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From vibrant culture to natural landscapes, Sri Lanka offers everything for every taste. And when you are with family, you just cannot get enough of this majestic land. But to know where to head and how to plan, you want a guide that can diminish those doubts and dilemmas. Read on to learn more about the best places to visit in Sri Lanka with family.

Beaches to Jungles: A Guide to Places To Visit In Sri Lanka With Family

A journey through Sri Lanka promises diverse experiences, from the lush rainforests and serene beaches to bustling cities and historic temples. With countless attractions suitable for all ages, planning your trip carefully ensures everyone in the family will have a fantastic time. Here’s a detailed guide to help you create lasting memories at the best places to visit in Sri Lanka with family.

1. Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka With Family

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Declared as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, the iconic Sinharaja Forest Reserve is an ideal place to explore for nature lovers. Sinharaja translates to “kingdom of a lion”. The reserve is home to a vast number of endemic species of birds and other animals found in Sri Lanka. About 95 per cent of Sri Lankan endemic birds and above 50 per cent of endemic mammals call this Forest Reserve their home.

Year-round, the forest is covered by plenty of rain clouds. It is one of the famous places to visit in Galle. Besides exploring wildlife, you will also love the dense and copious evergreen rainforests, giving you immense relief from scorching Lankan daylight.

Things to do: Wildlife safari, jungle tours, photography
Entry Fee: INR 260 – 460

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2. Galle Face green

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka With Family

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Keen joggers, walkers, kite flyers and especially families find honking horns highly irritating. We have Galle Face Green, one of the most ideal places to visit in Sri Lanka with family. It is a lovely grassy stretch in Columbo’s centre facing the sea. You’ll breathe in the fresh air, and if you are from a busy city, you surely will find it quite delightful. There is always a lot of activity going on here. It is among the top destinations in Sri Lanka.

The local hawkers congregate there to stuff your stomach with delicious cuisine and offer street-side meals for those who don’t mind packing on the additional calories. Food enthusiasts who want to delight their palates with the same cuisine find it impossible to resist the local cuisine.

Things to do: Water sports, shopping
Entry Fee: Free

3. Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka With Family

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Bahiravokanda offers a stunning vista of the entire town of Kandy. One must not overlook the 88-foot-tall Buddha statue when visiting Kandy. Due to its strategic placement atop the Bahirava Kanda (devil’s) hill, the white statue is visible everywhere in Peradeniya. You have two options to get to the viewpoint: take a tuk-tuk or climb the steps.

The statue is twice as beautiful at night when illuminated by lamps. It is best to visit this location early or after dusk. This location must be high on your list of Sri Lankan destinations. A major highlight here is the gallery containing artefacts based on the life of Buddha, a panoramic view of the city below, including views of the lake, tea factory and football stadium. There is also a gift shop with beautiful items at considerably more affordable prices, making your family trip to Sri Lanka worth your time and money.

Things to do: Shopping, sightseeing
Entry Fees: INR 60

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4. The Sacred Tooth Relic Temple

The view of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

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One of Sri Lanka’s most revered temples, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is one of the most iconic religious places to visit with family. The temple is tucked away next to the Udawattakele Sanctuary. This temple, also known as Dalada Maligawa, is housed in the Kandyan royal palace. It is home to the fabled Buddha tooth and is recognised as a World Heritage site.

There are ancient remains of the circa 1600 structure here that can be explored. The overall complex is a beautiful sight for visitors, with lavish Canadian architecture and exquisite embellishment featuring a golden fence. At the inner temple, devout monks chant the prayers of Malwatte and Aegirine three times a day—dawn, midday and evening. On Wednesdays, the relic is bathed in fragrant water in a sacred symbolic ritual that is reputed to have healing properties and is shared with the guests.

Things to do: Photography, Seek blessings
Entry fees: INR 420

5. Peradeniya Gardens

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka With Family

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One of the best places to visit Sri Lanka with family and uniquely explore nature is the Peradeniya Gardens. This is a vast 147-acre natural spectacle with 10,000 species of trees and over 4,000 different plant species. It is also the largest garden in the country. The Giant Bamboo of Burma, which reaches a height of 40 metres and grows 12 inches a day, is the most unusual and uncommon attraction in these gardens.

Other spectacular collections of trees include the Double Coconut Palm, Cannonball Tree, Javan Fig Tree and over 200 different types of palm trees alongside a diverse assortment of flora. Bring food for an outdoor picnic here, or savour the café inside that serves Western and local fare. When here, do pay a visit to the Peradeniya Botanical Garden, which is consistently packed with weekend visitors.

Things to do: Feed elephants, garden tours, photoshoot
Entry Fee: INR 1650

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6. Dehiwala Zoo

Family Trip to Sri Lanka

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The National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka, also known as Dehiwala Zoo, was established in 1936 to give a broad variety of wild animals and birds the best possible protection. Today, this is not just a tourist place but one of the must-travel places to visit with family in Sri Lanka. Do not miss the amazing shows by sea lions, chimpanzees and elephants while you are here.

The Zoo is located in Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, one of the most breathtaking locations in Sri Lanka. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) recognises this location as one of its highlights. This zoo actively participates in animal exchange programs to promote breeding. The area is well-known for its unique fish species, amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and marine invertebrates.

Things to do: Get up and close with animals, zoo safari, photography
Entry Fee: INR 30 for adults and INR 8 for children

7. Colombo Tea and Herb Gardens

Explore the tea fields.

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Sri Lanka is renowned for its rare and exotic tea gardens. Colombo’sis encircled by a verdant carpet of tea estates worthy of its excursion. The scent of tea and plants fills these properties with a wonderful charm. This is akin to heaven for those who enjoy tea since it allows you to sample the product straight from the manufacturer. This calm and serene area is one of the ideal places for a family trip in Sri Lanka.

The start of your tour begins from The Bogawantalawa valley, and you can go further to see more plantations situated at an elevation of 1500 metres above sea level. In addition to tasting various types of tea, you get to see how tea is made in these industrial facilities. Here, you may find tea at various pricing points and learn about the subtle distinctions between each type. Make note that reputable tour companies provide these trips throughout the year.

Things to do: Tea garden tours, sightseeing, photography
Entry Fee: Tours can range up to INR 1500

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Uncovering the most popular and travel-worthy places to visit in Sri Lanka with your Family. Keep note that every place has its guidelines and rules to follow. Before heading out, always check the place’s prices, travel, and time. Plan your trip to Sri Lanka for a memorable vacation with your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Sri Lanka With Family

What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka with family?

From the beaches of Kandy to the local markets of Colombo, there are many places to see in Sri Lanka with family at night. You can also go on the shores to have local food or simply stroll across the local shops. We suggest avoiding visiting nature reserves and zoos at night.

What is the nightlife of Sri Lanka like?

With its vibrant culture and upbeat music, Sri Lanka's nightlife offers a wide range of possibilities for partygoers. You can also go camping and nocturnal cruising if you want something more daring. You can dine, drink and dance till the early morning hours in this country.

Is Sri Lanka Expensive?

Amazingly, Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest countries to travel. Due to its lowest economy, it's a perfect destination to unwind and explore within a budget. If you plan to travel with your family, you can get even cheaper rates.

What is the best season to visit Sri Lanka?

Being an island, Sri Lanka presents you with typical coastal weather. Here, days are warmer and nights are colder. Hence, you can plan your trip during any month of time of the year.

How many days are enough to tour Sri Lanka with family?

If you are considering spending more than a week in Sri Lanka with family, 13 to 15 days would be the ideal duration to fully explore the island.

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