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    The Pavagarh Fort s a famous picnic spot near Vdodara

    Vadodara is bestowed with some of the best tourist attractions of Gujarat. Known for its royal kingdoms, rich traditions, and glorious past, the city is not just for the regular archaeology hunters but also for those who want a respite from the busy city life.

    Vadodara city has got some interesting places which are ideal getaways for a memorable weekend, a fun trip with friends or for a quick escapade. We have compiled, here, a quick list of some of the best picnic spots near Vadodara to help you enjoy a nice family picnic.

    1. Anand – The Rural Picnic

    Bharuch fort in Anand is a popular picnic spot near Vadodara

    Image Source

    Known as the ‘Milk Capital of India’, Anand is quite popular for its milk production centers and dairy products. However, with its serene rustic village life and archaeological monuments like Bharuch Fort and Jama Masjid, it has been a quaint picnic spot near Vadodara. If you’re looking for a secluded getaway and want to experience living amidst the greenery of the village in one of the best places to visit near Vadodara, do spend some time with your family in Anand.

    Distance from Vadodara: 43 km
    Best known for: Delicious dairy products

    Things to do: Park by a farm, cook some food, admire the greenery around, click those amazing photos, visit the forts, plan a visit to the AMUL dairy.

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    2. Zarwani Waterfall: The perfect picnic spot

    The Zarwani waterfalls is a quaint picnic spot near vadodara

    Image Source

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    Located in the wildlife sanctuary of Shoolpaneshwar, Zarwani waterfall is one of the most splendid one day picnic spots near Vadodara. The wildlife sanctuary itself has a lot to offer, including some of the endangered wildlife species and rare flora. You can take up a trek to the waterfalls if you’re in for some adventure or opt for safaris and nature trail walks in the reserve which is perfect for a one day picnic near Vadodara.

    Distance from Vadodara: 97 km
    Best known for: Trekking

    Things to do: Trek through the wildlife sanctuary, wildlife photography, spend some time by the waterfall

    3. Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary: Picnic in the wild

    A leopard walks through the Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary

    Image Source

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    Jambughoda Wild Life sanctuary is a great picnic spot around Vadodara. The reserve is known for many wild species like wild bear, antelopes, sloth bear and boar. The forest department office, here, arranges for trekking, camping and safaris which makes it one of the most adventurous outing places near Vadodara.

    Distance from Vadodara: 83 km
    Best known for: Trekking, camping, wildlife

    Things to do: Go for nature walks, safaris and treks; try camping with your family in the forest

    4. Dakor – The spiritual picnic

    The Krishna temple at Darok is a spiritual picnic spot near Vadodara

    Image Source

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    Dakor is a popular tourist attraction in Gujarat. Mainly known for the temples of Krishna by the river Gomati, Dakor can be a spiritual picnic spot near Vadodara. Built during the 18th century, the temples boast of magnificent architecture and design. The temple is highly revered and the history of the temple is worth knowing for every generation in your family. You can spend a day exploring Dakor while you’re here. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit near Vadodara in winter.

    Distance form Vadodara: 70 km
    Best known for: Architectural beauty

    Opening hours: 6 am – 12 pm and 4 pm – 7 pm, daily.

    Things to do: Reach the temples by early morning and witness the aarti, explore the temples, learn about the historic significance, watch exhibitions in the temple, go for a stroll by the village

    5. Ajwa Fun World – For the ultimate family fun

    A family enjoys happy time at the Ajwa Fun World

    Image Source

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    For the adventure park enthusiasts, Ajwa Fun world is surely a fun place to be. A long range of exciting water activities, here, will recharge you and your family. A popular picnic spot near Vadodara, this water park is a hit among families and friends. The park also has a restaurant serving delecious Gujarati menu. The DJ nights, here, are an added attraction that make it one of the best tourist places near Vadodara.

    Distance form Vadodara: 26 km
    Best known for: DJ Night and rides

    Opening hours: 11 am to 8:30 pm

    Entry fee: Different packages are available based on your choice of activities. Check here to know more.

