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Pamukkale is a famous gem in Turkey. It is called The Cotton Castle and is one of the best places to visit if you want to experience nature at its best. The town is well-known for its travertine terraces that overflow with thermal waters which are rich in minerals. In fact, there is more to see if you visit Pamukkale in winter. People come from all over the world to experience such beauty which includes mineral forests, waterfalls, and terraces that are formed from calcium deposits. These terraces also have hot springs in them. Apart from all this natural beauty, there are Greek-Roman ruins that are still well preserved in the city of Hierapolis.

The Weather In Pamukkale In Winter

The Weather In Pamukkale In Winter

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Natural wonders as well historical monuments make Pamukkale as famous as it is. There are many great bathhouses, temples, theatres and more located in this treasure of a town. Pamukkale tends to be rather cold in winter with temperatures that drop to 5 degrees Celsius. It might even rain but the weather can be rather unpredictable so there will be short spells of rain every 9-10 days. So, it is really better if you pack along some warm clothes.

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Best Things To Do In Pamukkale In Winter

There are many things for you to experience if you are visiting Pamukkale Turkey in winter. Here are some of the best:

  • Turkey Cotton Castle or Pamukkale Travertines
  • Ruins of the City of Hierapolis
  • Hierapolis Theatre
  • Antique Pool of Pamukkale
  • Hierapolis Museum
  • Paraglide over Pamukkale
  • Pamukkale Natural Park
  • Aphrodisias
  • Laodicea

1. Turkey Cotton Castle Or Pamukkale Travertines

Turkey Cotton Castle or Pamukkale Travertines

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These travertines should definitely be on your bucket list if you are visiting Pamukkale during winter. The terraces from afar literally look like cotton castles because of the fluffy white formation of calcium. These calcium deposits have formed in the same way as limestone does. They fall over the white terraces and are filled with pools of warm water that are rich with minerals. You can take a dip in the water for fun or make the best of the healing properties. Since the weather in Pamukkale in winter is quite cold, this is an ideal way to warm up. There are many places which have some of the best formations, but you can find them all around the town. This castle was originally called the Cotton Castle and is a 12th Century castle. The castle is located on a plateau in Pamukkale town. Most people don’t feel like taking a hike up here and so it is quiet most of the time.

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2. Ruins Of The City Of Hierapolis

Ruin Pamukkale City Hierapolis Of Phrygia Ancient

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If you love ancient ruins, then you definitely do not want to miss out on this place. Hierapolis, the ancient city was famous for its sacred hot springs where people came to bathe and be healed. The place was a famous spa center and people came from all over just like they come nowadays to experience the Pamukkale thermal pools in winter. Make sure to keep your day free as there are plenty of great ruins here which include Necropolis, castle ruins, a Byzantine church and a colonnaded road which extends to the Temple of Apollo. The entire site is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and the ancient city mostly has ruins of the great temples and other buildings.

3. Hierapolis Theatre

Explore what’s left of the Hierapolis Theatre

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The theatre is located at the top of Hierapolis and doesn’t look like much from far because of all the work going on for restoration. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking and you can find two levels of seating. On one side there are royal boxes for VIP seating with ornamental decoration along the stage which has still survived the ravages of time. The entire theater is very well preserved and although there may not be much to see or do, you will be seated in the same spots that people sat in centuries ago. This mighty theatre is 100m long and has over 28 rows. If you visit Pamukkale in winter, be sure to stop by here. If you visit during the sunset, the scene is absolutely picturesque, you will find great views of the travertine terraces from the castle ruins. Make sure to get here either during sunset or sunrise for the best experience.

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4. Antique Pool Of Pamukkale

Soak in the antique pool of Pamukkale

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If you are looking to visit Pamukkale thermal pools in winter, then this is the best place to be. This antique pool is located right next to the Temple of Apollo. If you are looking to soothe your tired muscles after a long day after traveling, then drop by here. Apart from being rich with minerals, this pool also has fallen pieces of marble all around. The water stays at a steady 36 degrees Celsius and you can paddle around the area. This shallow pool was supposedly a gift from Marc Antony to Cleopatra. After an earthquake, the structure fell into it and it was just left that way. Visited by both locals and tourists alike, it is a very popular site in Turkey.

5. Hierapolis Museum

Visit Hierapolis Museum

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This museum might be a small one but you shouldn’t underestimate the exhibition that is available in what used to be a Roman bath house. There are some great artifacts that are found here from the once lively city. There are exhibits which display some beautiful artwork as well as a rich cultural heritage. There are many artifacts collected from the site which include intricate stone pieces and much more. You can also see a huge collection of artifacts from a nearby site called Aphrodisias if you visit Pamukkale in winter.

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6. Paraglide Over Pamukkale

Paraglide over Pamukkale

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If you are the adventurous type and you are looking for a good activity to take part in, why not paraglide over the beautiful travertine terraces? There are many companies that let you paraglide over Pamukkale and the city of Hierapolis. The view that you get from the top is absolutely amazing and the thrill that you get when you descend from the top is something that can never be replaced. If the weather in Pamukkale in winter is good, then you should definitely try this out.

7. Pamukkale Natural Park

Spend the day at Pamukkale Natural Park

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If you have time to spare, make sure to visit this outdoor park. The park is located at the bottom of the travertines so the view is beautiful from the park. The spot is also famous for wedding ceremonies, so you will more than likely see brides around or you may be able to see a ceremony take place as well. The park is a great spot for picnics and there is even a cafe in the park if you want to get something to eat. There are pools for children and there is even a lake where you can take a boat out to see flocks of ducks. The view of the terraces is absolutely beautiful and the park also has a museum and other ancient structures on site. The thermal pool is located separately but does have fallen marble pieces.

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8. Aphrodisias

Visit Aphrodisias

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This historic site would be one of the most important ones in Turkey. The city that was once famous for its art, sculptures, and medicine is now just home to well-preserved ruins of what is left of the city. The Temple of Aphrodite can be found here which has 14 standing columns and nearby a stadium can be found which one seated over 30,000 people. The bouleuterion can be found to the South which is the most well-preserved monument which has many statues and other artifacts.

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9. Laodicea

Explore Laodicea

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This historic site should definitely be on your to-do list. There are some artifacts here that date back to the 3rd Century. Among all the landscape, you will find fallen ruins of what was once a bustling center of commerce and majored in medicine and trade. The place doesn’t get a lot of tourists, so you will mostly have the place to yourself. The landscape surrounding this place is absolutely beautiful. The site is continuing to be excavated and so there are plenty of artifacts that are yet to be discovered.

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Turkey is a place that definitely has a lot to offer to its tourists and the small town of Pamukkale is definitely a gem in the city of Denizli. There is plenty of things that you can do if you visit Pamukkale in winter. These were some of the best things you can possibly do during your visit. If this guide interested you then let us help you book your vacation to Turkey. Contact us and get ready for a chance to experience all that Turkey has to offer! 

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