lemon and sugar. Moreover, this is the best time to try some of the most tasty wines in Russia. 

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5. It’s Time For Russian Souvenirs

russian souvenirs

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This might be hard to believe but winter is the perfect time to buy Russian souvenirs. On top of that, you will witness heavy discounts and sales all over the country. From jewelry to porcelain bowls, you will get everything at a discounted rate. Now, you would not want to buy that fur hat or traditional shawls when visiting Russia. So, if you are visiting Russia in winter then make sure that you explore the streets and shop for souvenirs. 

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Places To Visit For Winter In Russia

Check out these beautiful and exciting places to visit in Russia in winter. These places turn into a snowy wonderland that you cannot afford to miss. All the place is usually covered with a white sheet of snow which looks like that Russia has come straight out of a dreamy storybook. 

  • Moscow – The Cosmopolitan City
  • St Petersburg – Straight Out Of Story Book
  • Lake Baikal – Deeply Frozen Lake
  • Kizhi Island – Not-To-Be-Missed UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Vladivostoki – Gear Up For Picturesque Views
  • Sochi – Russia’s Biggest Resort With Radiant Shorelines
  • The Golden Ring – Charming Countryside To Explore

1. Moscow – The Cosmopolitan City


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You can’t go to Russia and not visit Moscow! This cosmopolitan city of more than ten million individuals is an intriguing mix of culture, dance club, and history. It is diverse to the point that you may simply wind up feeling depleted and overpowered by all it brings to the table. On your trip to Russia, do visit Moscow for an all-inclusive experience and amazing tales to retell.

Key Attractions In Moscow: Pushkin Museum, Kremlin Armoury, Sparrow Hills
Best Time To Visit: Late Spring – Early June

2. St Petersburg – Straight Out Of Story Book


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Wondering where to go in Russia during winter? Well, you cannot miss St Petersburg in winter as it has been described as “venturing into a Russian epic”. Solidified streams and trenches shape some portion of a white sculptural scene, which is completely charming, and snowflakes flicker in the sun. While June is the best season to put a foot in the city, it still provides a breathtaking vista to its visitors even when covered in snow. Do celebrate the orthodox Christmas when in the city in winter.

Key Attractions In St Petersburg: State Hermitage Museum, Peterhof
Best Time To Visit: Mid-June to September

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3. Lake Baikal – Deeply Frozen Lake

Lake Baikal

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Counted among the best places to visit in Russia in winter, Lake Baikal completes the actual Russian trip. Presently part of the UNESCO rundown of World Heritage, Lake Baikal is the world’s most profound freshwater lake, estimating a profundity of roughly 1600 meters, and totally solidified amid winter. The lake is a famous tourist spot for both its depth and unparalleled beauty. As it is deeply frozen in winter, it is a sight that even your camera won’t be able to properly catch!

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4. Kizhi Island – Not-To-Be-Missed UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kizhi Island

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Not as well known as Moscow and St Petersburg, but rather a similarly important Russian goal is the Kizhi Island in the core of Lake Onega. Known particularly for its remarkable outdoors exhibition hall, this stand-out complex of extraordinary authentic, social, and normal intrigue has an astounding accumulation of wooden structures, some of them a player in the UNESCO World Heritage list, others going back similar to the fourteenth century.

Key Attractions: Kizhi Museum, Tserkov’ Preobrazheniya Gospodnya
Best Time To Visit: Mid-May tO August

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5. Vladivostoki – Gear Up For Picturesque Views


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Fortuitous event or not, one of Russia’s most appealing urban areas is a beautiful port on the Pacific Ocean that is nearer to China, Japan, and the Korean region than it is to the national Lake Baikal in Siberia. In this way, a breathtaking 4,000 miles from Moscow lay Vladivostok, a town that awes with its picturesque area, continuous ocean sees, and bumpy roads that help voyagers to remember storied San Francisco.

