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    Who doesn’t like to have a humongous number of followers and double-taps on every picture of their Instagram profile? Well, everyone! While we all know hashtagging the right way is one way to achieve this goal, the secret to winning hearts is by posting breathtaking and jaw-dropping images. So, to help you reach the goal & become a star amongst your Insta fam-jam, we came up with these 15 picturesque places in India that need to be in your next posts! (And unlike most of the famous places in the country, these ones are less crowded.)

    15 Beautiful Places In India For Your #igram

    1. Ladakh


    There is no doubt that Ladakh is one of the most picturesque places in India, and with its crystal blue water and mountains in the backdrop, it offers the best landscapes to be captured. Be it its famous Zanskar River or the enchanting Pangong Lake, it has pearls all over the ground.

    Best Time To Visit: April to June and December to January
    Tip: Prefer clicking wider shots. The skyline above the magnificent mountains will not only compliment the river, but also add life into the picture.

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    2. Valley Of Flowers National Park

    Valley Of Flowers National Park

    Image Source

    Colors surely add more beauty to a picture, and make it stand out on everyone’s Instagram feed. If you’re someone who agrees on the same, Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is the ideal place to head with your camera. From the moment you begin your trek from Govindghat to the time when you’re in the valley, every sight around is captivating and worth capturing.

    Best Time To Visit: June to September
    Tip: From capturing landscapes to zooming in on a specific species of flora, there’s a lot you can do to make your pictures class apart. Use filters like Lark that would make them look more vibrant.

    3. Sikkim


    With towns like Pelling and attractions like Lake Tsomgo, Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places in India that has a culture so rich you would love to flaunt it on your profile. Its lush greenery topped up with emerald water and mountains make it one-of-its-kind.

    Best Time To Visit: March to November
    Tip: To capture the true charm of this high-altitude town, visit here either during summers or autumn, and click maximum pictures during the day light.

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    4. Pondicherry


    Sometimes the unusual does wonders on Instagram, and the French colonial vibes in Pondicherry could help you do exactly that. The town’s brimming subtlety with charming aura is eye-pleasing and heart soothing.

    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Tip: Capture the colonial feel of the town from a perspective that makes it look vibrant and in a way that it triggers nostalgia.

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    5. Srinagar

    dal lake Srinagar

    The blossoming flora and the gorgeous sunrises make Srinagar a picture-perfect place. The famous attractions here would look all the more alluring when you would capture and pair them against the right hues.

    Best Time To Visit: April to October
    Tip: Try capturing pictures early in the morning or before the sun sets so that you get exceptional hues in the background.

    6. Rann of Kutch

    Rann of Kutch

    Image Source

    Located in the Thar Desert in Gujarat, this place breathes magic, especially at night. Be it the full moon nights or the festive charm of Rann Utsav, the elegance of the white desert or the colors of the festival, there’s a lot to capture and leave your I-gram fans in awe with.

    Best Time To Visit: November to February
    Tip: Prefer planning your trip during the winters when the Rann Utsav takes place as it enhances the aura of the desert.

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    7. Jaipur


    Forts, palaces, and lakes, the pink city has got everything royal-like that will surely up your Instagram game. And believe us these are no ordinary attractions, but once the homes of kings that ruled the place. The grandeur of the iconic landmarks is undoubtedly one-of-its-kind in the region.

    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Tip: Unlike pictures that focus on the whole monument, but focus on specific architectural designs to highlight the artistic feel on your profile.

    8. Kodaikanal


    Image Source

    While there are innumerable places like Munnar, Ooty, and Coorg in India, there’s nothing that could match the lush green beauty of Kodaikanal. A picture of this place looks like it’s right out of a story book, and a visit feels no less than stepping into a heaven.

    Best Time To Visit: June to September and November to February
    Tip: To make an exceptional composition, capture the rolling hills or waterfalls against the clouded sky as it magnifies the splendour of the place.

    9. Darjeeling


    Image Source

    A sweet little town nestled amidst hills, Darjeeling is certainly one of the prettiest places in India. Apart from its tea estates, the national parks, famous hills, and the toy train set up against the spectacular mountains make for impeccable Instagram-worthy captures.

    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Tip: For highlighting the town in all its glory on your post, try taking fish eye shots of the train in the foreground and mountains in the background.

    10. Kumarakom

    Kumarakom View

    Image Source

    The backwaters are beautiful, but what enriches the gorgeousness of Kumarakom and makes it a top-notch pick for your Instagram are the surreal houseboats and pretty palm trees. The reflection of their beauty onto the backwaters makes a picture look magical enough to get a zillion likes.

    Best Time To Visit: September to February
    Tip: Apply the rule of thirds while capturing the experience of the backwaters.

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    11. Jaisalmer


    Image Source

    Silhouettes surely are a heart-winner, especially if they are captured against an eye-soothing backdrop. Jaisalmer is the best place to get such results as the golden desert adds perspective to the picture, and enhances it by multiple times.

    Best Time To Visit: November to March
    Tip: Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh, and Gadisar Lake are few of the major attractions which you visit for capturing great silhouettes.

    12. Varanasi


    Also known as Benaras, this is one of the oldest living cities in India, which means all the more perfect to capture the old-world charm and share it with your fellow Instagrammers through your profile. The riverside Aarti, the charming moon and starlit sky make for an enchanting composition.

    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Tip: Try using vintage filters like Valencia on your pictures to enhance the old-world feel.

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    13. Hampi


    Of all the picturesque places in India, Hampi is one place that tells more than just a story when captured on the lens. The ruined temple complexes in this ancient village turn out to look absolutely mesmerizing once seen with a photographic eye.

    Best Time To Visit: October to March
    Tip: Try capturing the orderly fashioned corridors, doors, and views of the city from a sneak-peek window than taking the whole attraction in focus.

    14. Parvati Valley

    Parvati Valley

    Image Source

    Amongst the many beautiful places in north India, Parvati Valley is a gem worth capturing on your Instagram. With spellbinding views of nature, the whole trekking route of this place offers views that will surely leave your followers wowed.

    Best Time To Visit: October to June
    Tip: Stay on your feet with your camera ready, and walk an extra mile to capture exceptional pictures of the valley.

    15. Andaman

    Andaman Islands

    Image Source

    Home to the best beaches, top islands, and most beautiful coral reefs in India, Andaman is a place you ought to cover on your Instagram if you’re a beach person. The turquoise blue water, white sand, and colorful underwater life would help you get pictures that even you wouldn’t believe exist for real.

    Best Time To Visit: October and May
    Tip: Make sure the picture isn’t too blue and has a subject that stands out.

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