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    Phnom Penh Safari

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    When comes to traveling visiting the safaris or zoos helps to create happy memories of the entire trip. If you are a nature lover then Phnom Penh Safari is the place you should visit at least once in a lifetime. The safari is located in Phum Prek Tarath, Sangkat. And the place attracts a huge number of tourists with its concept of ‘Four-kingdom’. This safari is covering over around sixty hectors land. The ‘Four-Kingdoms’ is able to fill your time with merriment with the enthralling animal shows, fed station, and beautiful ambiance. The best part about this safari is the animals are kept in an atmosphere similar to their natural habitat. That is without a doubt a sight you don’t want to miss. The prime aim of Phnom Penh Safari is to craft a connection between people and wildlife. The animal trail initiative of the place provides the animals with a quality life by helping them to relish in a diverse environment. Phnom Penh Safari is not a zoo where you have seen the animals behind the bars. It is said that the Phnom Penh safari zoo revolves around you while you visit. In this place, you will witness the ordinary lifestyle of the wildlife in a complete natural set up.

    4 Things To Do In Phnom Penh Safari

    Tripping to Phnom Penh Safari with your family is a great idea. This hub of exotic animals has a lot to offer to make your journey worth. By waking up the nature lover in yourself you can experience the safari according to your taste. But if you are searching for a clue to know from where to start here are a few points for you. Just scroll it down before visiting Phnom Penh Safari location:

    1. Enjoy the wildlife

     Enjoy the wildlife

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    The Phnom Penh Safari park is the hub of a vast range of the wild species. The park encompasses of different types of African birds including the endangered macaws. You will also get the sneak peek of the African lions in the park. Amid the wide range of wild birds like Von der Decken’s Hornbill, Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill, East African Crowned Cranes, Fischer’s Lovebirds, Vasa Parrot are worth mentioning. Ostrich, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, African Grey Parrot, Demoiselle Cranes, Spur-Winged Goose are also available. Cheetah, Olive Baboons, Spider Monkey, Sable Antelope, Watusi Cattle and Springbok will make your visit worth with their startling appearance. The Safari Park is covering around 15-acre lands. Tourist, nature enthusiasts, animal lovers can watch the park by roaming around on foot. Else there is an optional tram ride available. If you opt for this ride this tram ride will take you through different animals exhibits.

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    2. Get close to Marine Creatures

    Get close to Marine Creatures

    Image Source

    Phnom Penh Safari offers an aquarium full of the marine creature. If you are in love with the sea than this a place for you with a four-building aquarium. It allows you to get close to the mesmerizing water life. And the best thing is you need not to get wet in order to do the connection. The aquariums are comprised of numerous fishes, reptiles, various amphibians along with the invertebrates. The aquarium in the safari features a South Pacific Reef Tunnel. Worth mentioning the reef tunnel encompasses the longest acrylic tunnel in Arizona. While in the safari park experience these sea creatures from a very minimal gap. The Wildlife World Aquarium has a lot to offer to make your visit memorable.

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    3. Feeding Stations and the Animal Shows

    Feeding Stations and the Animal Shows

    Image Source

    Phnom Penh Safari is the place where more than 600 exotic animals can be seen. At the same time, these animals are endangered too. The animal kingdom in the safari is not limited to that. It offers more than six thousand individual animals; the place is perfect for the animal lovers as the Phnom Penh safari zoo provides feed stations. The animal feeding stations comprise of the giraffe feeding station, Lory Parrot feeding station. In these stations, visitors can feed the animals. This is without a doubt a great opportunity to spend personal time with some of the mesmerizing animals. In addition during your time there, you can also enjoy the animal shows. The animal shows are comprised of various bird shows crocodile show, tiger show, and orang-utan show. With animal shows, feeding stations and a whole lot of animals you can definitely spend an entire day at this place without getting bored. Out of all these, the Orangutan Monkey Show at Phnom Penh safari zoo in Cambodia is a must-see.

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    4. Capture the Safari Ambience

    Capture the Safari Ambience

    Image Source

    The entire ambiance of the Phnom Penh Safari is eye-catching. While you are there before starting your journey to visit the animals, enjoy the ambiance to its fullest. The main entrance of the safari is made by taking inspiration from famous Angkor Wat. Take time to watch this. While you are in the place you can sit and relax below the Palm trees. Also making your journey enthralling there are pedal boats in the park. During your ride in the boat, you can also feed the fishes on the pond. There are fresh date palm trees in the place. It is undoubtedly a perfect view to take a snap. In the safari world, there are also various open-air stages where various activities take place. Adding a star to its ambiance there is a colossal stone arch “The Great Khaimer gate’ in Phnom Penh Safari. You can have a fun vacay in filled Phnom Penh Safari.

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    Best Time For Phnom Penh Safari

    Best Time For Phnom Penh Safari

    Image Source

    Phnom Penh Safari is can be visited all the year around. The best time to visit the safari is from November to June. This is because in these months the weather of the place where the safari is located is ideal. However, December and January are the most popular months among tourist to visit this location. The prime reason is that the rainfall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is lowest at this time. In addition, the atmospheric temperature is also most pleasant. But keep in mind that these two months are also the most crowded months.

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    Phnom Penh Safari Ticket Price And Opening Time

    Safari Lizard Big Wood

    Image Source

    The entry fees rate in Safari World in Phnom Penh is different for adults and children. Ring the authority of the safari to make sure the opening time and to know the Phnom Penh safari world price for the day of your visit For an adult the price range change in between $10 or $20. That is Rs 700 or Rs. 1400 Approx. The entrance fees for children range in between $5 or $12. In Indian repress, it is Rs 350 or Rs 840. The price range of the entrance fees depends on which day of the week and which month you are visiting the safari. December and January are the crowded months. Also, there are a lot of visitors in the place during public holidays. Research on the safari well before to know more about Phnom Penh safari world schedule. The safari is open all over the three sixty-five days in the year including holidays. Make sure you check out the Phnom Penh safari map beforehand to know which all experiences you’d like to indulge in and pay only for those at the time of booking your ticket.

    Phnom Penh Safari schedule: It opens at 8.30 AM and closes at 5 P.M every day. But before visiting the safari world called the authority once to enquire the entry fees and to know what attractions are open.

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    How To Reach Phnom Penh Safari?

    How To Reach Phnom Penh Safari

    Image Source

    By Air:
    The Safari World is around 20 K.m To 40 KM. away from the Phnom Penh, Cambodia. To reach the park by air one can take a flight to Phnom Penh International Airport. The airport is located around 7 KM west to the city. After reaching the airport you can hire a taxi to the Safari world. The location is quite famous, so you need not get into the hassles of stopping people by and asking “where is Phnom Penh safari”.

    By Bus:
    Phnom Penh can be reached from nearby cities like Siem Reap, Battambang, Sisophon, etc. by bus. There are two bus stations in the city. From the bus station, you can hire a car. But remember to find a cab beforehand to avoid last minute hassle.

    By Car:
    The safari world also can be reached by your private car. And if you are visiting the place for the first time it is better to drive with someone who has been here before.

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    Phnom Penh Safari is a great place for a family vacation. Try to reach the place early. Crowds are light in the morning also the animals are energetic. Do not forget to bring wipes and hand sanitizer along with you. Fun time with the animal, ambiance and the close connection to wildlife, this place holds a lot for visitors. Visiting the place will help you to sense the importance of the positive attitude of people towards the wild animal. So when you are going on a trip to Cambodia?

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