    Things to do: Apart from different rides and slides, stay in the resort, relish upon some delicious food and watch cultural shows

    6. S Cube Water Park: For all those rides and slides

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    One of the best outing places near Vadodara, S Cube Water Park is an adventure park which is a drive across the famous Vrindavan gardens near Vadodara. The park has a lot of amazing amusement rides lined up in the park — both water and the land rides. Full of thrill and adventure, the park also has a food court to help the taste buds of everyone in the family.

    Distance from Vadodara: 27 km
    Best known for: Water and land based rides

    Opening hours: Water park: 12.30 pm to 6 pm; Fun World – 1 pm to 8 pm

    Entry fee: Check here for different packages.

    Things to do: Drive through the Vrindavan gardens, rides and slides, food at the food court

    7. Hathni Waterfalls – The 100 m high waterfall

    Hathni waterfall  is 100 metres high and a serene picnic spot near Vadodara

    Image Source

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    A fabulous long drive of about 100 km from Vadodara, through the dense forests, would lead you to Hathni waterfalls. Embedded with lush greenery throughout, this gorgeous water fall falls from about 100 m, making for a splendid view. Also, it is a surreal place to relax and unwind in the lap of nature while having soothing family time away for the city life. It truly is one of the most incredible places to visit near Vadodara.

    Distance from Vadodara: 76 km
    Best known for: Relaxation and natural beauty

    Things to do: Bathe in the waterfalls, cook, and camp in the forests, worship at the Hathni Mata temple

    8. Kabirwad – For a picnic under the ancient Banyan

    Ancient banyan tree at Kabirwad is a popular tourist attraction

    Image Source

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    An island in the beautiful river of Narmada, Kabirwad is a serene island for the nature lovers and fit for a one day picnic near Vadodara. It has been named after the famous saint-poet Kabir, from the 18th century. Reaching here by boat is one of the best experiences. The island has an ancient banyan tree, huge enough to be believed to be hundreds of years old. With the quaint environs and splendid greenery around, Kabirwad is another very good option among one day picnic spots near Vadodara.

    Distance from Vadodara: 80 km
    Best known for: Boating and natural views

    Things to do: Laze around, play some games, try cooking

    9. Champaner – The village that went Lagaan free

    The Champaner fort and its ruins are among the best picnic spots near Vadodara

    Image Source

    Champaner and Pavagadh hills are among the most popular attractions of Vadodara and among the most beautiful tourist places near Vadodara. The beautiful fortress of Champaner is known for its perfect blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture and is one of the oldest monuments. The Champaner-Pavagadh archaeological park is a place of rich historic ruins, enriched with excellent architectures and deep-rooted history.

    Distance from Vadodara: 49 km
    Best known for: Ruins of old forts and monuments

    Opening hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

    Entry fee: INR 40

    Things to do: Historic explorations, photography

    Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Picnic Spots Near Vadodara

    What are the best natural places to visit near Vadodara and Ahmedabad?

    A. Hathni Waterfalls, Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary, Zarvani Waterfalls, Anand, and Kabirwad are some of the most natural places to visit near Vadodara for a picnic owing to the surplus natural beauty, excellent views, and fresh environment they offer. They are the perfect places near Vadodara for relaxation and rejuvenation.

    What are romantic places in Vadodara?

    A. Hathni Waterfalls, Zarvani Waterfalls, Anand, and Ajwa Fun World are some of the best places near Vadodara for couples and honeymooners. If one doesn’t wish to go too far for a romantic outing, then Esc Day Spa, EME Temple, Sayaji Gardens, and Laxmi Vilas Palace are some of the best places to visit in Vadodara for couples and honeymooners.

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    It is places like these which works as excuses to get a rejuvenation and retreat amidst the monotony of life. Have a go at any of these places, get rewired and start afresh. Do not forget to share your experiences, btw!

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