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    Best Festivals of Netherlands

    Apart from being famous for its rich traditional history depicted in the various structural monuments, the northwestern country, Netherlands is also famous for the many cultural festivals and events which are held throughout the year in many different cities and towns accommodated by it. The residing locals in the country, the Dutch, celebrate all the festivals in Netherlands in the grandest way. Any explorer or traveler would love witnessing these festivals as each festival is unique in its own special way. Here are some of the events and festivals in the Netherlands 2018 and 2019 which one must definitely not miss out on.

    10 Vivacious Netherlands Festivals For You To Attend

    So, which of these have you already witnessed? For the rest, make sure you start planning already to experience the lively culture and festivals in Netherlands that will surely have you coming back for more!

    1. Bloemencorso Zundert Flower Festival

    Flower Festival

    Image Source
    This is known to be the largest flower festival in the world. This is one of the best festivals in Netherlands and is held annually in the month of September in the wonderful town Zundert. All the wonderful exhibits here are crafted by volunteers. These volunteers are known to be Hamlets who are a group of people from a small builder community of the area. These people work hard for almost 3 months straight to get the exhibits ready which are then paraded through the streets of Zundert town. The flowers on the exhibit are decorated just a week before the parade as they have to be fresh. Different themes are set for every year and the decorations are made accordingly.

    Location: Zundert, Netherlands
    Bloemencorso Zundert Flower Festival Date: 1st September 2019

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    2. Terschelling Oerol Theatre Festival

    Theatre Festival

    Image Source

    In the small island Terschelling, every year many artists show their talent during this festival. Being one of the most cutting-edge festivals entirely dedicated to theatre, it has become a creative stage for anybody who would want to put on a theatrical show. Here, one can witness several performances of dance, street play, music, etc. The most unique part of this festival is that there are several performances happening side by side, so if in case one goes to a particular location in the island for witnessing a dance performance, along with the dance performance there might be two or more performances happening not too far away.

    Location: Terschelling, Netherlands
    Terschelling Oerol Theatre Festival Date: June 2019

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    3. Amsterdam Gay Parade

    Gay Parade

    Image Source

    This is one of the gay pride festivals which is the largest in the world and is celebrated publically in the grandest fashion. Amsterdam is a gay-friendly city and is known to be this way for the longest time ever. Annually, people in thousands swarm the streets of the city with colorful banners and confetti and parade through the main pathways in Amsterdam. This is one of the top festivals in Netherlands and the major highlight of this event is “Canal Parade”, where several colorful and well-decorated boats cruise via the canals in the city.

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Amsterdam Gay Parade Date: 27th July 2019 to 4th August 2019

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    4. Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival

    Fireworks in the sky

    Image Source

    During the month of August every year, Scheveningen city sky is lit up offering colorful breathtaking views. This festival is actually a competition in which the teams are judged based on who put up the most beautiful fireworks display. Scheveningen itself is an amazing tranquil beach town which is located near Hague city, and the fireworks in the sky add that extra charm to this place. This festival is carried on for four days where the firework producers from every part of the country participate. Every night there are a total of two shows and on the third night, the winner of the firework competition is announced. The beachfront cafes are the best locations to enjoy these firework shows while munching on a delicious meal.

    Location: Scheveningen, Netherlands
    Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival: 9th August 2019 to 12th August 2019

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    5. Rotterdam International Film Festival


    Image Source

    This is a major Netherlands event in 2018 and offers an exciting experience for all the movie buffs. This festival showcases some of the best short clips and movies which depict diversity and encourage the interaction between directors and viewers. There are many events and performances during the film festival and visitors even get a chance to mingle and interact with the actors and the filmmakers. Local and international films are showcased here and the best among all move ahead to compete in bigger competitions. This is one such festival which would definitely be enjoyed by every kind of traveler and is a must visit when in Rotterdam during the months of January and February.

    Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Rotterdam International Film Festival Date: 23rd January 2019 to 3rd February 2019

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    6. Amsterdam Dance Event

    Dancing couple

    Image Source

    This is one of the best music festivals in Netherlands and is popularly called as ADE by the locals and is a major annual dance and music festival in Netherlands which is held in Amsterdam city. This forms as the most amazing electronic music festival which is sure to make even the shy visitors sway to the electronic beats by the DJ. Many upcoming and already established DJs come together and use this platform to showcase their talent. There are many stalls which are also put up on the premises which offer delicious local street foods.

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Amsterdam Dance Event Date: 17th October to 21st October 2018

    7. Cannabis Cup

    People enjoying

    Image Source

    Cannabis cup is one of the major festivals in Amsterdam which celebrates and fosters the use and cultivation of marijuana. This is a five-day event and will display the journey of this herb and how it developed through the years. This festival was first founded in the year 1987 by an activist from America, and since then it has been a popular event among the hemp enthusiasts and stoners of this region. At this festival, one can try out the different variety of weed samples, attend several legislation seminars and relish on the yummy treats offered here. The uniqueness of this festival makes it one of the top 10 festivals in Netherlands.

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Cannabis Cup Date: November 2018

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    8. Redhead Day

    Beautiful Redhead girl

    Image Source

    In the month of September, all the redheads of the region unite and celebrate this special festival called Redhead Day or Roodharigendag which is dedicated to them. Many redheads from across the world gather to interact and celebrate this event with the other redheads. This is one of the quirkiest festivals conducted in Breda city in the Netherlands. There are many events featured in this festival including speed dating event, musical event, fashion show, scooter tour, and much more. One can witness interesting outfits and events and can have a whole lot of fun during the festival.

    Location: Breda
    Redhead Day Date: September 2019

    9. Step In The Arena Graffiti Festival


    Image Source

    This is one of the largest graffiti events in the world which is held in the Netherlands and where more than 200 graffiti artists come from every part of the world every year to showcase their talent of creating spectacular graffiti art pieces. Artists come from every part of the world including Australia, Spain, UK, Italy, Denmark, France, Austria and Germany. This festival continues for ten whole days and offers exciting opportunities for all art lovers. During this festival, one can witness breakdance, hip-hop, BMX, skateboarding and other such activities being carried out by various locals throughout the city.

    Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Step In The Arena Graffiti Festival: June 2019

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    10. King’s Day

    man cheering

    Image Source

    King’s Day, referred to as Koningsdag by Dutch is a day when the local citizens celebrate the arrival of the Male monarch in the region. The first male Dutch monarch was welcomed in the year 2013 in the month of April. Before that, the citizens of Netherlands used to celebrate Queen’s Day. The festivities of both the Queen’s Day as well as the King’s Day are pretty much the same with slight insignificant variations. This annual celebration of the birthday of Dutch monarch shouldn’t be missed as the streets of cities and towns in the Netherlands look very vibrant and colorful making for a mind-blowing visual treat. The best celebrations can be witnessed in the city of Amsterdam, where the massive celebrations are accompanied with several flea markets, concerts, picnics, and much more, which can be enjoyed by one and all.

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    King’s Day Date: 27th April

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    The Netherlands is a culturally rich country and the people here take every Netherlands holidays and festivals seriously and celebrate it with utmost respect and enthusiasm. It’s the right time to book a trip to Europe and explore all the exciting festivals in Netherlands.

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