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    A European rendezvous is incomplete without a visit to the finance capital of Germany, Frankfurt. The city with its illustrative buildings and breathtaking tourist hotspots literally makes all the people go gaga over it. One of the most striking aspects of the place is that it has managed to retain most of its imperial charms and thus finds it easy to fit into the travel itinerary of tourists and wanderlust all around the world. While the city skyline is dominated by tall skyscrapers, it is a handful of other places to visit in Frankfurt that have caught the attention of wanderlusts over the world.

    9 Best Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany

    The city is spread along the banks of the Main river, and has always been a tourist hotspot due to its breathtaking locales! With so many places to gaze upon, we have handpicked a list of beautiful locales that are the best places to see in Frankfurt.

    1. Romerberg

    Skycrapers Street

    Image Source

    It is true that names like Frankfurt and Romerberg go hand in hand. The heart of the city square has a cluster of irregularly shaped buildings that give off a beautiful vibe. The square if one of the illustrious sites in the place and is always thriving with pedestrians. One of the important aspects that have remained intact is the open-fronted shops, that still emit the old world charm. A visit to Frankfurt is incomplete without stepping into this place!

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, friends
    Must-Visit Places in Romerberg: Old town hall, New town hall, St Leonhard Church, St Nicholas Church, Historical Museum, Ostzeille

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    2. Museumsufer

    Best Museums in Frankfurt

    Image Source

    Museumsufer is another prime location of the city, which is situated on the south bank of the River Main. The district hosts a corridor of some of the best museums that have an international legacy. The museums will allow you to travel back in time to the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Another attraction of the place is that it comes alive on Saturdays making way for the largest flea market.

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, history geeks
    Must-Visit Places in Museumsufer: A cluster of 34 museums like Museum of World Cultures, Museum of Ancient Sculptures, Icon Museum, German Architectural Museum, Fim Museum, Museum of Applied Art and Staedel Museum.

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    3. Main Tower

    Main Tower in Frankfurt

    Image Source

    While Frankfurt has many high rise buildings gazing upon the streets, but only the Main tower allows the public to get a full panoramic view of the city. The building is named after the Main River, which runs through the city’s veins. One can take the elevator and ride up to the 650 story building which cuts through the skyline distinctively. Enjoy a hearty meal along with a cocktail to complement this amazing view. It is truly a sight to behold and one of the places to visit in Frankfurt.

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, friends
    Must-Visit Places Near Main Tower: Japan Center, English Theatre, Old Opera House, Goethe House

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    4. Goethe House

    House of Famous Writer

    Image Source

    Frankfurt is the birthplace of the renowned writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, who lived until 1765. The house has been restored after World War II, bombarding and everything has been intricately assembled. From the dining room to the writing room on the first floor has been beautifully decorated. A must-visit for everyone who loves literary works!

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, history geeks
    Must-Visit Places near Goethe House: Goethe Museum, Goethe Tower, Goethestrasse

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    5. Palm Garden

    Palm Garden in Frankfurt

    Image Source

    One of the largest botanical gardens in the city, the Palmengarten is spread across 54 hectares. Since its opening in 1871, it has been in the list of favorites for the public and tourists. The main highlights of this striking place are that it has botanical exhibits laid out according to the geological location. Also, the garden is home to an array of greenhouses containing tropical and subtropical species of flora. One of the best places to visit in Frankfurt.

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Couples, nature lovers
    Must-Visit Places bear Palmengarten: Europartum, Gruneburgpark Botanic garden, Nida Valley People’s park

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    6. St Bartholomew’s

    Cathedral in Frankfurt

    Image Source

    If there is one thing that manages to stand-out in this city of skyscrapers then it is the St Bartholomew’s Church. The church was built between the 13th and 15th centuries in red sandstone and stands tall at 95 meters. It is one of the few churches in the country to be designated the status of an Imperial Cathedral and is an important sight to behold.

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, couples, architecture lovers
    Must-Visit Places near St Bartholomew: The grave slab of King Gunther Von Schwazburg and skullcap of St Bartholomew

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    7. Sachsenhausen

    Town in Frankfurt

    Image Source

    Indulge your senses in a sinful treat at Sachsenhausen. Relish the signature drink apfelwein or ebelwoi as the Frankfurters say. The drink is the crisp alcoholic apple cider that is produced locally. Travel around the cobblestone streets and enjoy the favored drink for a refreshing time in this cheerful part of town.

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, friends, foodies
    Must-Visit Places near Sachsenhausen: Ride the Ebbelwei Express

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    8. Hauptwache

    Shopping Area

    Image Source

    A lively area in the city center packed with pedestrians. The place is excellent for some quick shopping and grabbing a bite. Many high-end shops are located in the area with many vendors and street artists. It surely makes up to the list of places to visit in Frankfurt.

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, shopaholics, friends, foodies
    Must-Visit Places near Hauptwache: Zeil shopping center

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    9. Schirn Kunsthalle

    Venues for Exhibition

    Image Source

    This is one of the important venues for exhibitions in Europe. The center has till now presented more than 240 exhibitions on art, contemporary and historical themes. It is a beautiful gallery that is frequented by art lovers in large numbers every month. It is worth paying a visit to this arena which clearly makes up for one of the best tourist places to visit in Frankfurt with your family and friends.

    Best time to visit: April-May, August-September
    Ideal for: Family, art lovers
    Must-Visit Places near Schirn Kunsthalle: Main tower, Romerberg

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    Exploring Frankfurt through the eyes of a historical lens will not do justice to the colorful canvass the city possesses. The city has lots to offer to its admirers and there is a list of places to visit in Frankfurt which comprises all the impressive features that the city beholds. On your next trip to Germany don’t just spend time at the cliched destinations, but also discover this splendid city of Frankfurt.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Frankfurt

    Q. What to do in Frankfurt?

    A. Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city and is home to many exciting events. Some of them are Oktoberfest (held in October), annual Christmas Market (in December) and the Frankfurt Book Fair (in October). There are permanent attractions too like Sachsenhausen, German Museum, Staedal Museum, among the 34 others.

    Q. Is Frankfurt worth visiting?

    A. Yes, Frankfurt hosts many of the admirable places that are worth your time. Also depending on the time of the year, one can also find a fest going on to go with.

    Q. What is Frankfurt famous for?

    A. The city is known for being the busiest German airports in the country. It is also known as the rising Finance Capital and home to the German Stock Exchange and European Central Bank.

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