Key Attractions: Zolotoy Rog, Vladivostok Fortress
Best Time To Visit: August-October

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6. Sochi – Russia’s Biggest Resort With Radiant Shorelines


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Another one on the list of places to visit in Russia in winter is Sochi. Sochi, the setting of the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic diversions, is Russia’s biggest resort and a noteworthy traveler goal for both summer and winter occasions. Beautifully situated on the Black Sea drift, this late spring coastline withdraws pulls in remote and household travelers alike with its appealing blend of radiant shorelines, lavish inns, world-class eateries, energetic nightlife, and innumerable social and regular attractions.

Key Attractions In Sochi: Mount Akhun, Sochinskiy Natsional’nyy Park
Best Time To Visit: June

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7. The Golden Ring – Charming Countryside To Explore

the golden ring in russia

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A visit to the Golden Ring will surely fill your senses with awe due to its charming countryside that is filled with onion-shaped domes, cherry orchards, and majestic churches. If you are wondering where to go in Russia in winter then you must head to one of the oldest regions in this country. You can explore pretty monasteries, age-old churches, and fortresses on your visit to the Golden Ring. 

Nearby attractions: Monastery of St Euthymius, Kremlin, Old Vladimir Museum, and many more.

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Best Time To Visit Russia


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You can visit Russia at any time. Throughout the entire year, you can discover many fascinating spots to see and activities. In the event that you come in winter time you can visit every one of the exhibition halls, theaters and spots of intrigue, take part in the Russia winter months and invest life-changing energy. In addition, convenience in winter is less expensive than in different seasons, so you can set aside some cash. Lodgings in Russia offer an extensive variety of chances both for business and relaxation explorers, agreeable rooms and blameless administration. Russian get-aways will give you a considerable measure of impressions that you will keep in your memory for your entire life.

Facts About Winter In Russia

These facts about winter in Russia are to give you a glimpse of how harsh the winter season in Russia can be. So, brace yourself accordingly.

  • Siberia is the coldest place in Russia where temperature goes below -31 degrees Celsius in the winters.
  • if you are visiting Russia in winter, keep yourself covered since your skin will freeze under 10 minutes. Remember people can die of frostbites
  • Russian winter is so harsh it even caused the downfall of Napoleon force while invading Russia.
  • It was the winter in Russia indeed that led to the fall of Sweden as a superpower.
  • The way to survive and in fact enjoy Russian winter is to prepare for it and get all your winter clothes in Russia ready.

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Russia in winter is absolutely awe-inspiring and brings in a lot of travelers from around the world. While it can be a bit dry and freezing, a vacation in Russia will be worth your wild. Don’t mind the cold winter in Russia, but fall in love with the scenic beauty right at the first sight! We have already handed you a comprehensive guide, so what are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Winter In Russia

Which are the winter months in Russia?

December, January, and February are the winter months in Russia when the weather is extremely cold and heavy snowfall occurs but winter in Russia is a not to be missed experience.

Does it always snow in Russia?

No, it does not always snow in Russia. It is during the winter months from December to January when heavy snowfall occurs.

How do they celebrate Christmas in Russia?

Christmas in Russia is celebrated on the 7th of January and there are very few people who celebrate it on 25th December, as the Russian Orthodox Church follows the old Julian calendar.

What is the warmest place in Russia?

Sochi is the warmest place in Russia which has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate. The temperature does not go below 17 degrees Celsius here.

How cold is it in Russia in December?

December marks the beginning of the winter season in Russia. The temperature ranges from 4°C to 13°C and the country experiences a mix of rainfall and snowfall during the month.

Is December a good time to visit Russia?

One should plan a trip to Russia in December, only if they like winters, as the temperature here goes down to 4°C. The country in December is covered in snow and looks pristine. Also, as there are lesser number of tourists during December, one can find great deals and discounts on accommodations during December.

Which are some of the winter festivals celebrated in Russia?

Some of the festivals celebrated in Russia during the winter months are:
1. Russian Winter Festival (Mid-December to mid-January)
2. New Year
3. Russian Orthodox Christmas – 7th January
4. Maslenitsa Festival – February

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